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multiple20-Apr-2002productsromkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber by votes821667.1%


Which classic toaster would you want to buy brand new off the shelves if they were available new today?

See for information and images of these toasters.

12Sunbeam model T-9 automatic pop-up
12I'd rather not buy a classic toaster, thank you
11Kenmore automatic pop-up toaster, Model 874
8Sunbeam model T-20 automatic toaster
6Universal model E9410 push-button toaster
4Toastmaster model 1-A-1 automatic pop-up toaster
3Heatmaster Model 307 automatic electric toaster
3Toastmaster commercial model 1BB4 automatic pop-up toaster
2579 Dominion 1109 Manual Toaster
2The Estate Electric Toaster No. 77
2Toastmaster Model 1A6 single-slice automatic pop-up

posted 21-Apr-2002 8:50pm  
Sunbeam Deluxe Automatic Radiant Control Toaster
(reply to romkey) posted 21-Apr-2002 8:51pm  
I knew it!!!!

"Let's make toast, pig!"
posted 21-Apr-2002 9:23pm  
They all look ugly. I like bagel toasters  * smile *
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
(reply to mandy) posted 21-Apr-2002 9:55pm  
 * smile *  * smile *
posted 21-Apr-2002 10:01pm  
I'll take the Sunbeam Model T-20 Johnny and I'll pick door #2.  * smile *
(reply to romkey) posted 21-Apr-2002 10:51pm  
Actually.......toasters were invented before someone realized they could package and sell pre-sliced bread. Blows your mind, doesn't it!  * raspberry *
Imagine all those housewives slicing bread just the right thickness to fit those slots. It's crazy! Looney even!!!!!
I love toast and toast trivia...
A toast to toast...I love toast!

Prof. Membrane: "Shhh! Quiet, son, I'm making...TOAST!"
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 21-Apr-2002 10:55pm  
I like the Kenmore model 874 best of all these.
posted 22-Apr-2002 12:32am  
The Kenmore Model 874
It is so CUTE!!
(reply to romkey) posted 22-Apr-2002 12:35am  
Remember Powdered Toast Man?  * raspberry *
posted 22-Apr-2002 12:40am  
have no use for a classic toaster, toaster ovens work just fine.
Strider Survey Central Gold Subscriber Gold Qualifier
posted 22-Apr-2002 12:47am  
Toastmaster model 1-A-1 automatic pop-up toaster, i just like the look of this one.
posted 22-Apr-2002 2:16am  
Awesome. I owned a '579 Dominion 1109 Manual Toaster' and did a full restoration of a 'Estate Electric Toaster No. 77' (they're so cool. The doors flip open to become the door of the adjacent wall and give the toast in the door a chance to toast on the other side). I have a waffle iron I've been restoring, but I became too much of a perfectionist, and put the prroject on hold like so many others. Like my vacuum (hoover quadraflex (which I also restored)), it has a rocket/space ship era art deco look.
Cool toasters. Is the survey author an eBay junkie?
posted 22-Apr-2002 2:20am  
Oh, I'll take a T9 or a heatmaster, though there are other models I've had my eye on too, like ones with daisy motifs.
I'm also into old blenders, lamps, clocks, and other appliances.
posted 22-Apr-2002 7:28am  
Toastmaster commercial model 1BB4 automatic pop-up toaster
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
(reply to mandy) posted 22-Apr-2002 7:52am  
I didn't realize toasters predated sliced bread... good for them!
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
(reply to cuteasabutton) posted 22-Apr-2002 7:53am  
yup! I want a LOG too! and some Lee press-on limbs!
(reply to romkey) posted 22-Apr-2002 8:15am  
Bread knives must have become unpopular when people started using them to fish toast out of toasters.
posted 22-Apr-2002 9:48am  
Toss-up between the Sunbeam T-20 and the Kenmore. Both are tres kitsch.
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 22-Apr-2002 10:03am  
I bet you're right

some of those older toasters look like torture devices to me

at first I misread your comment and thought you wrote "toast fish"!  * smile *
posted 22-Apr-2002 10:49am  
Kenmore automatic pop-up toaster, model 874
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator Survey Qualifier
posted 22-Apr-2002 11:56am  
I'd actually go for the cheapest, thanks. But if I was just going on looks, it would have to be the Sunbeam model T-20 automatic toaster. Nice and chunky  * smile *
posted 22-Apr-2002 12:17pm  
The sunbeam one.
(reply to romkey) posted 22-Apr-2002 2:41pm  
It's Log.. I'ts Log,
It's big, it's heavy, it's wood..
It's Log... Log.. it's better than bad, it's good!
posted 22-Apr-2002 2:59pm  
I live the toaster I have now, but thanks anyway.
posted 22-Apr-2002 4:55pm  
What is the deal with this survey? Geez...
posted 22-Apr-2002 5:28pm  
They're all so much prettier than my toaster!
(reply to romkey) posted 22-Apr-2002 5:30pm  
Cool survey.
There is a whole world of toasters out there that I was unaware of!
posted 22-Apr-2002 5:39pm  
I like the Kenmore one. It has kind of a retro look to it.
posted 22-Apr-2002 5:55pm  
Ive got one of those old toasters where you have to turn the bread over to cook both sides. I just love it! you can have one side dark, the other side light. Gee, the possibilities are endless! (That's actually what's been keeping me busy lately.But like a bad penny, I will always turn up)HI everybody!!!!!
posted 22-Apr-2002 6:32pm  
My toaster is red!
posted 22-Apr-2002 7:10pm  
The sunbeam automatic T-20 cause it reminds me of the brave little toaster! LOL
posted 22-Apr-2002 7:12pm  
the sunbeam t-9 automatic cause it reminds me of the brave little toaster! LOL
posted 22-Apr-2002 7:48pm  
The Sunbeam one. My parents have one. It is available off the shelf, but I can't afford it!
(reply to romkey) posted 22-Apr-2002 8:17pm  
So do you collect such things?
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 22-Apr-2002 10:22pm  
only mentally  * smile * no, I just think they're cool
Galomorro Survey Qualifier
posted 22-Apr-2002 10:42pm  
I don't like toast enough to buy a toaster. If I did, I wouldn't want a "classic" model, but something really new and different, x-treme looking, like a sculpture or something, and not in that chrome and black, but some kind of screamin' bright color.
(reply to romkey) posted 23-Apr-2002 2:31am  
Furnishing one's home with such appliances can be cheaper than new, if you find the right thrift stores.
(reply to Galomorro) posted 23-Apr-2002 2:34am  
Metal things from the 50's tend to be far more sculptural than anything metal now. The material and workmanship involved is too costly. those things will last forever. Flourescent plastic will fall to pieces in 20 years.
posted 23-Apr-2002 7:31pm  
The single slice. I often end up eating two slices of toast because I think it's obscene to toast one slice with the other side simply burning electricity for the hell of it. I like the sleekness of this toaster too. Survey creator, please don't tell me your hobbie is collecting toasters!
posted 23-Apr-2002 10:20pm  
I don't like any of them. * frown *
None of them has a 4 slicer.......Bummmer! Especially with a large family like mine. * frown *

Cool pictures tho.
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
(reply to kaleb777) posted 23-Apr-2002 11:54pm  
no don't worry I don't collect toasters. I do have one odd toaster - a Sunbeam Radiant Automatic, which I used to build the Internet Toaster years ago...

(reply to Cleo) posted 24-Apr-2002 5:06am  
not true, that estate model does 4 slices. I had one.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to kaleb777) posted 24-Apr-2002 9:42am  
My toaster has a feature where if you put toast in the "single slice" side it somehow knows and only heats up the one slot. And there are also toasters where each side has its own lever.
posted 24-Apr-2002 12:19pm  
It ages since I had toast. If I do its as part of cheese on toast. Thus - I do not have a toaster.
(reply to romkey) posted 24-Apr-2002 3:53pm  
The internet toaster?
(reply to Enheduanna) posted 24-Apr-2002 3:54pm  
Good ideas! Next time I buy a toaster I'll look for one  * smile *
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
(reply to kaleb777) posted 24-Apr-2002 5:10pm  
it was a toaster that could be controlled from the Internet, in the pre-web days. It wasnt' very useful but was a nice demonstration.
(reply to romkey) posted 24-Apr-2002 5:20pm  
Wow. Sounds like one of those Japanese inventions.  * smile *
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 25-Apr-2002 2:08am  
Where??? Let me look at it again.

**franticly scrolls back to see the pictures**
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 25-Apr-2002 2:09am  
Hummmm,can't make it out. * frown *
(reply to Cleo) posted 25-Apr-2002 4:27am  
It's shaped like a cube with four doors as walls which each hold a piece of toast. Only the side facing in toasts. You then flip open the door and close it, but on the adjacent side, where the other side toasts. When you flip one door over, they all do it, like a four winged angel pyramid stretching it's wings.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator Survey Qualifier
(reply to romkey) posted 25-Apr-2002 2:35pm  
That sounds really cool  * smile * I read about another internet-toaster a couple of months ago. If you connected this toaster to the internet it would pick up information about the weather then only toast the bread in a certain design - for example raindrops if it was going to rain. Of course, you could just look outside or check the news but it was a nice bit of gadgetry  * smile *
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
(reply to Biggles) posted 25-Apr-2002 5:43pm  
that's very cool too!  * smile *
Irene007 Survey Central Gold Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 27-Apr-2002 12:49am  
I think that the Sunbeam model T-9 automatic pop-up looks cool but the Sunbeam model T-20 automatic toaster looks like the model I would buy. I want to toast bagels and English Muffins and such - need bigger holes!
posted 27-Apr-2002 3:45am  
Anyone notice how this survey is always popping up like toast?
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator Survey Qualifier
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 27-Apr-2002 12:06pm  
Very apt  * smile *
posted 28-Apr-2002 10:01pm  
no interest in classic toasters here, but this is a well created survey. * smile *
posted 29-Apr-2002 9:57am  
I would buy my own brand!
O'h yes I'm very big toaster salesman!
Buy- Model 1A6 single-slice automatic pop-up
(reply to majorreper) posted 29-Apr-2002 9:59am  
You are a mother!$@#
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 29-Apr-2002 9:08pm  
Wow!!!! That sounds so cool.Now I wish I did have one of those toasters. * smile *
posted 1-May-2002 12:07am  
Sunbeam model T-9 automatic pop-up
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 1-May-2002 3:59am  
cool survey.. but I couldn't decide.. they all looked cool.
posted 8-May-2002 9:34pm  
I like the round one.  * smile *
posted 9-May-2002 12:23am  

My toaster is retro
(reply to mandy) posted 9-May-2002 12:39am  
Ooh, that's a classy cute one. Do you actually possess such a toaster?
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 9-May-2002 12:50am  
YES!!! and it is delightful. It's a Toastmaster in retro red! * smile * It makes me smile...
posted 13-May-2002 11:16am  
I want the one that shoots flaming toast...would you have such a model?
posted 20-May-2002 2:23pm  
this toaster looks nice to display as well as use
posted 25-May-2002 3:19pm  
All of those toasters with the exception of two are pretty eye catching but I really can't choose
posted 1-Jun-2002 2:57pm  
I was touring an old WWII - Korean War Battleship and there in the galley was the most incredible toaster I had ever seen. It ran bread through a conveyor belt. I Loved it!
(reply to LuridHope) posted 1-Jun-2002 8:09pm  
That does sound cool.
(reply to romkey) posted 16-Jun-2002 8:56pm  
I love this survey. I love toast. YUM!!! how cool  * raspberry *

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