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multiple21-Jan-2008personal preferencessmurf by votes43569.2%


Choose your poison.

Which of the following 'poison(s)' do you like?

7Poison : Song by Alice Cooper
7I've never heard of any of these
6Poison : American rock/alternative band
6Poison Ivy : 1992 movie starring Drew Barrymore, Cheryl Ladd
4Poison Ivy : Villian in the 1997 movie, Batman & Robin
4I like another 'poison' :
4I don't like any of these 'poisons'
3Poison : Song by Bardot
3Adventures of Batman & Robin, Poison Ivy : 1997 movie
3The Poisonwood Bible : Novel by Barbara Kingsolver
2Poison : Song by The Prodigy
1A Poison Tree : Poem by William Blake
1The Poison Diaries ; Series of books for older children
1I have something else to say ...
0Terry Poison : Electronica pop band from Israel
0Poison Moon : Song by Elvis Costello
0Poison Ivy : Song by Hanson
0Slow Down Georgie (she's poison) : Song by Elton John
0Poison : 2000 movie starring Rosanna Arquette
0Poison Waters : U.S. entertainer

they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 22-Jan-2008 10:53am  
I can't believe you left out the best "Poison":

Alice Cooper's is second best.

Good survey! yes
(reply to they) posted 22-Jan-2008 11:14am  
Oh yeah. I knew there was another Poison that came out about the same time was the Alice Cooper one.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 22-Jan-2008 11:39am  
I kind of like the perfume Poison.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator Survey Qualifier
posted 22-Jan-2008 11:41am  
I like the Blake poem, although I'm not sure I agree with the sentiment. I haven't really encountered any of the others.
posted 22-Jan-2008 12:00pm  
Never heard of any of these.
they Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to icurok) posted 22-Jan-2008 12:12pm  
Did you like either?
(reply to they) posted 22-Jan-2008 12:36pm  
Oh yeah! I had Alice Cooper's version on this compilation album.
they Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to icurok) posted 22-Jan-2008 12:44pm  
I had an old eighties compilation tape called "Hit Mix".

I loved that old tape... I don't remember all the songs off hand, but it flashes me back everytime I hear one of them out of the blue.... I remember for sure it had "I wear my sunglasses at Night", "I want a new drug", and "Somebody's watching me".
(reply to they) posted 22-Jan-2008 12:50pm  
This was the first compilation album I ever bought. I think I still have the tapes in a carrier bag in the spare room. This is making me feel old.
they Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to icurok) posted 22-Jan-2008 12:55pm  
laughing out loud I'm old.... and you're older than me by a year.... so yes, you are old.

I don't have any of my old tapes.

My first CD was Nirvana unplugged though. I played that one to death.
(reply to they) posted 22-Jan-2008 1:00pm  
Me too. When I was at university I recorded my own version of "About a Girl"
posted 22-Jan-2008 1:32pm  
Poison by the Prodigy.
Poison Ivy.
Poison by Christian Dior.
posted 22-Jan-2008 2:28pm  
check (That Girl Is) Poison: Song by BellBivDevoe
posted 22-Jan-2008 3:08pm  
None of these. Sorry.
JessicaWoman99 Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 22-Jan-2008 3:21pm  
I have not heard of these
posted 22-Jan-2008 9:23pm  
I cannot choose a fav if I hadn't herd them all.
posted 22-Jan-2008 10:53pm  
Where is the option for all of the above?
(reply to Iseult) posted 23-Jan-2008 5:19am  
Finally, another Prodigy fan. I thought I was going to be the only here.
(reply to FauxLo) posted 23-Jan-2008 8:02am  
> check (That Girl Is) Poison: Song by BellBivDevoe

Yes! Thanks, I was racking my brain trying to remember who sang that.

(reply to icurok) posted 23-Jan-2008 10:52am  
posted 23-Jan-2008 9:15pm  
None of the above.
posted 24-Jan-2008 11:12pm  
Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy rocked, so did the movie with Drew Barrymore.
posted 27-Jan-2008 4:12pm  
the perfume, Hypnotic Poison
posted 27-Jan-2008 8:56pm  
The Poisonwood Bible, please. (Terrific book!!)
posted 22-Feb-2008 7:55am  
Poison : Song by Alice Cooper. Tune.
Poison Ivy : Villian in the 1997 movie, Batman & Robin

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