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single26-Oct-2003hypothetical questionTrinityAnn2 by votes60953.6%


If you had the choice of having eternal life by becoming a vampire after you "died", but you had to sell your soul to the devil first, would you do it?

36No way!
7Yes, without a second thought

posted 27-Oct-2003 5:50pm  
No thanks. My present existence is vampire-like enough. I'm not much interested in eternal life in that sort of sense. Besides, if someone drove a wooden stake through my heart, I'd have to spend eternity getting poked with pitchforks by little guys with horns and red suits... grin
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 27-Oct-2003 5:51pm  
posted 27-Oct-2003 5:53pm  
probably not
posted 27-Oct-2003 5:54pm  
posted 27-Oct-2003 6:52pm  
Define vampire...are we talking about spooky vampire...or Anne Rice vampire?

If it's a romantic/Victorian Anne Rice vampire, I would do it without a doubt. Who needs a soul if you live eternally? duh!
posted 27-Oct-2003 7:25pm  
nope, notta chance, bc i will have eternal life in heaven as it is, so there would be no point in wanting to live as a vampire, although the though of being a vampire is tastie wink
posted 27-Oct-2003 8:38pm  
No. Eternal life is the pits.
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 27-Oct-2003 9:06pm  
depends on what kind of vampire. A Buffyverse vampire loses its human soul when the human dies... that sounds like a bad deal.
posted 27-Oct-2003 10:09pm  
Goodness, no.
But just for the record, my favorite vamp is Jean-Claude from the Laurel Hamilton novels.
posted 27-Oct-2003 10:20pm  
no way....for i believe in past lives and all that crap, and i've been saying since i was little that i just want to go home and not come back...i'm so done here, (hopefully), do NOT want to come back, and holy crap would that be torture to have eternal physical life!!
(reply to justjulie) posted 28-Oct-2003 12:11am  
Torture with a broom stick? raspberry
posted 28-Oct-2003 5:00am  
No way Josť
posted 28-Oct-2003 7:23am  
As I grow older, the idea of eternal life seems less and less appealing. Also, I don't believe in the devil or vampires, so it's hard to take this question seriously. If it was phrased more like: "If you could received a medical treatment that would allow you to live a much longer life, but the treatment required that other people had to die, would you do it?", it might have worked better for me... though, I would easily say "no" to that question. Since being a vampire means you kill people on a regular basis, I suppose it's similar.
(reply to Amanda) posted 28-Oct-2003 8:34am do you feel about that?
posted 28-Oct-2003 1:11pm  
posted 28-Oct-2003 1:37pm  
I'd love to be eternal - but I'm not a fan of the dark side so I'd have to say no. If I could be an eternally living "do-gooder" creature that would be awesome.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 28-Oct-2003 2:08pm  
Assuming that all the things I've been told about the soul by Christians and never believed is true, no way. If it's more of a Buddhist thing, then why not?
posted 28-Oct-2003 2:49pm  
Based on the assumption that I actually have a soul, I'm not about to sell it to anyone, for any price.
posted 28-Oct-2003 8:50pm  
No, I don't think I want to be around forever. A long time, but not forever.
posted 29-Oct-2003 8:17am  

Where's your answer??
posted 29-Oct-2003 5:50pm  
If I had a soul, the devil would be the only one I'd ever trust with it...once a vampyre...I would launch myself at Wicksy's tender throat and have him join me for eternity in a drunken lusty bloodfest like no other.
posted 29-Oct-2003 10:23pm  
Who wants to "live" forever?
posted 30-Oct-2003 8:35pm  
well, assuming that there is an eternal soul, and by selling it to the devil means having to go the hell for ethenity after you die. well, if you cant die, and thus immortal, it would be irrlevant weather or not you are headed to hell or heaven since you would have to die first. its one of those catch-22 things.
posted 31-Oct-2003 12:51pm  
No way
posted 4-Nov-2003 1:25pm  
Eternal life??!!

*runs away*
posted 4-Nov-2003 4:50pm  
The question assumes that the Devil exists so it follows that God and Heaven exist too. In that case, no way.
posted 12-Nov-2003 1:08pm  
No, I don't want eternal life. I believe in the system in place...whatever it is.
posted 14-Dec-2003 11:04pm  
I'd never sell my soul. Even for money.

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