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Are our children truly in ominous danger?

Today, parents don't allow their children to play outside, walk alone, etc. for fear that they will be abducted. Do you think child abductions are more prevalent today than in the 70's or earlier?

18Yes, children are in more danger today.
26No, this fear is blown out of proportion
3I don't know, because I'm an illiterate idiot.

LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 31-Jul-2003 7:42pm  
Depends on where they live.
(reply to LindaH) posted 31-Jul-2003 8:44pm  
Perv pedophiles are everywhere, though. frown Plus, some kids get abducted in what seems to be the least likely town in the middle of nowhere.
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to LoriJanine) posted 31-Jul-2003 8:52pm  
But theres a higher likelihood of abduction in some areas
(reply to LindaH) posted 31-Jul-2003 9:08pm  
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 31-Jul-2003 9:25pm  
Crowded cities, as opposed to small towns where everyone knows each other
posted 31-Jul-2003 10:40pm  
This is totally blown out of proportion. Actually, you stand a better chance of winning multiple state lotteries -- and I'm sure no one lives their lives as though they're about to win millions! Don't get me wrong, you should take precautions, but don't live life in fear. Let children be children. The odd thing is that abductions take place less often today than 30 years ago; however, the media broadcasts these immediately (saving many children in the process), and makes it appear to be a bigger threat than it truly is.
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 31-Jul-2003 11:59pm  
no, I don't think they're in more danger. I think we talk about it more. We dramatize it more.
posted 1-Aug-2003 12:02am  
I severly doubt it.

News Media is bullcrap!!!!!!!!!! Do yourself a favor, dont trust these dopes.
(reply to Dunkan) posted 1-Aug-2003 12:04am  
actually now that I think about it, the Media probably blows the chances of winning state lotteries as well, so mentioning that wont do you any good.
posted 1-Aug-2003 12:09am  
No, abductions are not more prevalent but media reporting of them is. It is possible that these fears are also tied to the parents' feelings of guilt over the miniscule amount of time they spend with their children. It would seem that it is typical today for both parents to work. People don't sit down together for meals regularly; instead they grab something and eat in front of the TV. Children are constantly involved in various organised activities. The parents probably spend more time driving their children to and from things than they do having conversations with them. Everyones going around with headphones on all the time, so they don't have to talk to anyone...
posted 1-Aug-2003 12:12am  
I believe that children are in some danger and parents should take precautions to protect them. But, I wouldn't say that children are in more danger than they were 20 years ago. Crimes against children have always been around and will probably always be around. I think they are just more widely reported now than they used to be.
(reply to Dunkan) posted 1-Aug-2003 12:15am  
I can't believe it!!! We actually agreed on something. laughing out loud
posted 1-Aug-2003 3:23am  
By overprotecting your child from do the child a great disservice. Instead teach your children street smarts and then let them live.
posted 1-Aug-2003 4:02am  
posted 1-Aug-2003 4:44am  
No they are not. A bit of over zealousness by the media - who love a good story. I mean, who wants a headline reading,
'Child plays in garden and nothing happens of interest
- read our exclusive report on pages 17-19'
(reply to Dino) posted 1-Aug-2003 4:46am  
Could I get a print copy of that article you provided (above)? I'd love to know more about what didn't happen! smile
(reply to OfTheSoul) posted 1-Aug-2003 4:51am  
Its a shocking revelation of what life is REALLY like in the heart of the UK.

Ha! I may write that article one day. Anyhoo - back to work. Its 9:45am in the UK and I've done 'nothing of interest'. I'm a headline waiting to happen.
posted 1-Aug-2003 7:15am  
A bit more, but it's still blown way out of proportion. The fear is perpetuating matters worsening by accepting that we can't allow kids to bike to the store for popsicles anymore rather than parents collectively ensuring that that's still reasonable and safe.
posted 1-Aug-2003 9:11am  
i think husband said that he was allowed to go out and about by himself when he was quite young....his 7 yr old is a different story for she would talk to anyone anywhere....gave her a code word so to speak, her and her friend, to help prevent an abudction...
(reply to Amanda) posted 1-Aug-2003 9:57am  
laughing out loud wink
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 1-Aug-2003 10:18am  
No, I think parents have just gotten overprotective.
(reply to southernyankee) posted 1-Aug-2003 12:36pm  
Your media blow and lottery comment is a little disjointed. What are you trying to say?
posted 1-Aug-2003 1:35pm  
No.If I had a child I would be afraid of the traffic,pointy objects,falls,mean children but not of him getting abducted or kidnapped.First almost every kid that finds himself in this situation has parents who are in the crime ambient themselves,or at least they have relationships with it,I don't and don't plan to marry someone who is,then there's a bunch of crazy women stealing babies,I will keep my baby close to me or with someone I trust,then there are the pedophiles,but really there are so many dangers for a child who are more common.
posted 1-Aug-2003 1:54pm  
What's more common than child abductions, is children being molested. That's what some parent's don't look out for/protect kids from enough, in my opinion.
posted 1-Aug-2003 4:55pm  
I'm not an illiterate idiot - but I still don't know - I think John Walsh (America's Most Wanted) said that abductions are increasing - but I'm not sure. And that's the states - I don't live there - our crimes are a little different.
(reply to Dunkan) posted 1-Aug-2003 5:24pm  
everytime someone wins the lottery, they quickly run a story of the average joe that just won. this reineforces the idea that just any one of us could WIN the lotto, which I am also sure, skews our perception of the lottery and the chances of winning.
(reply to Hyena) posted 1-Aug-2003 5:26pm  
then he's probally full of crap.

dont beleive anything you hear on TV.
(reply to southernyankee) posted 1-Aug-2003 6:03pm  
Sure. So many people are living their lives as though their the next Super Lotto winner. duh!
posted 1-Aug-2003 7:23pm  
Children should be allowed to carry pistols or stun-guns, as long as they don't use them on each other. There are no self-defense courses offered to children at our local police departments. Ex-weight-lifters or bored housewives may teach our children karate, but, so what?
Children should have miniature cam-cords attached to their clothing so parents can review the endless number of nameless faces children encounter everyday!!! Children are not physically stronger than they were in 1970, so the dangers they are faced with now leave them just as vulnerable as they were 30, 50, 100 years ago!!!
(reply to Zang) posted 1-Aug-2003 7:27pm  
I blame the kiddie-porn sites on the Internet. (Sorry Zang, but someone had to say it.......)
(reply to Amanda) posted 1-Aug-2003 7:29pm  
I think there are more 'children against children' crimes due to the media (wrestle-mania, alone, is responsible for hundreds of injuries a year. As a former hospital ER, X-Ray tech, I know!)
(reply to mandy) posted 1-Aug-2003 7:30pm  
In your case, the child SHOULD overprotect the parent! love
(reply to southernyankee) posted 1-Aug-2003 7:31pm  
Remember, Snake. Be brief ( to Dunkans comment). The LESS you can say...the better! No pros and cons. GIVE AN OPINION AND STICK TO IT!!! wink
(reply to Richard47) posted 1-Aug-2003 7:43pm  
I'm so happy to know you still care. I've been feeling left out the past few days without all your smart ass comments! smile
(reply to Amanda) posted 1-Aug-2003 7:54pm  
Last night I dropped a Mississippi Mud Pie on the kitchen floor, accidently stepped on it and smeared it all over the kitchen floor...and I suddenly thought of you!!! love
(reply to Richard47) posted 1-Aug-2003 8:02pm  
Really? How sweet of you.

This afternoon, I stepped in a pile of steaming dog crap and immediately thought of you!!! smile

Isn't it great to know you're loved?
(reply to Amanda) posted 1-Aug-2003 8:42pm  
Did you have an alternative planned for dinner? wink
(reply to Richard47) posted 1-Aug-2003 8:57pm  
laughing out loud
posted 1-Aug-2003 9:17pm  
Yes, I have a fear of what the world will come to when these children are leading it!
posted 1-Aug-2003 9:19pm  
I misread the question. I think this is unrealistic. I thougt it was about us destroying ourselves!
posted 2-Aug-2003 5:34am  
By typing it like this:

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To make the text bold you need to put the whole thing between these tags.
<b> text </b>
(reply to Dino) posted 2-Aug-2003 6:29am  
I like. It like romper room. *whistles, stuffs hands in pockets, rolls away with eyes*
posted 2-Aug-2003 7:04pm  
Yes, probably a little. I also think there is a lot more coverage in the media than there used to be. I think you have to teach your kids basic street smarts, but still allow them to be kids. I do know there were things I did as a kid that I probably wouldn't let any kid of mine do now. For instance, when I was 6 or 7, I was allowed to walk downtown by myself, go to the show, stay and see it twice, then walk home. Now, I wouldn't dream of dropping a 7 year old off at the mall by herself. I don't even know why. It just doesn't seem like a good idea. Maybe I am just too much of a worrier, so it is probably good that I have no kids.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 3-Aug-2003 12:04am  
Our society is out of whack, we act like children are more important than people. We've gone overboard with our protection of children.
(reply to southernyankee) posted 3-Aug-2003 3:14am  
Seriously? Anyway, whether your right or wrong - living in a world without child abductions is much better so I'll try to believe they don't happen much. Did you see "Bowling for Columbine" - Michael Moore's comment on Americans being fed garbage to keep them scared all the time?
(reply to bill) posted 3-Aug-2003 3:17am  
I read some essay by Noam Chomsky about how the States is "Anti-child". he was mentioning all the policies that are against children - school underfunding, not providing/subsidizing child care, not providing help for underprivileged families, etc. He makes a better case than my poor memory can remember. But one thing that I think I sympathize with you on is I'm sick of people saying "oh the poor children" every time there's some tragedy and the adults are just as poorly off.
(reply to Hyena) posted 3-Aug-2003 5:23am  
Did he suggest why? Perhaps it's anti-masses. Since the industrial age and information age, public life support is fairly automated. Educated children may grow up wishing to do something. Save those positions for the few with money for a private education to maintain their social niche. Many sci-fi utopian authors saw this coming a century ago. You don't dare teach carpentry in kindergarten anymore. The notion that people can do things for themselves is bad for the economy. Instead let's put advertisements in their textbooks.
It's a make-work society now. Personally I think we'd be better off going back to building victorian homes that require a year of diverse craftsmanship than employing everyone in law, security, telemarketing, and video game production; do something durable people can take pride in.
Are you a Pacifica listener? Voting for Kucinich?
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to Hyena) posted 3-Aug-2003 9:37am  
Bill Maher (Comedian and pundit) thinks our culture has been Feminized (children more important than people, safety more important than fun, etc.)
posted 3-Aug-2003 10:12am  
Yes, I think there are more dangers today then in the 1970's, but you just see it a lot more on T.V. now and that blows it out of proprtion.
posted 3-Aug-2003 10:25am  
It works you just have to type it right.Look at the directions again.
(reply to Hyena) posted 3-Aug-2003 12:39pm  
yup, sure did. I think he was doing an interview with maryln manson at the time also. That probablly influenced me to make this comment is one way or the other, but I am a pretty much a cynical person to begin with.

btw: did you read kalleps comment on michael moore in forum. Sounds to me a lot like a case of "say it aint so"
posted 3-Aug-2003 11:03pm  
You were closer the first time (at least the right sort of brackets). Your beginning command needs to be in a pair of brackets, and then you need a 'stop command' also enclosed in a pair of brackets which starts with a /. Your brackets were out of order, not in matched pairs, and contained things like commas.
Here is an example (substitute angle brackets for parentheses):
(b)Oh boy, bold letters. (font color='red')How neat!(/font)(/b)
Here's what that should like:
Oh boy, bold letters. How neat!
Notice that the start/end pair of 'red' commands was nested inside the pair of 'bold' commands. You can't rely on it working when command pairs aren't totally within another. (It's somewhat like proper usage of parentheses in english grammer)

To make things less confusing I prefer to throw in my angle bracket pairs first:
Throw in my command stop /:
Add my commands:
Then insert my text:
(b)Whew, finally.(/b)
posted 4-Aug-2003 4:24am  
You need to use these type of brackets.

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The are above your comma and period key.
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 5-Aug-2003 3:12am  
Yes - Noam Chomsky is always on about instructing the masses about how we're being mislead, suppressed, brain-washed, etc. The movie that first taught me about Chomsky is called "Manufacturing Consent" - do you know about him/the movie? In an interview he said he would never watch the movie (I think because it would be a misrepresentation). Yes, what you wrote about craftsmanship is something I've been thinking about recently. here I am, getting a good education, coming out of a pretty good (I know it could be better) education in highschool - and for what? Tons of well-educated telemarketers, cashiers (that's me), etc. No outlet to apply our intelligence to. And not too much good craftsmanship around, is there? I don't know who/what Pacifica is - and I live in Canada so I don't know who Kucinich is either. But, I'd like to know.
(reply to Hyena) posted 5-Aug-2003 7:02am  
Pacifica is a national network of local progressive stations which are big into peace, political, metaphysical, & a touch of jazz/blues/folk/etc. programming. They interview a lot of local and global society thinkers, and broadcast the things of global importance that even PBS and the BBC won't air, like the syrian UN speech which colin powell preempted. Kucinich is the only pro-peace US presidential candidate running. I send domestic & campaign strategies to his manager.
For a while, i thought I had security being one of the computer programmers who wrote software to write programs. These days there are a few $200/hr programmers and a wasteland of $15/hr programmers looking for work elsewhere, or other continents. In LA, schools probably churn out 4000 computer grads/yr, and the papers offer 40 new programming jobs/yr.
posted 5-Aug-2003 10:43am  
No, I just think child abductions are getting more media coverage than before.
(reply to Dino) posted 5-Aug-2003 12:50pm  
Is there some kind of "list" that shows all the changes you can do (font, text, color, etc...)here? I see what you've given out poor jailbird friend and wonder how one obtains these instructions.
posted 6-Aug-2003 4:06am  
(reply to Richard47) posted 6-Aug-2003 4:06am  
posted 6-Aug-2003 6:05am  
Where? In the USA? Or Iceland? Or Bangladesh?

(reply to Dino) posted 6-Aug-2003 11:41am  
Thank you Dino! All of these instructions will apply to SC, or do I have to "sign-up" for anything?
(reply to Maarten) posted 6-Aug-2003 11:43am  
Nergens landen !!

posted 6-Aug-2003 3:58pm  
I don't know if it's more prevalent, but I definitely think the fear is blown out of proportion.
(reply to Richard47) posted 6-Aug-2003 4:20pm  
You should pick up a better dictionary! smile
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 7-Aug-2003 1:41am  
There's such a thing as not being careful enough, though. I have neighbors that leave the house until the late hours, and allow their kids to roam the neighborhood until 10:00pm. I've seen them out there past 11 before. It's one thing to be too careful, but I think it's worse to not be careful enough. How many people really want their kids to be roaming around after most of the working family folks have gone to bed? Who is looking out for them?!
(reply to Richard47) posted 7-Aug-2003 4:21am  
No just use them here. Some of the stuff about frames and other technical stuff won't work - they're for web-designers stuff. But for making letters bold or different colour then use the tags either side of your text.

<b>testing testing </b>

testing testing
(reply to LindaH) posted 7-Aug-2003 7:45am  
The people they are annoying. grinlaughing out loud
(reply to Maarten) posted 7-Aug-2003 11:19am  
I'm arbeidstijdverkorting on it. poker face
(I know that doesn't make any sense, either)
(reply to Richard47) posted 7-Aug-2003 4:49pm  
laughing out loud
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to LoriJanine) posted 7-Aug-2003 6:18pm  
I wonder if they even check on the kids to see if they are in their rooms at1:00am or whenever they come home. They could be outside hurt or something, and the parents wouldn't know until the next morning.
(reply to LindaH) posted 7-Aug-2003 6:24pm  
Maybe they tell the kids, "As long as you're out late, bug some adults so at least someone is keeping an eye on you".... grinlaughing out loud
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to LoriJanine) posted 7-Aug-2003 6:43pm  
laughing out loud That's probably true during the day though "go play at so-n-so's house til we get back"
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 13-Aug-2003 12:56pm  
I don't think they're in more danger from abducters than in the 70s, but maybe in more danger than when cars were less common. It's harder to abduct a child unnoticed without a car.

Children are in most danger from their parents, be they abducted, killed, abused or even denied vaccinations (I have a bee in my bonnet today, sorry).
posted 18-Aug-2003 1:35pm  
Mostly it seems to be custody related abduction that is happening now. The AMBER Alert system may make a difference.
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to Biggles) posted 18-Aug-2003 1:49pm  
Did you know, in Alaska every kid can get medical insurance? All a parent has to do is apply for it. This insurance will cover all vaccinations needed to enter school, yet we have a HUGE percentage of unvaccinated and under-vaccinated kids. Do you suppose these parents are just too lazy to apply?
(reply to LindaH) posted 18-Aug-2003 3:36pm  
I think we had like four vaccinations whenI was a kid. I hear they happen nearly yearly now. I've also heard of communities outlawing pollenous plants. At this rate people will soon evolve to have very little natural immune system working. Those people may not want vaccinations.
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 18-Aug-2003 4:42pm  
I thought of that, but I would think it would be a small minority with that view. You need vaccinations to get into school. I wonder if there are that many kids not attending regular school here. I know Alaskans tend to be individualistic, but I wouldn't have imagined it to be to that extent. I saw a map that had color codes for each state. The deeper the red, the more kids un- or under-vaccinated. we were about in the middle. That would seem normal for a state whose kids aren't all insured, but with Denali Kid Care, I thought there would be more insured kids here than other places.
(reply to LindaH) posted 19-Aug-2003 2:36am  
It's probably more the vac's than the insurance. Many social programs lack visibility. People don't know they're there to apply for. For helping the desperate, that works contrary to what's needed. Most of people who can do the research, figure out the beauacracy, make the social connections, do'nt need to be on wefare in the first place. I think more though, it comes down to the desperate running into advocates who can help with these nearly covert opportunities for them. I doubt Denali kid care is that covert though.
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 19-Aug-2003 12:17pm  
It would be interesting to know exactly what it is.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to LindaH) posted 19-Aug-2003 1:50pm  
Possibly, or just not educated enough to realise the good that vaccinations do, or the danger of the diseases they are being vaccinated against.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 19-Aug-2003 1:52pm  
"At this rate people will soon evolve to have very little natural immune system working"

What does that mean when it's at home?
(reply to Biggles) posted 19-Aug-2003 11:08pm  
When what's at home?
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 22-Aug-2003 9:42pm  
Not a phrase you have in the US? It just means "What's that's supposed to mean?" and generally suggests doubt or cynicism on the part of the person saying it smile
(reply to Biggles) posted 23-Aug-2003 12:12am  
I believe having a healthy constitution involves putting oneself at slight contamination risks, and that people who attempt living in sterile bubbles end up with some drastic illness anyhow.
and no, it's not a phrase here.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 29-Aug-2003 12:43pm  
Ah - that makes sense. I agree entirely. Children should be allowed to play in the dirt and eat mud smile
(reply to Biggles) posted 30-Aug-2003 3:30am  
posted 20-Sep-2003 11:15pm  
Most people that are abducted are taken by non-custodial parents wanting to see their kids. Crime rates have actually dropped some recently, but the news covers more. I have never experienced any ill will from a stranger. Am I going to take midnight strolls down dark alleys? Of course not. However, it's ridiculous that a kid won't say hi to me, an eight grader, because they can't talk to strangers.
(reply to Lusie) posted 20-Sep-2003 11:27pm  
I take 3am strolls with my cats down the dark alleys, best time to see the stars, then we stroll down the street to smell neighbors roses at the front fence. I met one neighbor who stays up all night planting all commercial sidewalk gardens on the next block.
Have you ever noticed how you can be totally comfortable walking in your own neighborhood, but nervous in one that's just as good/bad that you're unfamiliar with? People pick up on the vibes of whethar you belong somewhere or not. I've decided the world is my neighborhood.
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 20-Sep-2003 11:37pm  
I think this area is pretty safe. It's certainly been an area to be considered a "hot spot" because of its central location, which - seemingly - has only recently been realized. must have been visited as well by the policemen about a month ago when a guy was shot in the head, on my block! Some gangster was hanging in this neighborhood recently (big ol' guy, they say) because he was waiting for an ex-girlfriend to come home to her mother, supposedly. One night, I was driving home from work and got blocked by about five cruisers. The next day, cops came by with fliers on the incident. They were pretty graphic in the description of the crime - told us two guys were working on a car in that alleyway, the guy approached them, took one in a headlock and shot at the other guy as he ran away (missed him) then shot the guy in the headlock dead. The shooter fled up my street.
They've had a makeshift memorial for the guy at that spot in the alleyway. Last weekend, I was standing at it, looking at the many candles encased in glass lit for him and noticed that the yellow pole right at this spot had gangster graffiti written on it. I went home and came back with yellow(ish) paint and painted over it. Got jolted to death by a woman watching me when she said, "Thanks for that."
Were you not visited by the cops recently about that? In any case, you had to notice the cruisers hanging around here for a long while afterward. They wanted this guy badly, I imagine.
(reply to OfTheSoul) posted 21-Sep-2003 2:52am  
Didn't even know, no indications. Intuitively, the subject had been on my mind a bit though.
posted 29-May-2007 11:04pm  
Danger is much like child abuse. I feel that neither of these has really increased, only that we've become more aware of them due to increased reporting from various media sources.

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