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single22-Feb-2004personal habitsTrinityAnn2 unsorted63954.2%


Do you check out your reflection every time you pass a window or mirror?

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romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 22-Feb-2004 11:40pm  
Not every time, no. Once in a while.
posted 22-Feb-2004 11:44pm  
Not really...I've never even thought about this...this is weird...
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 23-Feb-2004 6:15am  
No, in fact I often avoid looking. Out-and-about windswept Claire can be a bit of a shock when I'm used to seeing myself relatively neat in front of my own mirror before I go out! grin
posted 23-Feb-2004 7:22am  
No...I do notice when people do that, though, and I feel kinda bad for them.
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 23-Feb-2004 7:25am  
posted 23-Feb-2004 8:23am  
Nope - I used too but then there was something to behold!! grin
posted 23-Feb-2004 8:31am  
We don't have a lot of mirrors in our house and I think I tend to ignore them more than anything else.
posted 23-Feb-2004 9:41am  
Yes, I do usually - I can't help it, it's a paranoia thing.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 23-Feb-2004 11:24am  
Not every time, but some of the time, yes.
posted 23-Feb-2004 12:00pm  
Yes I think we all do that to some extent.
posted 23-Feb-2004 1:36pm  
Not everytime. Often.
posted 23-Feb-2004 3:09pm  
No, not everytime. I look at myself in the mirror while I'm doing my hair and make-up. And I always take one last look (to make sure everything still looks okay) before I walk out the door. I use the mirror in my car to re-apply lipstick and check my hair. If I use the restroom while I'm out, I check in the mirror to see how I look. But when just passing by a mirror I don't usually look. I don't think I ever look in a window to see myself. I might glance and notice the reflection, but I don't really pay much attention to it.
posted 23-Feb-2004 3:29pm  
I check it out more times than is healthy!
ElvisFan67 Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 23-Feb-2004 8:27pm  
posted 23-Feb-2004 9:43pm  
i have an annoying tendency to do this, not for vanity, sort of just like an automatic reaction lol, i dunno, maybe its just me
(reply to anoddoblivion) posted 23-Feb-2004 9:46pm  
why is this question so weird? i didnt think it was that far fetched a question to ask
(reply to TrinityAnn2) posted 24-Feb-2004 1:14am  
Do people actually do this? it's not a bad question, I've just never thought about this and can't really fathom it happening. I mean, I know anything's possible and someone is probably doing it right now, but for some reason my mind and body are going, "That's weird".

it was a good survey, don't worry.
posted 24-Feb-2004 8:57am  
It seems so shallow and vain, but yes, I catch myself doing it often.
posted 24-Feb-2004 12:53pm  
Only when I feel really great about myself.
posted 24-Feb-2004 7:00pm  
no, only sometimes. Evertime in the morining out of habit.
(reply to anoddoblivion) posted 24-Feb-2004 10:27pm  
i actually find it weird you dont look at your reflection, at least not sometimes (not weird in a bad way smile ) just because im used to that, my friends do it all the time and total strangers, almost like a vanity thing, maybe its only people who have low self image or are very concerned of how they appear to others, who knows lol....though your prolly thinkin, who cares?grin
posted 25-Feb-2004 8:25am  
Every time? No, not every time. Occasionally I do.
posted 25-Feb-2004 11:25am  
Yes, I am vain....
posted 25-Feb-2004 12:16pm  
No, I sure don't. The only mirrors I have in my house are in the bathrooms, so I only pass by them when I got to take a crap. If I'm outside working or something I just piss
posted 27-Feb-2004 4:09pm  
Absolutely not...I can't tell you how many times I go to the restroom, wash my hands and leave without knowing what I look like. To me the concept of checking your self out every time there's a reflection just seems so vain.
(reply to ROCKMAN) posted 27-Feb-2004 4:11pm  
laughing out loud laughing out loud laughing out loud
posted 27-Feb-2004 6:57pm  
Who says I have a reflection?
posted 28-Feb-2004 1:33pm  
no reflection...I'm a vampyre......
posted 29-Feb-2004 8:49am  
(reply to mandy) posted 1-Mar-2004 9:49am  
I vant to suck your blood
(reply to ASB) posted 2-Mar-2004 1:08am  
posted 3-Mar-2004 1:57am  
I don't like my reflection. I feel fine about the way I look, unless I actually see myself, in which case I start picking at "problems" that aren't really there.
posted 8-Mar-2004 8:08pm  
hell yes! i am looking damn good these days too (except when i first wake up- that's not a pretty time)

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