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multiple13-Nov-1998ethics/moralitydoom unsorted731259.6%


Do you cheat?

Curious as to what, if anything, people cheat on and how they feel about it.

15I don't cheat on anything.
31I cheat at solitary games/puzzles (crosswords, solitary, etc.)
7I cheat on group games (cards, table top games, etc.)
2I cheat at sports.
2I cheat on my taxes.
3I cheat on my Significant Other.
1I cheat on everything I can.
6I cheat on something else
20I have cheated on some of these in the past but not any more.
19I think all cheating is wrong.
15I think cheating on small things is ok.
3I think that cheating is fine as long as you don't get caught.
8I have other thoughts:

posted 13-Nov-1998 11:28am  
Cheating on solitaire isn't cheating unless you make some claim that you're not cheating.
posted 13-Nov-1998 11:32am  
I think that cheating is, ultimately, more harmful to the cheater than they may realize.
posted 13-Nov-1998 1:33pm  
I agree with daver on cheating being more harmful to the cheater. The only things that I may cheat on only would apply to me such as looking up the answer to a particularly pissy crossword clue. I don't cheat when it would affect someone else.
posted 13-Nov-1998 1:38pm  
I don't see the point in doing anything if you're just going to cheat at it. I can't stand people who cheat at games.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator This user is on the site NOW (4 minutes ago)
posted 13-Nov-1998 2:16pm  
I cheat on computer games (I use walkthroughs), but I think it's important never to cheap when someone else is affected by it.
posted 14-Nov-1998 11:00pm  
Cheating on solataire is really stupid, because you're only trying to prove something to yourself. It's also really hard if you're playing on the computer. ;)
posted 15-Nov-1998 10:27am  
I think cheating is ok if it doesn't hurt others - cheating against your self at solitaire being a notable example.
Jane - I'm not trying to prove anything to myself with solitaire, I'm just trying to pass time. Winning is a more amusing way to do that. And it doesn't detract from the enjoyment when I do win a game without cheating. I've found a few computer solitaire games that will let you cheat - I love that.
posted 15-Nov-1998 1:40pm  
Hey phi, I saw a car knock over an old woman the other day because he was turning right at a "No turn on right" corner (no, she didn't just get right up - I didn't stick around to rubberneck, but people had called for help and it was obvious she was going to be making a trip to the hospital and the driver was going to be arrested). Far be it from me to claim infallibility on the part of local traffic authorities, but when you're behind the wheel of a ton-and-a-half of super-powered metal, don't you think it might be best to take their word for it that it's not a good idea?

And don't forget, in situations where cheating is "All Part Of The Game" one often finds that "let's-beat-the-crap-out-of-the-long-haired-hippie-freak-cheater" is also part of the "game".

Btw, I appreciate your (ironic) honesty about this subject.

posted 15-Nov-1998 5:37pm  
I think cheating on solitary games/puzzles is just fine. I think all other cheating is wrong.

Oops, I forgot; I speed. Thanks, phi.

posted 16-Nov-1998 10:03am  
I cheat on computer games... usually if I am stuck, or if I have beat the game once before, I will cheat to have ultimate power and crush my foes... I will sometimes cheat at crosswords. I usually don't cheat in big ways (checking spelling or to see if a word is correct), then again, I haven't finished a puzzle yet, so that means that I limit my cheating. I am also into role-playing games (AD&D etc), I have been known to fudge dice rolls, both as a player and as a GM (usually in the player's favor). I don't do it extensively. I also cheat at solitaire sometimes (I ran across a solitaire game for the computer, at one time, that would allow cheating as well). basically, I cheat in small ways that don't really matter and enhance my (or others) enjoyment of whatever games we are playing. I don't cheat at board games, and I don't cheat on anything significant. oh yeah, I will admit to cheating on a few tests in grade school/high school, but the fact that I have poor eyesight means that I was never successful, so I gave up.
*oh, I also put down that I think cheating is wrong, and it is okay in small ways. yeah, cheating against yourself is kinda pointless, but as long as you are admitting to yourself that you are cheating, it isn't hurting anyone.
posted 16-Nov-1998 11:15am  
I think cheating on anything more than solitaire is, on the whole, not good. I sometimes look at the answers to crossword puzzles, but don't consider that cheating because I can seldom finish them myself anyway.
posted 16-Nov-1998 11:36am  
I don't cheat, and I think it is wrong. It's essentially lying, to yourself or to someone else, and I think it's clear how I feel about lying ;) If I disagree with something on my tax form I pay it, but then I lobby to get it changed. I always try to communicate fully with my SO and with people at work. Cheating in cards and such is simply beyond me - we all play once a week for fun. It would defeat the purpose if someone was so driven to win that he or she cheated.

I also agree with Jen & Bill that if I'm playing 7th Guest and have spent 3 weeks trying to get something to work, I will resort to asking someone else for a hint so I can keep going. I guess that is cheating in a way, since I should figure it out myself, but I don't know that I'd dedicate years of research to figuring out which way to turn a rock ;)

If speeding is 'cheating', then I do sometimes by accident; I drive at a speed I'm comfortable with which is usually 65 on highways. I don't consider that cheating. If there was a law requiring you not to wear a seat belt, I'd wear it anyway. But yeah, if an intersection has a 'no right on red' I won't right because I figure other people around me *know* I can't turn and might make actions based on that knowledge.

posted 16-Nov-1998 4:25pm  
I seldom cheat on anything, but I don't feel that I have strong moral objections to it (I usually limit my feelings on others cheating to annoyance unless it has a strong negative impact on me personally) - I fear that I have accepted as a given that the world isn't fair, and cheating (on the part of others) is a major part of it. As to why I don't cheat myself, it is only somewhat because of a feeling that it's wrong, and much more because I don't care enough about the outcome of things to be bothered to cheat at them - the game itself is more fun to me than winning, in most parts of my life. *** Well, good point about the speeding. I do that, too. In fact, I would say that my "cheating" behavior in cases where I don't perceive any (direct or indirect) negative effects on others proceeding from it is distinctly cavalier. Or, to put it another way, my morality is based almost entirely on relationships and effects of actions between people, and not at all on rules and authority.
posted 16-Nov-1998 5:52pm  
I don't think speeding is cheating. To me, cheating implies that your doing better on something will result in others doing worse, that you gain an unfair advantage or that you get a benefit which is unavailable to others who don't cheat.
posted 16-Nov-1998 5:54pm  
It's All Part Of The Game.

I cheat less than I used to, but I still turn right on red in the presence of No Turn On Red signs if no one's looking, and other things of that magnitude.

jefff: who says I do this in a car? Legally, I'm subject to the same traffic laws on my bike as everyone else is in a car, but I cheat by (for example) following the rules that apply to pedestrians when it suits me.

posted 17-Nov-1998 5:44am  
cheating is wrong no matter how you try to rationalize it.
i'm not going to read the responses because i just know there will be someone out there who will brag about not getting caught and i don't want to lose whatever respect i might have them at the moment.
posted 18-Nov-1998 2:17am  
Cheating is fine as long as no one is seriously hurt. When me and my friends play cards we all frequently cheat. It keeps the game interesting and the mind more active.
posted 20-Nov-1998 1:28pm  
"cheating" as a form of protest or an act against an unjust system or process is FULLY justified.
posted 20-Nov-1998 9:40pm  
i am afraid to cheat
posted 26-Nov-1998 1:38pm  
I cheat as part of my job, it iss sometimes really hard to cheat all day. BTW I always cheat to lose.
posted 15-Dec-1998 9:21pm  
I read the back of mysteries before I reach the end of the novels.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 30-Jan-1999 12:47pm  
I can't handle the guilt after cheating.
posted 17-Feb-1999 7:29pm  
If I cheat, I have to cheat enough to win.
posted 12-May-1999 2:17am  
When I'm playing a game and have a really strong motivation to win (as compared to having a strong motivation to have fun) I sometimes find myself cheating without thinking about it in advance - whatever morals I normally have go out the door for some period of time because of that desire to win. It rarely happens and bugs me whenever it does.

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