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essay5-Dec-1999personal experienceLauren unsorted65954.9%


If you could change anything in your past what would you change?


posted 5-Dec-1999 7:25pm  
I would have stopped being a door mat much sooner.
posted 5-Dec-1999 7:40pm  
I would change many things. But most of all, I would want to change the college/career path I took after high school. I went into a major that was WAY over my head and failed at it. Now, seven years later, I'm starting over with a new major. But I believe that if I had done this a long time ago, I would not be currently stuck in a job that I hate.

Good survey - I usually don't like essay questions. smiley:::smile
posted 5-Dec-1999 8:58pm  
smoking dope on the night that i started having panic attacks!!!
posted 6-Dec-1999 5:52am  
sadly, there are a few things I'd like to change...
posted 6-Dec-1999 11:17am  
I could easily fill Bill's server with my complete answer to this question.
posted 6-Dec-1999 11:19am  
magbast: Yowch! Pot and panic...a bad combination indeed. There's nothing worse than getting really baked and ending up in the Emergency Room with what you think is a heart attack. Bad, bad, and bad.
posted 6-Dec-1999 11:21am  
I'd tell you, but I don't have all day.
posted 6-Dec-1999 11:25am  
Aheh. I'll tell you when the statute of limitations kicks in. ;)
posted 6-Dec-1999 4:49pm  
I used to always say that I didn't believe in regrets and that I didn't regret anything that I ever did. I do, however, regret one sexual partner that I have had. Mostly because it ruined the best friendship I ever had. And it was not very good for my self-esteem. Other than that, everything in my past has led to my life today, which is pretty much perfect. I do regret hurting my best friend, though.
posted 6-Dec-1999 8:04pm  
I would not have allowed myself to become a carbohydrate addict!
posted 7-Dec-1999 7:57pm  
I would have picked a different major in college.
posted 7-Dec-1999 9:58pm  
My attitude about the future
posted 8-Dec-1999 10:14am  
posted 9-Dec-1999 11:34pm  
Could I, would I? I would if I could, but I can't so I won't. It's more important for me to understand the past and how it affects me today than it is for me to wish changes on the past.

pandora answered this more eloquently and succinctly than I did.

posted 10-Dec-1999 12:23am  
Anything at all? Or just anything I did? I try not to have regrets but I often find myself wondering what would have happened had I gotten out of various doomed relationships a little earlier.
posted 13-Dec-1999 6:50pm  
A failed relationship.
posted 24-Dec-1999 11:57am  
I made the mistake of not telling anyone when something horrible started happening to me. As a result, it continued for 7 years.
posted 2-Jan-2000 11:15am  
Not a damn thing. I live for today.
posted 6-Jan-2000 4:07pm  
The times (rare, thank goodness) when I have been cruel to people.
posted 12-Jan-2000 4:10pm  
Dating boys.
posted 14-Jan-2000 12:00am  
Lonxedosol: Are you that frustrated? Or just plain disappointed in men?
posted 15-Jan-2000 1:42am  
Maybe she just feels the time would have been better spent dating girls? That's my guess.
posted 16-Jan-2000 11:39am  
TwM: I can't blame for that. Girls... mmmmm! smiley:::smile
posted 25-Jan-2000 11:10am  
I would have broken up with an ex-boyfriend in a better way. He's the only person I know who doesn't want to speak to me, and it still bothers me even though I never see him or an ever likely to. It's probably stupid that it still bothers me 6 years later....
posted 4-Feb-2000 3:26pm  
I would have gone to college right after high school instead of waiting.
posted 4-Feb-2000 5:08pm  
Can I ask why? I'm just in sort of an important college decision making just wondering..
posted 10-Feb-2000 10:43am  
pandora: my sister deferred University for a year after high school and went to Europe for 6+ months. Watching her friends go through Uni and get burnt out she decided it was the best thing she could have ever done. I guess whether to have a break or go straight through really depends on the person (and their circumstances).
posted 10-Feb-2000 12:25pm  
pandora: Just to offer another experience, I went into the Air Force right out of high school and I wish I'd gone to college right away instead. I didn't get to college until two years later and it was really hard to deal with the fact that all my friends were Juniors while I was a Freshman. I ended up bailing out after a year.
posted 3-Mar-2000 10:18am  
I would change nothing because then I would have learned nothing I take life as a learning experience.
posted 7-Mar-2000 2:54pm  
Most of my drunk nights, I wouldn't have dropped out of high school 4 times due to drinking and drugging. I wouldn't have treated everyone so poorly during those times. Naaa, I wouldn't change a thing, those are the things that have made me the person I am today. And how I treated people, well, now I know who is going to stick through all with me.
posted 14-Mar-2000 3:18pm wouldn't have been a drunk
or abusive (preferably I would have had 2
different parents than the ones I had). Would have gone to a different college, would have majored in something else.
posted 30-Mar-2000 8:29am  
Getting married to my ex
posted 28-Apr-2000 12:22am  
I would have payed more attention in school.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 4-Nov-2017 9:55pm  
I would have gone to bed an hour ago.
posted 9-Nov-2017 7:35am  
That day at work while I was in college, it would have changed my life forever, but I was too much of a pussy.

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