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Which celebrities would you cry after if they died?

13I wouldn't cry about any celebrity
3I would cry after: please state
2It depends on the circumstances
1Not sure
0Other answer: please state

Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 4-Dec-2016 5:00pm  
I can't think of anyone that I would definitely cry over no matter what. Usually, it's the circumstances that get to me, more than who the person was. I've shed tears for people I wouldn't have expected to, just because the circumstances were particularly terrible. I don't think people expect it of me, but I'm a soft touch when it comes to a teary story on the news, but only if I am alone. I see so much suffering and death at work, that it's good to know I still have the capacity to care about other things too.
RainingFeathers Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 4-Dec-2016 6:39pm  
Most celebrity deaths don't affect me at all. Some I am saddened by (Robin Williams and David Bowie are a couple that come to mind), but I never shed any tears. I can't get too emotional about people I don't know.
posted 4-Dec-2016 8:24pm  
I don't cry much in general, like almost never.
I'd feel sad about a great many celebrities if they died, too many to list.
It's not much fun to try to think about things that would make me sad.
posted 5-Dec-2016 12:41am  
None. Naturally, one can feel sad about a person's passing, but
posted 5-Dec-2016 5:47am  
Can say I would cry over any of them.
To me death is just the next great adventure of ones soul.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 7-Dec-2016 12:32pm  
I don't think there's any celebrity whose death I would cry over.
posted 8-Dec-2016 8:17am  
David Attenborough. I live in constant fear.
posted 8-Dec-2016 5:19pm  
Oh Dick Van Dyke I think he is still alive but I would not cry over his death I would be sad then get over it
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 9-Dec-2016 10:13pm  
I don't think I would. There's a few I'd be sad about, but I doubt I'd cry.
posted 14-Dec-2016 4:30am  
Roger Moore??
posted 15-Dec-2016 10:54pm  
None, celebrities are regular people just like everyone else; and since I don't know any personally, its just like a regular person I don't know dying.
posted 23-Dec-2016 11:32am  
I don't recall ever doing that before, so it is hard for me to imagine doing it in the future.
gambler Silver Star Survey Creator
posted 5-Jan-2017 11:07am  
I wouldn't cry about any celebrity ....

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