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essay14-Nov-2010monkeeeeeeeWicksy by votes37262.1%


I can't believe some people. Why do they...

Finish the sentence


posted 14-Nov-2010 7:51pm  
Start smoking tobacco in the first place when there's so much negative stuff about it? (I know, I know - kids do it to rebel, because people tell them NOT to do it; or they don't think anything harmful will ever happen to THEM - they're immune; or just plain old peer pressure...) Not talking as much about older people, who started smoking when everyone else was doing it -- like in my parents' time... but kids and teenagers today who still seem to think it's so cool for some reason...
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 14-Nov-2010 8:26pm  
...not believe some people.
posted 14-Nov-2010 8:31pm me just to yell at me!
posted 14-Nov-2010 9:41pm  
never finish their thought?
posted 14-Nov-2010 9:57pm  
become alarmed at harmless things and feel justified harassing and inconveniencing innocent people?
posted 14-Nov-2010 10:29pm  
finish the sentence?
posted 15-Nov-2010 12:07am  
I got nothing.
posted 15-Nov-2010 7:09am  
finish my sentences?
posted 15-Nov-2010 7:17am  
drive like idiots.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 15-Nov-2010 9:00am  
.... feel so entitled.
(reply to they, FordGuy) posted 15-Nov-2010 9:40am  
Those two replies back to back like that made me think of self entitled drivers, parking where they want, driving how they want. I think people get into parking lots and throw aside all rules of the road.
paulyw Gold Star Survey Creator Happy Birthday to Me
posted 15-Nov-2010 10:18am  
tell lies all the time.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 15-Nov-2010 11:02am  
... live in such ignorance.
posted 15-Nov-2010 2:14pm  
....Have such total disrespect for life, in the way they drive?
posted 15-Nov-2010 2:15pm  
get drunk then walk in front of your car so you hit them?
(reply to cerealkiller) posted 16-Nov-2010 1:06am  
Because if they were driving, they would be hitting other people.
posted 16-Nov-2010 1:08am  
Why do people bother with some lady walking down the road yelling to herself? Aren't there any threatening things to worry about? Ooooooohhhhhhh really scary criminal right there, yelling at no one...

(reply to LindaH) posted 16-Nov-2010 7:04am  
Sounds like the house guest...
(reply to FordGuy) posted 16-Nov-2010 10:15am  
laughing out loud She's loose in Anchorage now?!

(reply to LindaH) posted 16-Nov-2010 3:22pm  
Well I guess you should keep the phone handy then... nine one one....
(reply to FordGuy) posted 16-Nov-2010 4:38pm  
If I call 911 from home, I'm turning the scanner on!
posted 19-Nov-2010 12:06am  
...think their feelings matter more than another person's rights?
posted 19-Nov-2010 5:05am  
...think people who are different deserve to be picked on?
posted 19-Nov-2010 2:22pm  
...have absolutely no idea what that lever on the left side of the steering column is for?
(reply to cprasky) posted 19-Nov-2010 4:06pm  
> ...have absolutely no idea what that lever on
> the left side of the steering column is for?


posted 19-Nov-2010 6:09pm  
Are you kidding??? Where do I start?
posted 20-Nov-2010 2:56am  
take advantage of others?
(reply to FordGuy) posted 20-Nov-2010 5:18pm  
This is probably my most irksome pet peeve about my job. Sitting at a stop sign waiting for a line of four or five cars to cross the intersection before I make my right turn, only to have all those cars turn right at my intersection with never a signal from any of them is merely a minor irritant, an annoyance really not worth doging about. But driving on the freeway at 55-70 MPH, with some idiot ahead weaving in and out of traffic, passing everyone right and left and then diving into a right exit from the left lane across a couple lanes of oncoming traffic, again with never a signal, is quite a bit more than that. It is foolhardy, reckless and deadly dangerous, not just for the jackwagon pulling this stupid stunt, but for everyone on the road in his vicinity as well. As a professional driver, on the road 5-7 days a week, 8-10 hours a day, I see this a lot more often than most people might credit. I also see the consequences of this behavior more than most might think, in the form of wrecked cars on the freeway and ambulances driving the injured and dead to the hospital or morgue.
(reply to cprasky) posted 22-Nov-2010 7:28am  
I hear ya. Could you imagine how bad it would be if people actually had to turn on brake lights? It'd be a freakin' mess out there! I have a CDL-A, and as you know, it takes some work to get one. It takes some work to re-new one. A regular operators license here in Michigan is a 9 question multiple choice quiz. I've always said they should make it a challenge to get a drivers license. Weed out some of the idiots. But noooooo... that's unfair to the stupid.
posted 22-Nov-2010 4:13pm  
posted 23-Nov-2010 7:04pm a smell in an area when it isn't natural gas or a smoke/fire smell?
posted 26-Nov-2010 12:38am  
...rely on hunches instead of logic?
posted 26-Nov-2010 2:23am  
...pretend to be what they are not to get people to like their fake self instead of their real self.
(reply to LoriJanine) posted 26-Nov-2010 10:24am  
They are afraid people won't like their real self.
posted 26-Nov-2010 10:26am  
I love this survey! I could go on and on.
posted 28-Nov-2010 11:34pm  
...think that because I defend behaviors, that I actually engage in those behaviors?
posted 29-Nov-2010 9:52am  
...judge people based on assuming?

One of Danny's friends does this. I know she's just a kid but half of what she says is judging other people based on guessing and assuming. I said something to her about it once and she said 'ok' but she still does it. I think its her need to feel smarter and more mature than her peers.
posted 7-Dec-2010 12:05pm  
i cant believe some people..why do they cheat on there gf or bf
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator This user is on the site NOW (3 minutes ago)
posted 23-Apr-2012 11:50am  
... have to set such evil exam papers?
posted 20-Aug-2013 12:46pm  
Get ticked off at YOU for following the rules of the road?
posted 21-Aug-2013 3:38pm  
choose to be unhappy when pure bliss is only a change of mind away. Maybe no one told them.
posted 21-Aug-2013 5:18pm  
Get so critical and judgmental towards others
(reply to gambler) posted 21-Aug-2013 5:20pm  
Oh they just drive right over you they own the road I do believe
(reply to mandy) posted 21-Aug-2013 5:22pm  
This sounds like this town of Kremmling we do have some very unhappy people in this town nothing seems to cheer them up oh maybe that beer might cheer them up and all they do sitting in the bars getting drunk and fussing about this and that sheesh
(reply to JessicaWoman99) posted 22-Aug-2013 8:05pm  
Go in those bars and tell them.....:p
posted 22-Aug-2013 8:07pm  
Ok, bill. Your ads are stalking me. That's it! I am going to start typing random comments about turnips and Bali and orthopedic shoes and see what comes up. :p
posted 22-Aug-2013 8:08pm  
Hmmm...a quit smoking ad? Nevermind. I was just thinking about having a cigarette. Seems SC is actually reading my mind. I apologize.
(reply to mandy) posted 23-Aug-2013 11:25am  
Oh I would love to tell them, when they are sober would be much better even thou I might not get across to them
(reply to Galomorro) posted 23-Aug-2013 11:33am  
Do you remember those smoking ads on television and magazines 55 years ago we got blasted by those smoking ads it made it look so cool to smoke kids are under peer pressure I know because I am around children a lot it is like Monkey see and Monkey do?
(reply to JessicaWoman99) posted 23-Aug-2013 12:04pm  
Not really, cuz when I was a kid I never liked TV, just like now. My parents watched TV back in the 50s and early 60s but I couldn't be bothered. I thought it was boring. I wanted to play outside. Then when I moved away my parents kept trying to give me a TV but I wouldn't take it. Finally bought one later in life but didn't keep it long. I do see lots of Netflix films that have lots of smoking in them, especially the older ones. So I know exactly what you are talking about from these. Puffing away continuously. But the kids still think it's cool no matter HOW much they hear in school, etc. about it being bad for them. They seem to want to take their chances, as in they think they're immune to lung cancer, emphysema, etc. just cuz they're young. Nothing much seems to work with them. Then they get addicted and there you see adults out there exposing everyone else to secondhand smoke cuz they're unable to quit even if they want to.
posted 31-Aug-2013 2:45pm  
Because you haven't interrupted them yet.
posted 30-Oct-2013 10:19am  
...repeat themselves when they are being assertive or defensive?
(reply to LindaH) posted 31-Oct-2013 8:50am  
You have no idea what you're talking about. I mean seriously, I think you have no clue. I think you're misinformed. Your statement is completely incorrect. I don't know why you would even type such an erroneous statement. I am stunned at the ignorance! Man, I can't believe you actually think there are your statement. It's just so unbelievably wrong! smiley:::rolls eyes
posted 31-Oct-2013 9:14am  
FG please elaborate I don't think I got the gist of you post >smiley:::smile
(reply to FordGuy) posted 31-Oct-2013 9:34am  
That was inspired by someone who blocked my passage to a door.

You need to go to the front. I can't let you in here. They are signing people in at the front. You can't use this door. I'm using it because I work here. They are signing people in at the front...

Gee. Take a breath so I can say "Okay no problem"
posted 31-Oct-2013 11:09am  
laughing out loud Some people really like their trivial authority.

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