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single5-Oct-2002personalityLindaH Silver Star Survey Creator unsorted65961.1%


What can you say to brighten someone's day?

If you can think of some uplifting words, share them if you wish. It can be a saying, a story, a poem or anything.

22I have some uplifting words, and I'll share them.
12I can't think of anything right now, but I'll get back to it.
10I don't want to share anything uplifting.

posted 6-Oct-2002 8:19pm  
It depends on the person.
posted 6-Oct-2002 8:21pm  
I can smile.
 * smile *
Here's a kind smile for you,Survey Creator,whoever you are.
posted 6-Oct-2002 8:39pm  
"Day, brighten up".
posted 6-Oct-2002 9:58pm  
You are loved.
posted 6-Oct-2002 10:27pm  
My life is better with you in it * grin *
posted 6-Oct-2002 10:48pm  
Just say hi to them and smile, and maybe compliment them on something they're wearing or their hair if they've got a new hairstyle. People like to be acknowledged by their neighbors. I wouldn't know about poems or sayings or stuff like that but I try to at least say hello, and if I know them well enough, compliment them on something if I think it makes 'em look good.
posted 6-Oct-2002 11:07pm  
God loves you.
posted 6-Oct-2002 11:55pm  
What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger (or stranger, depending on to whom I'm talking).
posted 7-Oct-2002 12:23am  
Nice Ass!
posted 7-Oct-2002 12:52am  
Have a nice day! What a cliche..............

Wanna do lunch?? * smile *
(reply to sonikJ) posted 7-Oct-2002 1:05am  
That is so true!
posted 7-Oct-2002 1:16am  
"Your spunky"


"Your clever"




or all of the above!  * smile *
posted 7-Oct-2002 1:31am  
After today, it's one less day you have to worry about in this existence. Maybe tomorrow will be better. Maybe not.
posted 7-Oct-2002 1:55am  
sometimes you can say stuff, sometimes you need to be told stuff.
posted 7-Oct-2002 7:31am  
Feel free to be miserable around me.
Confrontation is better than denial.
My door is open.
posted 7-Oct-2002 8:02am  
This, too, shall pass.
Good morning, I love you.
I like your company.
Here's the fifty bucks I owe you.
Want to go out for dinner?
It wasn't your fault.
I forgive you.
I'll do it.
Don't worry, everything will work out.
I bought you something......
Can I help?
Of course you can come over.
Not guilty!
jettles Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 7-Oct-2002 8:13am  
do you know how good it is to see you today??
posted 7-Oct-2002 8:32am  
Live for maybe.
It doesn't matter how bad things get, you never know what's around the corner.
Enheduanna Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 7-Oct-2002 11:14am  
Uplifting things are usually context-sensitive for me.
posted 7-Oct-2002 12:23pm  
If you believe you can achieve. (yeah right)
(reply to harekrishnadasa) posted 7-Oct-2002 12:23pm  
posted 7-Oct-2002 6:23pm  
Sometimes I just smile at them. IF you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours. Sometimes, I just try to tune in to what is bothering the person. Do you need help with that door? I just saw a commercial about a religious record "God will find a way when there seems to be no way." "Let go and let God" is another uplifting saying.
(reply to Cleo) posted 7-Oct-2002 6:25pm  
Hey! Thanks for the e-mail. It made MY day!
(reply to anonymous) posted 7-Oct-2002 8:03pm  
DOH!  * frown *

Who are you?
posted 7-Oct-2002 9:13pm  
To lift up my husband I give him a kiss and tell him I love him.
they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 8-Oct-2002 12:04pm  
While working last night(in my own home now, yea!), a very sweet elderly woman told me at the end of the call to 'be safe out there'... It was so sincere and sweet, I almost started crying.. These hormones are pretty disruptive  * wink * .
(reply to Dino) posted 8-Oct-2002 1:53pm  
Feel free to be miserable around me.
Confrontation is better than denial.
My door is open.

I added two-
My life is better with you in it, and
I love you! * smile *
(reply to juliw) posted 9-Oct-2002 12:27am  
As did your! Thank you also!  * smile *

(reply to cuteasabutton) posted 9-Oct-2002 4:17am  
That's lovely. Your kids are very lucky and I hope they themselves get to hear those words.
(reply to Cleo) posted 9-Oct-2002 6:11pm  
 * smile *
(reply to bandit1cat) posted 10-Oct-2002 7:16pm  
That's beautiful!  * smile *
Sounds like when I try to soothe sad or slightly depressed like...oh,it's normal,who wouldn't be depressed...blah blah...

I think that people bouncing around happily are dangerous to someone who is feeling bad.If instead you make clear that sometimes you feel this way too,that there's no much solution but that you UNDERSTAND...that's soothing.
Like when you listen to sad music,if you're sad is better than happy music.

posted 14-Oct-2002 1:31pm  
Just a smile will usually works but a compliment helps too. Or a little flirting can cheer someone up I think.
posted 16-Oct-2002 1:27am  
Compliments about clothing or hair.
Wicksy Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to mandy) posted 16-Oct-2002 10:34am  
 * laughing out loud *  * laughing out loud *  * laughing out loud *

Best response ever

 * smile *
posted 17-Oct-2002 12:44am  
One time when I was in primary school, a girl I didn't like much had found out while at school that her mum had died. So I went over to her because I had felt really sorry for her and no-one was comforting her.

I told her about this time when this native bird chick had fallen out of it's nest that we found when we all got home. I wanted to keep it and Mum and Dad had without hesitation let me look after it. I didn't know then that it was dying from the fall. Maybe I was naive, or just maybe I didn't want to believe it but Mum and Dad didn't want to break my heart and let me look after the bird. So I looked after this bird which I called colours because it was brightly adorned until it died an hour and a half later. I was crushed.

I still tell everybody this story that loses someone you love.

I hope you all keep this story in mind when somebody you love dies...
posted 17-Oct-2002 6:04pm  
You're still alive, do something with it
(reply to juliw) posted 18-Oct-2002 6:40pm  
I just received an e-mail from Claire. Do you have her e-mail addy?
(reply to Cleo) posted 18-Oct-2002 7:07pm  
Not sure (why don't you send it to me just in case?)
(reply to Frogbrains) posted 19-Oct-2002 6:48am  
Like what,attempt suicide?

 * wink *
(reply to juliw) posted 19-Oct-2002 1:25pm  
Okay. Let me see............. Oh darn! **snaps her fingers** I gotta go into my e-mail thingy. I'll get right back to you.... in fact let me E-mail it to you right now...well right after I answer the next 7 replies.Promise. * smile *
(reply to Cleo) posted 19-Oct-2002 6:39pm  
OK,,,I'hold you to that!  * smile *
(reply to dora) posted 20-Oct-2002 2:52am  
I guess that's an option. Meant however do something with your life, as in meaningful.
(reply to Frogbrains) posted 20-Oct-2002 3:26am  
Well I know a lot of people (myself included) that would get extremely depressed if you said something like this while they are sad.
(reply to dora) posted 20-Oct-2002 4:02am  
people get depressed and sad 'cause they're wimps and feeling sorry for themselves. If you can't keep yourself happy and motivated without uplifting words from others then maybe you should consider the suicide option.
(reply to Frogbrains) posted 20-Oct-2002 4:33am  
People get depressed because they are ill,just like people who have cancer or some other illness.

I just hope you're uneducated about the subject,because depression is a very serious illness that takes lots of lives away and makes some other (not only the the depressed life,but the life of those around him as well) unbearable.

Your comment is very offensive to anybody who has this problem or someone near them having this problem.

(reply to juliw) posted 20-Oct-2002 4:01pm  
Ooops I almost posted that here & now. Go to your E-mail in about 10 minutes. * smile * Today is Sunday the 20th......time is exactly 1:00pm California time. * smile *
(reply to Cleo) posted 20-Oct-2002 6:12pm  
Just got it...thanks
(reply to juliw) posted 21-Oct-2002 7:29pm  
Your welcome dear. * smile *
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator Survey Qualifier
posted 21-Oct-2002 7:39pm  
Change may be disorientating, but it makes you stronger - and often happier too.
posted 25-Oct-2002 2:38am  
hey, we're ALL gonna die someday. =)
posted 4-Nov-2002 12:57pm  
I keep getting kicked out of surveys I love openminded people. No I don't I wish we were all clones that would be great!!

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