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single26-Jul-2006personal experienceCarolL by votes41556.6%


Can you return empty beer cans or bottles at your local liquor/beer outlet for a refund?

In Ontario (Canada) we pay 10 cents per bottle or can over the cost of the beer to encourage return of the 'empties'.

Different sizes = different premiums

1It's a bit different here and this is how it works:

posted 27-Jul-2006 10:24pm  
No, but there are local facilities for recycling glass & aluminum.
posted 27-Jul-2006 10:35pm  
No, but we do recycle.
posted 27-Jul-2006 10:57pm  
What's a beer outlet? I've heard of liquor stores, but not beer outlets. We return empties (soda, beer) to either a grocery store or convenience store to get the deposit back. Most grocery stores have machines that you feed the cans/bottles into. The machine counts them and gives you a slip that you give to the clerk at a check-out stand inside the store.
posted 27-Jul-2006 11:53pm  
No. Not that I know of anyway.
posted 28-Jul-2006 12:10am  
I live in Ontario so I can too!
posted 28-Jul-2006 2:47am  
Nope, No deposits or refunds in Florida.
posted 28-Jul-2006 3:37am  
Yeah like a buck for a pound of cans
posted 28-Jul-2006 3:38am  
posted 28-Jul-2006 4:04am  
No, we just have recycle bins we can put them in.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 28-Jul-2006 5:38am  
I think so... I've never done it, though. You can return them to grocery stores, I think... actually, come to think of it, beer isn't sold at our liquor stores. Groceries stores sell beer and wine here. The liquor stores are run by the state of New Hampshire, they mostly sell hard alcohol and wine. But, no beer, I think.

I recycle our glass, plastic, cans, etc. at our town's recycle center (pretty much just a shack). They have a place to put returnables that will pay 5-10 cents, so I just put ours in there. I assume someone from the center brings them all in somewhere. I think the money they get helps keep the recycle center afloat.
posted 28-Jul-2006 6:36am  
No. I used to save the cans for aluminum but I dont take the time anymore.
posted 28-Jul-2006 8:58am  
I have trouble getting cans out of my kegerator...
posted 28-Jul-2006 10:55am  
No. California adds a deposit to cans/bottles but my town has no recycling pick-up. I just throw everything away since I'm not about to drive 30 minutes to take cans to a recycling center.
posted 28-Jul-2006 10:56am  
Not like this. You can save up cans, take them to the recycling place, and they'll pay you so much per pound.
paulyw Gold Star Survey Creator Happy Birthday to Me
posted 28-Jul-2006 11:32am  
I don't think we have that here. I know some other areas have that.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 28-Jul-2006 11:55am  
I don't know. Possibly. I almost never buy beer (or soda), so I don't keep track of redemption options. Although from the people I see roaming around looking through recycling bins and carrying big bags of bottles and cans, I'm guessing you can. Unless that's only for non-alcoholic drinks or something.
posted 28-Jul-2006 1:39pm  
Not beer, but the glass bottles of fizzy juice can be returned at the petrol station where I work - it cost 99p to buy and we give you 20p back for an empty bottle.
posted 28-Jul-2006 8:43pm  
They used to pay 5 cent here for coke bottles. When I was a kid we would collect bottles and turn them in for candy money. Those were the good old days! They used to have recycle centers where you put your cans in and get money for them. They don't do that anymore around here, I don't know why.
posted 28-Jul-2006 9:44pm  
Yes, 10 cents a bottle it is here as well. No refund on cans though.
posted 29-Jul-2006 2:49am  
No, but I wish we could do it for a refill.
posted 29-Jul-2006 3:18am  
Yeah. They've been doing that for nearly 40 years I think...
(reply to LindaH) posted 29-Jul-2006 12:49pm  
laughing out loud
posted 29-Jul-2006 1:18pm  
I have no idea.
1) I don't drink beer
2) everytime my dad would go into the liquor/beer store he'd make me stand outside saying I couldn't go in...
I probably could go in if I wanted to..but I honestly have no desire to look at humongous amount of alcoholic beverages
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 29-Jul-2006 4:56pm  
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to clare) posted 29-Jul-2006 4:58pm  
Where do you live?
(reply to they) posted 29-Jul-2006 5:40pm  
Junction City, Oregon. Where do you live?
(reply to llamamama) posted 29-Jul-2006 5:41pm  
If you aren't 21, you can't go in. It's against the law.
posted 29-Jul-2006 6:52pm  
I don't think so..
If so I'd be a rich-un..........
(reply to clare) posted 29-Jul-2006 10:59pm  
Sure I can. As long as I don't buy anything.
(reply to llamamama) posted 29-Jul-2006 11:15pm  
Maybe you can where you live, but where I live, there are signs up expressly forbidding anyone under the age of 21 on the premises. You can't even go in one with an adult if you're under 21.
(reply to clare) posted 30-Jul-2006 12:38am  
I don't know..It's the ABC store..But this isn't usually a problem because my dad rarely buys alcohol
(reply to llamamama) posted 30-Jul-2006 12:39am  
Is the ABC a liquor store or is it a grocery store that happens to sell liquor?
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to clare) posted 30-Jul-2006 8:12am  
You don't know? smiley:::grin
(reply to they) posted 30-Jul-2006 12:13pm  
No, I don't. How would I?
(reply to clare) posted 30-Jul-2006 1:16pm  
a liquor store...
(reply to llamamama) posted 30-Jul-2006 1:33pm  
And they allow minors to go in the store?
(reply to clare) posted 30-Jul-2006 1:42pm  
I don't know..I've never been in.
Like I said, my dad rarely goes. I bet he's been about two or three times in the last ten years. He doesn't drink very much.
(reply to llamamama) posted 30-Jul-2006 1:48pm  
(reply to clare) posted 30-Jul-2006 1:52pm  
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator This user is on the site NOW (1 minute ago)
posted 31-Jul-2006 12:44pm  
Time was.

Not sure about now.
(reply to ultamate) posted 1-Aug-2006 9:12pm  
In Michigan we did this. The walk to the store was quite a ways but by the time we got there we had plenty of money for candy.
(reply to clare) posted 20-Aug-2006 12:43am  
> Junction City, Oregon. Where do you live?

Is that anywhere near Eugene Oregon? I know someone there and they suck.
(reply to cloudhugger) posted 20-Aug-2006 12:48am  
It's in the same county. Probably about 20 miles away.
posted 27-Aug-2006 4:40pm  
It's a news to me that you can do this in Ontario.
(reply to CarolL) posted 27-Aug-2006 4:41pm  
Where do you return the bottles - I never saw this.
(reply to Iseult) posted 27-Aug-2006 6:07pm  
Why, at The Beer Store, of course! 10 cents apiece is added on to the price when you buy the beer and you get 10 cents back when you return the bottles.
posted 10-Feb-2007 3:32am  
I think some people here are from Michigan? I used to live there, and yes, 10 cents per container, bottle or can. Yet it makes me wonder why people still throw them away. The state started it to clear the highways of so much litter.

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