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multiple3-Nov-2007hypothetical questionRGirl by votes47468.2%


What do you do with the bug?

You are walking along outside and a big creepy alien looking insect lands on the arm of your shirt. How do you handle the situation?

20Flick it off viciously
11Brush it off calmly
9Shake your arm violently until it falls off
4Leave it there, isn't bothering anyone
3Run around shrieking for some one to 'Get it OFF!!!'
3Show it off to passers by
0Smash it dead then brush it off
0Strip off your shirt and run for your life

posted 4-Nov-2007 1:05am  
If I'm alone I would brush it off calmly, if there were other people around I might eat it.
posted 4-Nov-2007 2:23am  
I'd have to say 'other'... If it's an insect I've never seen, I'd probably jump and flick my arm hard to get it off me, and probably emit a small, contorted-sounding 'ew-yah!'. If it didn't fly away or try to jump back on me I'd then take a look at it after I swallowed my heart back where it belonged.
(reply to Otter) posted 4-Nov-2007 2:24am  
If I were there, I'd dare you to.
posted 4-Nov-2007 2:28am  
Shake my arm violently while screaming. I'm not good with bugs
posted 4-Nov-2007 3:23am  
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 4-Nov-2007 6:33am  
Step one:
Give my arm a jerk, to try to get it to leave. I would keep my mouth closed and my hair back.

Step two:
Flick it off calmly.

Step three:
If I'm alone, I'll probably sit there and watch it go about it's way.
If I'm with Ben, I laugh at him for freaking out that the bug might land on him once it leaves me. He has this phobia about things with wings. His mom has it too.
If I'm with Mary, I will discuss the bug in great depth. Answering questions ranging from how it survives in the winter to how it makes babies. That girl could actually kill a person with questions, I swear.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator This user is on the site NOW (39 seconds ago)
posted 4-Nov-2007 7:47am  
it varies

other - take a picture of it
(reply to bill) posted 4-Nov-2007 8:09am  
Cute! That's a really good picture.
posted 4-Nov-2007 11:06am  
I'd make a really loud squeaky noise in surprise, stand still for a moment, then bond with it and name it after somebody and call it our baby.
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 4-Nov-2007 11:43am  
I'd brush it off calmly, unless I was in a silly mood, in which case I'd run around shrieking "Get it off!"
posted 4-Nov-2007 1:05pm  
i would run around shrieking for somebody to get it off of me
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 4-Nov-2007 5:40pm  
Shake my arm violently until it goes away. Possibly also make some kind of exclamatory noise.
posted 4-Nov-2007 8:06pm  
Either flick it off viciously or shake my arm violently until it fell off.

I really, really hate bugs. I've woken Caleb up from a deep sleep just to kill a bug. He likes to tell me what color the guts are and if it crunched or not. Gross!
posted 4-Nov-2007 8:14pm  
Run around shrieking.
(reply to Amanda) posted 4-Nov-2007 8:18pm  
I have to get others to kill the bigger or crunchier bugs because I simply cannot handle the 'squish' or 'crunch' sensation. I also feel sad for the bug. I know it was just going about its business and is squished for no good reason, in its mind anyway.
(reply to RGirl) posted 4-Nov-2007 9:13pm  
I can't stand to kill any bug. I'm terrified of bugs, especially spiders. I'll feel sad for them, too, sometimes. If I start really thinking about it. I'll start thinking about little bug families and stuff. My imagination gets way too wild.
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 4-Nov-2007 9:24pm  
Would be kind of fun to flick it on a squeamish screamer...

just kidding
(reply to Amanda) posted 4-Nov-2007 9:41pm  
Exactly! Little bug families!
posted 5-Nov-2007 9:39am  
Flick it.
posted 5-Nov-2007 11:05am  
Flick the bastard off as hard as I can. I hate bugs. If I see a cockroach, I'll run screaming. *shudder*
posted 5-Nov-2007 7:39pm  
Most likely brush it off calmy. If my adrenals are already stressed, and it sneaks up on me, I might scream and shake it off.
posted 6-Nov-2007 1:40am  
Leave forget, this sometimes happens when I bush walk.
FauxLo Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 6-Nov-2007 12:54pm  
FoxTurtle would eat it, so...
posted 6-Nov-2007 4:14pm  
I would probably jump and then get it off my shirt as fast as possible.
(reply to FauxLo) posted 6-Nov-2007 4:15pm  
Do you even wear shirts . . . ???
FauxLo Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to moviesnob) posted 6-Nov-2007 6:27pm  
FoxTurtle does not wear shirts, but if he did and a bug landed on it, he'd eat it, so...
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to bill) posted 7-Nov-2007 9:24am  
I love your wildlife pictures. They're beautiful.

I've been meaning to tell you about Mare's green gel ant farm. I'm pretty upset about it. We placed an order for ants about 6 months ago thru the mail - sent a check for 3.00.

Months passed and we never got them. The little card said to allow 6 weeks. I finally checked in my account and saw that the check never cleared. I called Uncle Milt's (I think that's what the ant people are called). They told me that they hadn't been sent due to the weather being too warm, and that they would come soon since it's cooler out now. Fine. The check cleared about a week later and the ants came about a month later. We got them about a week ago. They were packed into a tiny little inhumane tube... more than half were dead, half of the living ones were mangled and suffering... We put the live ones in... and the ones who were hurt, but looked like they might still have a chance.

The ones who have dug into the gel have all perished. IN THE GEL. It seems to me that if you go down in, you're never coming back out. They aren't making tunnels, they aren't eating much gel... they are mostly cannibalizing each other... and collecting ant parts like heads and legs in the corner. I think the two weeks they spent in the mail (checked the postdate), turned them into cannibals. I know there is moisture in the gel, because now it's starting to get a little condensation in the top... but as soon as they started digging in it and dying, the gel started pulling away from the sides of the cage like it was drying up.

They are pathetic, sad little creatures. I feel rotten for doing this to them. I'd take them outside to set them free so they have a chance at a few days of normality, but it's cold out now... they'd surely die pretty quick. I think I will do it anyway, just so they can feel grass on their feet before they go.

I will NEVER, EVER do an ant farm again. Mary feels as bad as I do... Crappy National Geographic ant farm, crappy Uncle Milt's ant torture farm....

Whew! Glad I got that off my chest.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator This user is on the site NOW (39 seconds ago)
(reply to they) posted 7-Nov-2007 10:23am  
Oh dear... frown

I think Jen faired better, but probably had some similar problems, just not as bad. I know some died in the gel for us too. I think that's normal (if it's possible for anything to be "normal" when you're talking about putting ants into gel). I want to say, "they're just ants", but I'm afraid you'll see me as the enemy. smile I guess I wont tell you the story of how I dealt with an invasion of ants we had in our house over the summer...
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to bill) posted 7-Nov-2007 10:33am  
laughing out loud I know they're just ants. But it's still not fair. They have lives too.... what a waste for these little guys.

I get ants twice a year. The little tiny baby brown ones. Once in the spring, and once in the fall. They hang around for a few weeks, trying to steal stray bits of dog food.. and then they go. I mostly just try to keep things cleaned up... and wash the floors a lot to kill their trails. My house is on a concrete slab, and they come up through the vents by way of cracks in the foundation. The fact that they show up only in the spring and fall might have something to do with the fact that we don't use the a/c or heat during those times... but it might also be because of them coming out in the spring... and them trying to get warm in the fall. I'm not sure.

One year, I was infested with the giant black ones. I think they are called crazy ants...
Those are a little grosser to me.... sort of creepy, like spiders... but they are so big, I don't like to kill them.

What kind of ants did you have in the house?
(reply to they) posted 7-Nov-2007 11:44am  
(don't mean to jump in here, but...)

We had an infestation of ants one year, those little ones that like sweets...anyways, I read somewhere that ants will NOT cross a chalk line.
heh...yeah, so I spent my summer drawing yellow chalk lines ALL around the house....over and around EVERY single doorway, window, baseboard etc etc....felt a wee little bit insane....
the funny thing though, is that it totally worked

bill Bronze Star Survey Creator This user is on the site NOW (39 seconds ago)
(reply to they) posted 7-Nov-2007 11:58am  
Recently, we had winged ants. We were worried they were termites, but Jen didn't think so. She concluded they were some sort of fairly normal ant, but they were swarming (thus, they temporarily had wings). The wings didn't work so great. They didn't fly so much as hop a little. They came up out of the floor, near a baseboard heating unit, in the middle part of the house, the part that's on a slab. Part of our house has a basement, part doesn't. They basically were just trying to leave the house, but they had some trouble, ran into some dead ends. I tried to just be patient, and let them go, but I was worried they might be termites and they started jumping onto my bare feet in the kitchen. So, I got the vacuum cleaner out. They kept coming for a while, then stopped. But, it happened again the next night.

In some previous years, we've had other ants, not wings, but similar in that they seemed to be just passing through the house. None of the ants we've had have seemed interested in our food or even crumbs on the floor. We used some Grants Ant traps/stakes, also sprinkled some Borax on the ground. I forget why, I think it just turns them off and makes them go away or something like that.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to justjulie) posted 7-Nov-2007 12:24pm  
laughing out loud Usually, just using windex or something on the floors around all of the vents kills their trails and keeps them out too. They only come out when I haven't done that recently.
(reply to they) posted 8-Nov-2007 6:06am  
i love windex!!!
(ever see that movie "my big fat greek wedding"? The father was obsessed w/ windex and used it for everything...including pimples...)

I was using windex to kill wasps. My oldest stepdaughter is allergic, and the last house we were in was awful...I had felt as if they were holding me hostage in my own house. One day, I counted and killed 37 of the lil fudgers. But yeah, I would spray 'em then go in for the kill. smile
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to justjulie) posted 8-Nov-2007 7:05am  
laughing out loud Yeah, I've seen it. It's funny.

I've always thought of myself as sort of a 'bee-charmer'. I never kill wasps or bees, I never get stung... I just stay calm around them and they leave me be. 37 might be a whole different scenerio though.
(reply to they) posted 9-Nov-2007 8:54am  
I've never been stung either...Me and the insects have this pact. Spiders, for example, are allowed in the house under a couple of conditions. 1- They can hang as long as they'd like, as long as they don't have any babies in the house. 2- If they happen to run across the floor and i see 'em...sorry it's over. They're supposed to do their travelling over night and to where they want to be come morning. I'll leave 'em be if they're on the walls or ceiling, but the floor...nuh-uh. And the bees and wasps...I've never had an issue w/ them, it's just that there is a great big world out there, and there is no reason for 'em to be in the house. For even though I may appear to be a sweet flower laughing out loud I'm really not, so they should just hang out side. Especially now that we know that the oldest is allergic.
posted 14-Nov-2007 9:56am  
Flick it off. Or if its a spider, scream and run to the nearest person shouting 'help me'.
posted 26-Nov-2007 7:40am  
Is it eatable? Or is it poisonous? Or does it have those tiny prickly little legs you can feel all the way through your clothes? Is it creepy and crawly? Is it slimy? And then does it make a harsh buzzing sound? With the pincers opening and closing! I'd scream like hell and run!

But if it was a cricket I'd just brush it off.

Funny survey!
(reply to they) posted 26-Nov-2007 7:50am  
I feel your pain, but I thought of something funny about what you said. Wound't it be fun to pick up ants where you live where it is cold and snowy, put them in an envelope and mail them to Florida for the winter! 39 cents one way.I wish I could fly so cheap! They would love the vacation, and all that sand...
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to kcthedog) posted 26-Nov-2007 8:54am  
smile We could save the ants, one at a time!

(reply to they) posted 26-Nov-2007 9:26am  
laughing out loud
posted 2-Dec-2007 9:44pm  
Flick it off viciously and then smash it dead with my foot
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 12-Jan-2008 3:15pm  
Lift my arm up so I can get a better look. As long as it has 6 legs rather than 8, I wouldn't be nervous about it. It's not like the UK is home to many poisonous insects! (Or spiders for that matter, but I still don't like them...)

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