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What is your biggest pet peeve?


romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 28-May-1998 10:54am  
Essay question surveys.
okay, okay. People who don't seem to think about how their actions affect other people.
posted 28-May-1998 11:18am  
Can't think of anything.
posted 28-May-1998 11:41am  
When someone says they'll do something that they have no intention of doing. Just tell me!! I can deal with honesty better and work around the problem, rather than relying on someone and having it fall through.
posted 28-May-1998 11:50am  
Upon further reflection, I've changed my answer. My biggest pet peeve is hypocrisy...
posted 28-May-1998 1:02pm  
Mine is being interrupted mid-sentence for someone to correct my grammar. Please wait until I have the thought out before you jump on my for my grammatical errors.
posted 28-May-1998 1:04pm  
Anyone who hits children or condones hitting in any way.
Also, when anyone says they want "traditional family values" or the "good old days".
Also, there are far too many people having kids. The majority of people are not good parents. Birth control should be the easiest possible thing to obtain.
posted 28-May-1998 2:36pm  
Bad grammar and spelling, and bad driving.
posted 28-May-1998 2:53pm  
Restroom labelling parity. If it says "Ladies" it should say "Gentlemen." If it says "Men" it should say "Women." "Guys" and "Gals" or "Stags" and "Does," cutesy theme labels like that make the hair on my neck rise (as does most fake cutesiness), but lack of parity makes my teeth itch. Trivial, I realize, but there it is. ***I take peeve to be "little thing that bothers you disproportionately," but most people seem to take it much more seriously. Hunh.
posted 28-May-1998 2:57pm  
posted 28-May-1998 3:00pm  
Not sure... I have several that I am very passionate about
posted 28-May-1998 3:52pm  
Using hunter's definition of pet peeve: One of my pet peeves is this stupid fashion of wearing your pants at your hips, so the butt part hangs down to your knees, and it looks like you took a dump in your pants. If i had my way, every single one of those people would get an atomic wedgie, and a belt. Clutter is another pet peeve of mine - I am very organized and neat, and I like to confine my clutter to piles, instead of having it spread out everywhere. I absolutely *hate* having my kitchen table covered with clutter, so that if I want to sit there to eat, I have to spend 10 minutes cleaning it up. Spelling and grammar are other pet peeves - I'll miss the entire point of a document if there are errors.
posted 28-May-1998 4:57pm  
When "nuclear" is pronounced NUK-yu-lr. Do you see a second 'u'? I do not see a second 'u'.
posted 28-May-1998 7:45pm  
"Bonus tracks" on CDs that aren't separate tracks. I don't care if they don't want to mention the song on the liner notes, but if it's clearly a separate song, they should put it on a separate track, not just put a bunch of silence in.
posted 29-May-1998 12:01am  
When people tell you to shut up and they're the ones talking!!!!
posted 29-May-1998 1:43pm  
*** oops, using Hunter's definition I would say: People who insist on filling in the gaps of conversations with inane chatter. I often pause to come up with the perfect word, and then people jump onto a different subject. Drives me nuts.
posted 29-May-1998 3:58pm  
posted 31-May-1998 1:31pm  
Essay questions
posted 31-May-1998 5:35pm  
When someone insists on chatting with me when I'm obviously reading my book.
posted 31-May-1998 6:36pm  
When people don't know the difference between "to" and "too"..."then" and "than"..."your" and "you're"...also, when people think that any word with an "s" at the end takes an apostrophe. The market by my old apartment always had signs out advertising such things as "fresh tomatoe's"...AAAH!
posted 1-Jun-1998 6:49am  
People that lies when there is no damn need to lie.
posted 1-Jun-1998 7:12am  
My husband not complementing me more, either on my appearance, chores or accomplishments.
posted 1-Jun-1998 11:30am  
lack of personal responsibility. This means everything from suing the ski mountain if you get hurt because of doing something stupid to littering. I also hate that I don't live up to my own standards. Boy that bugs me!
posted 1-Jun-1998 11:57am  
lazy people
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator This user is on the site NOW (4 minutes ago)
posted 16-Jun-1998 8:01pm  
people who park their car in 2 spots (on the line) in a parking lot.
posted 18-Jun-1998 6:51am  
i don't know if its my biggest, but it really irks me when someone with 25 items is in front of me in the 10 item or less lane at the grocery store...i'll usually make snide comments the entire wait

**** bill - ooo, yeah that really annoys me too....

posted 13-Aug-1998 4:47pm  
Drivers who don't stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk even though it says STATE LAW on big signs nearby.
posted 13-Aug-1998 5:07pm  
this is a toughie. I would say stupidity (or what I perceive to be stupidity) in general. I define stupidity as willful ignorance or basically refusing to register or process information given **since someone hit it earlier, ANYONE who says 'get a life' then can't give you anything even resembling a coherent answer when asked what a life is.
posted 30-May-2006 10:02pm  
People who snap their gum.
posted 10-Jul-2006 5:41pm  
when someone use a fork to scoop out butter or leave crumbs, jelly or any thing behind in the butter

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