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single18-Jun-2006opinioncB by votes50754.3%


Do you believe your Federal Government is keeping the cure for AIDS tightly secured from the public for economic or resource reasons?

5I don't know
3I don't care

posted 19-Jun-2006 5:36pm  

I'll edit with reasons later.
posted 19-Jun-2006 5:44pm  
No, don't care anyhoo.
posted 19-Jun-2006 6:05pm  
Not everyone has a federal government.
(reply to cerealkiller) posted 19-Jun-2006 6:09pm  
> No, don't care anyhoo.

That's the spirit! Don't care about a disease that kills millions and millions of people a year.
(reply to icurok) posted 19-Jun-2006 6:10pm  
> Not everyone has a federal government.

Do you think any Government, yours, mine, his, hers, anyones in particular, is hiding the cure to AIDS? Or just because there is faulty wording in the survey you won't voice your opinion?

(reply to cB) posted 19-Jun-2006 6:24pm  
OK, what makes you think that the owner of the cure for AIDS would be a sovereign government? Wouldn't it be far more likely that a multinational pharmaceutical company would have developed a cure (if it existed) and be holding it back for whatever reason?
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 19-Jun-2006 6:31pm  
No, I really don't, if for no other reason than I doubt that they could keep that kind of secret secure.
(reply to icurok) posted 19-Jun-2006 6:33pm  
What makes you think that Pharmaceutical companies don't work hand in hand with each other?
posted 19-Jun-2006 6:39pm  
I don't know. I read in Time magazine some time a go ( or did I see it on 60 minutes )where a guy (A doctor I think) was giving people with cancer snake oil. The cancer victims clamed it was curing or keeping them in remission. The US government stopped him from treating his patients with the snake oil because it was not FDA approved. So yes I'd say it's possible.
posted 19-Jun-2006 6:42pm  
Gawd no.. Am I being Naive?? Why would ANYONE do this, let alone a country that glorifies themselves as the most civilized around?? This is absurd.. do not toy with my mind.....
(reply to gsummers) posted 19-Jun-2006 6:49pm  
> Gawd no.. Am I being Naive?? Why would ANYONE do this, let alone a country that glorifies themselves
> as the most civilized around?? This is absurd.. do not toy with my mind.....

Yes, you're being naive.
(reply to cB) posted 19-Jun-2006 7:00pm  
then educate me - is your government really that fudgeed up? i mean i knew they were scoundrels but to that extent??? c mon!! god i have never been so proud to be a canadian before>>> well i have but this may take the cake>> tell me when i can say officially that america sucks say the word if you dont think i am being naive and that you are not holding out a cure for hiv then i will not say that you suck but if you are then fudge your country sucks the big wang sorry by commas and periods are not working>>>>> does anyone know how to fix this computer problem?
(reply to cB) posted 19-Jun-2006 7:13pm  
I have my own life to worry about. Why should I worry about diseases of other people? Or cancer, hunger, world peace? Does any of that affect me directly? No.

I'm not a humanitarian. Humans mean little to me. I would do something to help cat diseases before human diseases.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 19-Jun-2006 7:19pm  
Not even a little.
posted 19-Jun-2006 7:29pm  
The Federal Government could care less if millions of people die from aids, they do not care about nobody let them all die
posted 19-Jun-2006 10:11pm  
No, the pharmaceutical companies are.
posted 19-Jun-2006 10:34pm  
Yes, I do. Same with cure for cancer.
posted 19-Jun-2006 10:47pm  
No. They have this backwards: I believe that the pharmaceutical companies are keeping the Federal Government in the dark. As long as they give billions of dollars a year to help the government with campaign money, and other incentives, the Federal Government pretty much lets the FDA do whatever they want.

Think about it people: WE LANDED MEN ON THE MOON IN 1969!!!! AND WE CAN'T CURE A DISEASE IN 2006?! HOW CONVENIENT. Do you think the greedy pigs we call "BIG PHARMA" wants people to be cured? They'd go out of business! Instead, they'd rather make a medicine that allows people die SLOWLY of they get 20 to 30 years of profits out of their pocket before they finally kick the bucket. COME ON, FOLKS. Is it not so obvious?
(reply to RGirl) posted 19-Jun-2006 10:51pm  
> No, the pharmaceutical companies are.

laughing out loud That is exactly what my son said.
posted 20-Jun-2006 2:47am  
I don't care, which sounds evil.
posted 20-Jun-2006 2:57am  
No, because that would imply that they would want to spend the money to 1) cure ti and 2) keep the cure under lock & key and hidden from everyone, incluidng government oversight groups (hey, secrecy ain't cheap).

Though I bet if some Right Wing icon like Sean Hannity were to contract it, we'd be seeing more money being thrown at the disease than Paris Hilton could wrap her ugly head around.

So who wants to jab Sean with the needle? (j/k). >smile
posted 20-Jun-2006 7:07am  
No. That is absurd.
posted 20-Jun-2006 7:52am  
I believe my Federal Government is incapable of pulling something like that off.
posted 20-Jun-2006 10:00am  
FOLKS: Were you aware that about a year ago, the FDA was in the American court system trying to win a battle that would take your basic vitamins, minerals, and other health foods of the store shelves? This is a fact, and can be researched! They wanted to do this, because they don't like the idea of people trying to look after themselves or cure their own ailments, however small those ailments might be. I mean, seriously....VITAMINS?!?! (vitamins can also be found in food. Will they make food illegal too?).

While they were simultaneously in this battle.....drug companies were trying to create PRESCRIPTION-based vitamins and minerals, so that you have to go see a doctor, and PAY MONEY to get them.

I just want to say that things like this will continue to happen, for as long as American citizens bury their head in the sand and convince themselves that no company would ever be greedy enough to keep a cure from people, and not dare to reassess how despicably corrupt and greedy a person or group of people can truly be to want to keep health foods from our reach, so they can make us PAY EXTRA for them by going to the doctor first and getting a prescription!

I won't waste my energy for this point anymore, here.
posted 20-Jun-2006 10:04am big as aids is when a cure is found and safe, then it will be marketed
posted 20-Jun-2006 10:19am  
It's not about "FINDING" the cure. They already "FOUND" a way to slow the spread of AIDS so that people can live up 20 to 30 years longer and pay out of their @ass to the drug companies.

Since they FOUND a way to slow something down dramatically, they can easily go further and make it so SLOW-SPREADING that we would die of old age before dying of aids. Think about that one. How is it they can keep you alive much longer, but just not long enough? Why not make an AIDS drug more powerful, to keep you ALIVE for 50 or 60 years, instead of 30 or 40? Essentially, that would be defined as a "CURE", since you'll die of something else long before dying of Aids. I'm sure they can beef up their current drugs to add more years to your life, right?

It's not about FINDING a cure. They simply don't WANT to manufacture it. They have no secret cure, because they won't even fund money to MAKE one. All that money that people pay to FUND a goes to the drug companies to continue to make SLOW-TO-DIE "cures" instead.
posted 20-Jun-2006 10:39am  
The government also wanted to take the Nutritional Facts labels off of food. I don't remember the whole story, I remember talking to HeyZeus about it, maybe he remembers.

I think it's odd to consider the Government and Pharmaceutical Companies as different entities. The same people, run the same crap, every day. We have "Government Officials" as the leaders of these Pharmaceuticals. It's like saying, "Governments and Oil Comapnies have nothing in common, and don't have anything to do with each other."
(reply to gazelda1) posted 20-Jun-2006 10:59am  
In case you haven't noticed......there is nothing "SAFE" about our current medical solutions. The side effects from the prescription drugs can kill us just as quickly as the diseases they are meant to treat. You see the FDA constantly going back and forth, bumbling around, saying something is "SAFE one month, and then "UNSAFE" the next month. How currently educated are those old, world-war-II era farts on the FDA panel, if they can't give you a straight answer or assessment from the first time? I wonder if any of them have even spend ONE DAY in a white lab coat, living the life of a medical laboratory technician? No. they are just paid to sit there and tell the public what the government tells them to say to serve the current situation, which changes with the weather.
(reply to cB) posted 20-Jun-2006 11:03am  
You're DEAD-ON about that one, Circ! There is ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE between Government and Pharma. It's one, big, money-sucking beast, where politics is the right hand, and Pharma is the left.
posted 20-Jun-2006 12:07pm  
I once read a short clip in a "rag" that said the military perfected the AIDS virus. If that is the case, it sickens me. BUT, with peoples poor behavior I believe it is self induced. I saw a piece on TV recently about young girls in Africa, and their poor behavior, the girls came down with AIDS. Very discouraging. Not unlike many in the US. Unfortunately, because of blood transfusions, many innocently contract the dreaded disease. I wouldn't put it past any government to keep cures from the public. I feel Medicare is but another way of keeping control of the elderly, of who is going to live or die. About a couple years ago, I was forced into taking Medicare. Since then we get less for our money. We have to pay for a supplemental plan, which was our former insurance, and it payed well...before we were forced on Medicare. We pay almost $200 more a month for Medicare, and for what....less care?.
posted 20-Jun-2006 2:40pm  
We are already at a population problem. Imagine our population without AIDS or even cancer? We'd be in severe trouble with population. I think AIDS is man made and was/is being used to control the population problems that we still have.
posted 20-Jun-2006 3:03pm  
How do I not sound paranoid answering this truthfully?
(reply to FitnessGuy) posted 20-Jun-2006 4:35pm  
k.. since i am studying in the medical field.. learning a ton on nutrition and have taken the time to educate myself, i am stopping there. This is a huge debate. But honestly, I think when it comes to trying to stop major illnesses. I think science is doing the best it can with the finite minds that they were given. But based on my faith.. I think we spend way to much time trying to solve problems on our own, when we should just trust in the one who has the answers. As far as the government goes. I think that if they look across the globe at this problem, it has and will continue to shake them to a point that if a cure were found that they would market it. To each his own on this one though, because in my opinion, imperfect creatures will never be able to create a perfect solution. And something this big.. as long as people exist.. so will gossip.. if this was happening.. eventually someone would spill the beans...k..i am done with this topic...
(reply to gazelda1) posted 20-Jun-2006 5:57pm  
> think we spend way to much time trying to solve problems on our own,
> when we should just trust in the one who has the answers.

Ahhhh.....I agree with you there, on that one. But not everyone on this survey site believes in "THE ONE." We have to look at this problem from the perspective of everyone, even atheists. (I, personally, DO believe in a HIGHER POWER, but we have to fair, speak on the behalf of everyone).

I am glad you are studying medicine. I went to Temple University (in Philadelphia, PA), and studied 5 years in medicine and nutrition, and am certified in 3 different associates degrees concerning exercise and personal training, including specialized program designs for prenatal and postpartum situations, stroke and heart attack victim rehabilitation, physical and occupational therapy, and a host of other situation-specific implementations.

It is true that my thoughts are mere opinions, and are not any better or worse off than anyone else. The fact simply is, that many people will draw many different conclusions, but that is precisely why we have a SURVEY WEBSITE, along with COMMENT options. So that people like me and you can in fact...."GOSSIP".....about it. :)

But, in terms of the GREED of pharmaceutical companies, not just in USA, but in every major industrialized country.....that is a FACT......and once you get a job as a doctor, nurse, therapist, or what have you, and are slapped and hand-tied by countless limitations, sanctions, restrictions, and many other absurd conditions placed on medical professionals for the purpose of reaping maximum profits for "big pharma"........AND......have witnessed how countless of helpless, elderly, or sick and dying people are tossed by the wayside in the name of company efficiency and productivity, you'll understand how money can make human beings turn a well-intended field into a hideous, ugly beast.

I only pray that people like you, who truly still have that fire to be in a medical profession because they LOVE people, they want to CHANGE and IMPROVE their lives, do not vanish.

People like you and me NEED to think on our own. Because, if you DO believe in a GOD....then that GOD teaches us that the power of just ONE MORTAL can change the world!

(reply to FitnessGuy) posted 20-Jun-2006 10:58pm  
just something that you can look into driving your passion twards. My husband already runs an OR in the worst part of Cleveland. He came across this at a point of grace concert that we went to and is in the process of signing up to take a couple weeks helping on one of the ships.
(reply to gazelda1) posted 21-Jun-2006 7:23am  
WOW....what a great idea! I noticed how there are no active ports or locations associated with the USA? Maybe I missed a few details as I skimmed over it.

But, anyhow, these are precisely the kind of mission ideas that truly make a difference in people's lives and make an impact in the world. I might consider something like that myself.

I also took note that based on the waters where some of these ships will be sailing, the medical professionals on these vessels are also putting themselves at considerable risk of acts of pirates and terrorists at sea, in light of recent events in those parts of the world.

Anyway, thanks. I'm going to look into it. :) I appreciate it.
posted 21-Jun-2006 2:00pm  
Not much of a chance that my Federal Government has the AIDS cure squirreled away unless someone gave it to them. We Canadians can't keep a secret you know, if we had it everyone would know.
(reply to gazelda1) posted 22-Jun-2006 12:00pm  
I respect you gazelda, I believe that many christians feel 'called' to do a bit of good in the world.
posted 23-Jun-2006 7:11am  
There's a cure for AID's.. am I missing something?
posted 23-Jun-2006 9:16am  
That doesn't sound the least bit paranoid.
posted 25-Jun-2006 9:58am  
I don't know, they could be but I doubt it.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 29-Jun-2006 7:17pm  
Um, no.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 29-Jun-2006 7:19pm  
*holding my breath*

Because if I don't, this could get nasty.
(reply to Biggles) posted 29-Jun-2006 11:20pm  
Don't what?
(reply to Biggles) posted 30-Jun-2006 1:23pm  

Unless it's because of you have bad breath, which in that case, yes, keep holding it.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to RGirl) posted 30-Jun-2006 2:35pm  
If I don't pretend that I didn't read a lot of the above comments, I shall jump right in and get cross with certain people wink There does seem to be quite a lot of nonsense on this page!
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to cB) posted 30-Jun-2006 2:43pm  
My previous comment wasn't directed at you or anything you've written on this page smile While I think it's unlikely that anyone is sitting on a cure for AIDS, it isn't impossible, so I'm not going to get worked up over assertions to the contrary. There were a few other statements (not yours) that riled me momentarily, but I'm over it now smile

Oh, I've just realised who you are - I missed your name change! How are you doing?
(reply to Biggles) posted 30-Jun-2006 3:32pm  
Yeah, I know you weren't directing that at me. I just felt like starting a fight! :)

I'm doing well, and yes, I am the one and only CircusBoy86. Good to be back! Although, I got to get my sister more active again (moonstone) and heyzeus and such.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to cB) posted 30-Jun-2006 3:40pm  
Have justjulie and heyzeus moved now? I emailed julie a while back about sending her something (finally, I know!) and she said to wait until she'd moved. It would be good to get them back here smile Have you been gone a while? I've been so out of touch with the world of SC for about a year myself.
posted 24-Jul-2006 11:28am  
NO! And anyone who says that we are I think of as a moron.
(reply to docgbrown) posted 24-Jul-2006 11:47am  
Why's that? Can you prove otherwise?
(reply to cB) posted 24-Jul-2006 12:30pm  
My experience in government, healthcare, education and research.
(reply to docgbrown) posted 24-Jul-2006 4:12pm  
Which is what? You've done nothing to explain your case.
posted 1-Aug-2006 3:26am  
Reasons I do not think any government is hiding the cure for aids or cancer from us:

1 Humans have been scientifically proven to be very lousy at keeping secrets. A cure for AIDS would be too big to keep secret for long
2 Research on AIDS is too well funded and worked on by too broad a scope of researchers around the world to attempt to misdirect or stop research on it
3 Progress on the research of AIDS are published in many magazines every month in many languages around the world that are not under centralized control
4 My education, training and work in medicine has caused me to believe that no healthcare provider worth their oath would withhold a treatment protocol, procedure or medicine that could save millions of lives and net them world wide accolades. Just think of the fame, fortune and legacy the discoverer of a major cure may reasonably expect to receive and then imagine that researcher being told they can't publish their crowning work. Something this important cannot and is not being repressed
5 We have already found a family of prostitutes that have a natural resistance to AIDS in Africa. The whole scientific world is watching the study of this family to discern their secret to genetic resistance. If the whacko were right (in AIDS cure suppression), these prostitutes would already be dead from their evil, government-paid hitmen
6 Knowledge gleaned thus far from trying to understand and combat AIDS have already helped us greatly to understand many aspects outside of AIDS like evolution, viruses and DNA that have opened doors to further understanding, treatments and medications. These same medications, developed from knowledge acquired during AIDS research, that would not have been allowed to be brought to market under conspiracy theorists hypothesizes
7 I currently have a U.S. government security clearance and have worked for the government doing heath care and research. We hide only the details, the rest you can get off the net, and I don't mean that of crazy blogs added to by conspiracy nuts
8 I have read the posts of the proponents of those that believe that the cure for AIDS is already known and just kept secret. These posts have done nothing from dissuading my opinion of this topic and have solidified my first statement on this topic when asked if I thought that the cure for AIDS was being tightly hidden from the public by our Federal government; "NO! And anyone who says that we are I think of as a moron."

Due to the aforementioned reasons my opinion stands as it has for twenty years and it won't be altered from some mean spirited, uninspired hated-filled replies instantly added to this site. It is my opinion and NOT my "case" or "proof" as this is an opinion site that utilizes surveys with room for clarification and discussion. As such the comments I have posted are that of my opinion and I attempt not to "prove" anything to know one on this survey site but merely serve to supply some clarification. As for this topic I'm done.

P.S. There is a reason that 'Doc' is a part of my name here
posted 6-Aug-2006 1:18pm  
seriously, out of all the people in the world and all of the advances in technology these days, it's crazy to think that no one has come up with a cure. i think they may keep it secret to control the homosexual population. just a thought though
posted 18-Sep-2006 3:51pm  
No. This belief is a trendy one of late, and, I may add, one which impressionable people feed right into.
posted 21-Sep-2006 3:01pm  
No, I don't think so. If anything else, the pharmaceutical companies could make far too much money out of it to keep it secret.

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