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single20-Jul-2004lawTrinityAnn2 unsorted591357.4%


Do you believe celebrities get off too easily in criminal trials and charges?

This can include celebrities from anywhere in the world. Celebrities can include millionaires, singers, actor/actresses, authors, etc.

6I Don't Know
3I Don't Care

posted 21-Jul-2004 4:39pm  
maybe because of their money, but yeah
posted 21-Jul-2004 4:51pm  
Didn't I just answer this?
posted 21-Jul-2004 5:33pm  
yes, of course they do. Look at OJ and now Martha Stewart. They can afford jury selection consultants, dream team lawyers and the average "Joe" or "Jane" usually has to make do with a public defender.
posted 21-Jul-2004 6:12pm  
Yes, I'm inclined to believe that they do.
posted 21-Jul-2004 6:51pm  
no, not nessasarly.

They got off about as easy as any other rich person would, same as rich ceo's working behind doors, nobody knows about. Celebs dont get off because they're famous, they get off because they're rich. And their fame actually hinders their chance of getting off, because of societies notion of celebs getting off easy, thus jurors actually get even more harsh.

The thing about putting celebs on trial is that chance of the verdict being wrong is very high, going both ways, and I have no respect for the system in that areana. For instance, the chance of an innocent celeb being convicted is very high, as well as a guilty one getting off. Its all randomness and chaos.
posted 21-Jul-2004 7:24pm  
I neither know nor care!
ElvisFan67 Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 21-Jul-2004 8:47pm  
Oh, yeah--they "buy" their way out. wry smile
posted 21-Jul-2004 9:28pm  
posted 21-Jul-2004 10:16pm  
O.J.Simpson certainly did!
(reply to Iseult) posted 21-Jul-2004 10:18pm  
laughing out loud Great minds and all that!
posted 21-Jul-2004 11:30pm  
no because Martha Stewart should have been let off easier. Why should she be in jail? Is she a danger to society? I think not. Why should we pay taxes for her to sit in jail when she could be doing things to help the community instead?
posted 21-Jul-2004 11:31pm  
Although OJ did.
(reply to ASB) posted 22-Jul-2004 1:42am  
I agree with you about Martha Stewart.
they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 22-Jul-2004 4:36am  
(reply to ASB) posted 22-Jul-2004 5:33am  
She actually might have her celebrity status working against her.
The masses like to see squeaky clean people getting dragged through the mud.
It's sad really, yeah, put her to working making gormet soup for the homeless.
(reply to Iseult) posted 22-Jul-2004 8:10am  
(reply to LuridHope) posted 22-Jul-2004 8:12am  
She could be doing something productive, instead our tax dollars are being wasted to prosocute and jail her. She could teach poor people how to stretch a buck.
posted 22-Jul-2004 10:37am  
Yes I do.
posted 25-Jul-2004 11:03am  
I totally think celeberties get off too easily and its fu*&ed up
posted 27-Jul-2004 6:40pm  
Yes and no. I think celebrity always counts, sometimes to their advantage, sometimes not. Some people give them the benefit of the doubt, others easily believe the very worst with no basis. Generally celebrities can afford really good lawyers, investigators, etc. which helps anybody who can afford the "extras". OTOH, some crimes become a big public bullabloo merely because it is a celebrity involved. For example, Peewee Herman showed bad judgement and broke the law, but if Joe Blow had done the same it almost certainly would have been handled very quietly and pleaded down to something insignificant and forgotten long ago.
posted 30-Jul-2004 7:39pm  
YES, unfortunately!
posted 31-Jul-2004 10:22pm  
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 7-Aug-2004 4:09pm  
Sometimes. In fact, more often than not. But I think Martha Stewart got more than she would have if she hadn't been a celebrity, especially one people feel so ambivalent about.
posted 16-Aug-2004 1:21pm  
Yes, sometimes.
posted 23-Aug-2004 5:59pm  
It's the golden rule: "Those who have the gold, make the rules."
posted 8-Sep-2004 1:17pm  
Yes, money seems to be the key to going free!
posted 25-May-2007 2:18am  
Yes, absolutely. Look at the recent Paris Hilton case. Instead of getting her probation violated and being given some real jail time as would happen to a non-celebrity, she gets only 45 days in jail. If that wasn't bad enough, the jail reduced it down to 23 days for good behavior because she showed up in court on time. She was rewarded for doing what she was supposed to do. Makes me want to scream!
posted 6-Feb-2014 5:37pm  
Yes they get off easy because they have big money to pay their legal fees

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