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single18-Feb-2013personal habitsBiggles Bronze Star Survey Creator Survey Qualifier by votes31161.7%


Where in your bed do you usually sleep?

Left and right being in relation to your position when laying in bed, rather than when facing it.

14I have a double (or larger) bed and sleep on the right.
10I have a double (or larger) bed and sleep on the left.
2I have a double (or larger) bed and sleep in the middle.
2My position varies too much to answer this question.
0I have a single bed and sleep on the left.
0I have a single bed and sleep on the right.
0I have a single bed and sleep in the middle.

they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 18-Feb-2013 6:44pm  
King size mattress.
On my back: left.
On my stomach: right.
cerealkiller Survey Qualifier
posted 18-Feb-2013 6:46pm  
I sleep on the left, cats on the right.
RainingFeathers Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 18-Feb-2013 6:56pm  
I have a double bed. I chose 'sleep on the right' because that's where I start each night. I move around a ton when I'm sleeping though. I might wake up on the right (though it's doubtful I stayed there all night), or I may wake up on the left, in the middle, sprawled out over the whole bed, or hanging half off the bed!
posted 18-Feb-2013 10:19pm  
Other: I don't have a "left" or "right" as I sleep on a very narrow futon on the floor. It is not as wide as a twin bed. But I can still turn to either side or on my back okay.
paulyw Silver Star Survey Creator
posted 18-Feb-2013 11:14pm  
I sleep on a queen sized waterbed and I usually sleep in the middle.
posted 19-Feb-2013 2:22am  
I sleep in a single bed. I turn from side to side, plus on my back.
posted 19-Feb-2013 4:33am  
Well let's see, if I were sleeping on my right side, left of me would be the ceiling. If I were sleeping face down, that would be to my right.

Generally I do at least begin sleeping on my back though, so I'll say the left.
At my last home I slept on the right; It depends on the location of the bed.
posted 19-Feb-2013 5:58am  
I always sleep on the right side, my SO has the left side.
posted 19-Feb-2013 8:09am  
I sleep alone in a double bed and sleep on the right hand side. Only because this is the side furthest from the window, which I think is my deciding factor.
posted 19-Feb-2013 9:49am  
I have a king-size bed and sleep on the right, since the left side is covered with books, DVDs, my CPAP machine, etc.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 19-Feb-2013 11:02am  
Queen, left.
JessicaWoman99 Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 19-Feb-2013 3:42pm  
My position varies it is left and right then middle then across the bed and hanging off the bed and I have a double bed
JessicaWoman99 Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to LJD) posted 19-Feb-2013 3:43pm  
Single beds they are so tiny I do not know how you do it without falling on the floor?
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator Survey Qualifier
posted 19-Feb-2013 5:13pm  
I have a kingsize bed, but I sleep at the far right edge. I've always been an edge sleeper - I like to have my face as close to the edge as possible, if not overhanging it. I usually have my knees and arms right at the edge as well. Somehow, I feel more comfortable like that. In the seven months I've been here, I've never laid on the left side of the bed at all, and I've barely encroached on the middle.
(reply to JessicaWoman99) posted 19-Feb-2013 6:10pm  
LOL. It's a day bed up against the wall, with white/brass rod iron side, and ends. It's a twin bed mattress. I really like it I've never fallen from it yet. I'd much rather have a nice full sized bed, but I have my computer set up on an "L" shape desk in my room... It takes up a lot of room.
(reply to Biggles) posted 20-Feb-2013 3:45am  
This whole survey has had me wondering what you are getting at, as to what underlying presumptions it was making.

Factors involved may include:
Where a body prefers to lie, relative only to a bed itself.
Location of mate or pets sharing a bed.
Proximity to door, closet, dresser, or computer desk.
Orientation in respect to a wall or sunlight.
View of a television.
Bed used concurrently as laundry, book, or project storage.

I'm guessing in your case that neither side is against a wall, and that the side you chose is most convenient relative to getting dressed. For many people several other factors are involved as well, and thus little is to be gleaned from survey results without accounting for these factors (which is ok).

In my case, I'd sleep in the middle, except that one side is storage for excess pillows, and so I choose the convenient access side which also has the best TV view.
At my last home the opposite side was chosen for the window view which also had the safety of being a wall, even though I had to climb over my active-project and pillow storage to get there.
they Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to Biggles) posted 21-Feb-2013 12:15am  
I'm an edge sleeper too.

Another weird sleeping habit of mine: I'm far more comfortable fully making the bed up with a fitted and flat sheet and a comforter or quilt and then just sleeping on top of it with a throw blanket instead of getting under the blankets and sheets.
posted 3-Mar-2013 12:19pm  
Well, I sleep on a queen bed on the left side, close to the edge. Two weeks ago, I slept on the right side. The reason is I moved the bed to the other side of the room. I sleep on the edge because there is less chance of getting tangled up in blankets, or trapped. Once I was trapped under blankets sharing a large bed with two other people and I thought I was going to die I couldn't get out. When I slpet in the same bed with my SO, I took the spot she didn't want, so it looks like I prefer the side nearest the door.
(reply to they) posted 3-Mar-2013 12:23pm  
Me too! Although I do get under the blankets and sheet, I'd much prefer a sleeping bag on top of the bed. And the edge as close without hanging over.
they Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to cloudhugger) posted 3-Mar-2013 1:34pm  
We even sleep the same way!!
posted 3-Mar-2013 9:00pm  
Double bed, left side when I am single occupant. I am a restless sleeper, changing position a lot; but somehow I manage to stay on the left side.
(reply to they) posted 7-Mar-2013 10:38am  
posted 21-Apr-2013 11:42am  
On the right mostly.

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