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The most beautiful woman I've ever seen is...


posted 29-Sep-2002 8:35pm  
...pretty darned attractive?
posted 29-Sep-2002 8:35pm  
Halle Berry
posted 29-Sep-2002 8:49pm  
my mom
posted 29-Sep-2002 8:54pm  
I've always found Audrey Hepburn to be beautiful.
posted 29-Sep-2002 9:18pm  
...mandy! I'm warning you people, look into those eyes and you'll be swept away. smiley:::smile
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 29-Sep-2002 9:48pm  
i would have to say, my partner, beth. then i also have to say that the answer could be different depending on the situation..... i am a personality person so if i meet a woman who is beautiful but then talk to her and she is not pleasant or is mean that is a complete turn off...... so i can't say someone is beautiful by just looking at them. i would have to meet and have a conversation with them.
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to SueBee) posted 29-Sep-2002 9:48pm  
good for you sue!!!!
posted 29-Sep-2002 9:51pm  
Aggggh. There are SO many beautiful women. There is no way I could pick just one I don't think. There is one very popular film star who is part black, part white, but I cannot at this moment recall her name -- she would be one choice...
posted 29-Sep-2002 10:18pm  
Paola Rey. I adore every fibre of her being smiley:::smile If I wanted to look like anyone else besides me, I would pick Pao.
posted 29-Sep-2002 10:20pm  
(reply to SueBee) posted 29-Sep-2002 10:21pm  
laughing out loud
We agree! smiley:::raspberry
posted 29-Sep-2002 10:32pm  
Well who else than myself (hey, that rhymes). I just need to turn my head left and there's a mirro - voila, I seem myself.

Well, aside for my self-obsessed self, I think that one of the most beautiful women is Uma Thruman. I just saw the avengers and she was so pretty.
posted 29-Sep-2002 10:38pm  
All women are beautiful.
posted 29-Sep-2002 10:56pm  
Is a Total Snob!
(reply to juliw) posted 29-Sep-2002 11:18pm  
I've always thought Halle Berry was a very beautiful woman. I don't care what color she is, (she seems to only accept her "black" side though).
I've found that people of mixed race (mulattos, is that a racist term?) tend to be prettier and more beautiful than someone who is just white, just black, just Indian, just Puerto Rican, etc.
For instance, Jennifer Lopez, Halle Barry, the woman who plays T'Pol on Enterprise, Tiger Woods, Paula Abdul, Kelly from American Idol, Lucy Liu etc.

Speaking of mixed races, I've seen pictures of Michael Jackson's kids and there's no way those kids have a drop of black blood in them. They're too white. Does anyone agree?
posted 30-Sep-2002 12:10am  
Paula Crow.

Man, that would be interesting if she was a SC user and saw this. But she doesn't even know who I am. it's easily figured out, though, I guess.
(reply to Glassa) posted 30-Sep-2002 1:38am  
Take a look at Michael Jackson when he was younger (pre 1980's). He is quite black. He has had his skin bleached numerous times and supposedly also has a condition called vigatilo (spelling?) which causes loss of pigment on a person's skin. It's more common among people with darker skin such as black people. Also, the mother of his kids is white. Their mother's name is Debbie Roe and she and Michael have 3 children together...2 boys and a girl.
posted 30-Sep-2002 1:39am  
Elizabeth Taylor...those eyes!
posted 30-Sep-2002 1:59am  
Hmm, tough one. You mean in person or just anyone in a photo, tv, movie? I'll have to read other comments before answering this one.
(reply to spidertea) posted 30-Sep-2002 2:14am  
I don't think so. All women are not beautiful just as all men are not handsome. Strange, I find it easier to pick out who I would call a handsome male than picking females. Men I would say are attractive are Richard Gere, Tom Cruise, Robert Redford when younger to name a few.

Women, gee, Halle Berry is good but not the best. As are Salma Hayek, Paula Ford, dang, I can picture their faces but the names I'm drawing a blank. Oh well.
posted 30-Sep-2002 5:06am  
They are all beautiful. The soul manifests as form though. Suffering plastic doesn't cut it unless you can even see past the diversity of soul archetypes.
posted 30-Sep-2002 5:21am  
A Lesbian.
posted 30-Sep-2002 5:23am  
just my crapy luck.
posted 30-Sep-2002 6:28am  
Difficult question. Many are those that I've seen in various contexts. Like Michelle Pfieffer doing the piano routine in The Fabulous Baker Boys. Or that girl who was in The Fifth Element. But you see them in other stuff and whilst they may still be beautiful they don't hold the title for 'The Most....'.
I register my vote for Michelle Pfeiffer.
posted 30-Sep-2002 7:32am  
is my best friend, who is a user here at sc, i think she is the most beautiful woman ever, for she carries herself in a way that is admirable and the whole air about her is just beautiful and by FAR she is all the way
posted 30-Sep-2002 8:02am  
How to pick? So many good candidates!
(reply to Glassa) posted 30-Sep-2002 8:05am  
There are tons of beautiful mulatto women. Rashida Jones, who's on Boston Public (and happens to be my twelfth cousin) is just lovely.
posted 30-Sep-2002 9:15am  
Toss up between Catherine Zeta Jones and Angelina Jolie - in terms of widely recognised names. She's not very well known but there is a model called Adrianna Giotta - she truly is stunning.
posted 30-Sep-2002 9:17am  
Hard to say.
I don't like beautiful like perfect body and face etc...I'm more for cute and pretty.That goes for men too.

(reply to Dino) posted 30-Sep-2002 9:19am  
She is pretty good.A real blonde,pale and sweet instead of all these super-tanned dyed blondes you see around.
(reply to Iseult) posted 30-Sep-2002 9:23am  
What's so good about you?
Are you really beautiful?
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator This user is on the site NOW (22 seconds ago)
posted 30-Sep-2002 10:24am  
A lass from my sixth-form - Naomi.
posted 30-Sep-2002 11:18am  
Anna Kournikova
(reply to dora) posted 30-Sep-2002 11:51am  
I know I'm not ugly, but everyone tastes are different. I am 6'1, I am slim, I am fit. I have nice face with nice nose, fine eyes, and beautifull mouth. Just now, when I was coming back home, some guy in subway started talking to me, telling me how pretty I am, and asking me for my phone number and name. I get that all the time. Of course, I didn't give anything to him (and I gave him fake name as usual, Sheila). He was like thirty.
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 30-Sep-2002 12:26pm  
the Mona Lisa? nah. My friend Robin at her wedding last weekend? possibly
posted 30-Sep-2002 12:41pm  
Married to someone else. Such is life, I suppose.
(reply to Iseult) posted 30-Sep-2002 12:45pm  
I'm not saying you're ugly.From the description you looked very pretty,tough too tall maybe for my ideal woman (not that I really have one,but...)
Also,they ask for my number too (they used to,now I hardly leave home or maybe I look uglier than before don't know...),I guess that if you aren't totally obnoxious they do.You're right to say you're beautiful if you think you are,but it does sound a little bit odd...maybe you really are,and maybe sounds odd to me because I'm not.I would need better teeth,some inches more,a pound or two more,and maybe green or blue eyes smiley:::wink.
With that I would raise to beautiful status,right now I'm just not too unpleasant,if we talk about magnetism or sex appeal or simple charm then it's a different story.

posted 30-Sep-2002 3:47pm

(No, not my SO, not now or ever in the past. Just one of my friends who I've always considered to be the most beautiful woman I've ever known)
posted 30-Sep-2002 4:11pm  
Natalie Portman
(reply to bandit1cat) posted 30-Sep-2002 4:16pm  
Beauty is more than physical attractiveness.
(reply to spidertea) posted 30-Sep-2002 4:53pm  
Maybe, but the survey says ".... I've ever seen", which would indicate visual beauty.
(reply to dora) posted 30-Sep-2002 4:54pm  
Brown eyes are lovely!
(reply to confetti) posted 30-Sep-2002 5:20pm  
Yes,I like my eyes,but green eyes are one of my weakness.On boys especially.Every color of eyes or hair can be beautiful-if the person has some soul.smiley:::smile
(reply to bandit1cat) posted 30-Sep-2002 5:20pm  
So, it does. But I can "see" when someone does something compassionate or courageous- which to me is beautiful.
(reply to bandit1cat) posted 30-Sep-2002 5:26pm  
But there's some kind of beauty,which is related to attractiveness,but not to body features in themselves.

(reply to Glassa) posted 30-Sep-2002 5:27pm  
I agree with you that biracial people such as the ones you mentioned are better looking. I don't remember seeing pictures of Michael Jackson's kids. He is a freak.
(reply to spidertea) posted 30-Sep-2002 5:36pm  
I don't disagree with either of you. I'm just saying that the survey basically asks for visual beauty.

To open up a another can of worms with you, I don't see that all women or men have "beauty" in any form. As you've probably read from my past posts, I've found th majority of women I've known, observed, loved, hated, etc. to be emotional lunatics, devoid of inner beauty. After getting beyond the body, hair, face, etc. there was no one home. Okay, my problem too, but I have a bias as in the 'prejudice/bias' survey against ugly, non-descript or fat people. I could never get past finding them disagreeable to look at to get to the inner beauty. Worse yet, I have a hard time even considering people from the Middle East as humans. especially the ones wearing their traditional clothing here in the U.S.

Okay, your turn. Tell me I'm terrible. At least I like black people. More than whites a lot of the time. I wasn't brought up that way. My parents tried their hardest to instill a hatred of "niggers" my whole childhood. It didn't take. My mother would be turning over in her grave if she knew that both my sister and I have had sex with black people. Ha.
posted 30-Sep-2002 5:38pm  
Meredith Vieira.
(reply to dora) posted 30-Sep-2002 6:18pm  
I still believe that real beatury lies inside you smiley:::smile

You can look like, let's say, Catherine Denueve and be a crazy maniac who wants to rape everyone. What do you have from that?
(reply to Iseult) posted 30-Sep-2002 6:53pm  
Yes,lies inside you,but you can see it.I mean,you can look in the eyes of a person and see she/he is beautiful,but you have to SEE him/her.
So it's related to appearance,but not to perfect body etc...
(reply to dora) posted 30-Sep-2002 10:57pm  
My eyez R green!My eyez R green!My eyez R green!My eyez R green!My eyez R green!My eyez R green!My eyez R green!My eyez R green!My eyez R green!My eyez R green!My eyez R green!My eyez R green! smiley:::grin
posted 30-Sep-2002 11:44pm  
Ehh... Hard to say. Extremely hard to say. I'd say that generally, I don't meet women whom I consider to be amazing based on looks alone. In terms of attractiveness, there's probably only four categories in my mind (So unattractive that it makes me uncomfortable. 'Not my type'. Might consider dating. And beautiful.), and enough women fit into the highest that I couldn't name them all. Once in the highest, they are all pretty much the same. There is this nice mormon girl I met recently who has a sweet smile, though. That's more important than being beautiful.
(reply to BrightBlue) posted 1-Oct-2002 4:13am  
I agree and it helps shes not a lesbian.
posted 1-Oct-2002 6:16am  
Gong Li, a chinese actress.
(reply to Glassa) posted 1-Oct-2002 6:26am  
I am multiracial, white, black and native american and people never know what I am. That does bother me about Halle Berry that she only accepts one side. As far as Michael Jackson's kids, I know plenty of multiracial people and some look it, some look all of one race. I know this guy who is half black and half white and you would never know, he looks all white. It's all in the genes.
posted 1-Oct-2002 6:40am  
Well, I'm sort of a gal myself, so I don't see them *THAT* way. I don't know. To be honest, alot of the I-Am-Way-Too-Thin-To-Be-Normal-Anorexic type girls don't really appeal to me.
posted 1-Oct-2002 11:26am  
I honestly have no idea...never thought about it before...guess cuz i look at the GUYS...fore i am a
posted 1-Oct-2002 12:48pm  
Marilyn Monroe
(reply to bandit1cat) posted 1-Oct-2002 2:14pm  
Why do you spend time with women who are devoid of inner beauty?
And I won't waste my time discussing your racism against people from the Middle East. Hatred like that is just ignorance, and sometimes people want to be ignorant and spend energy being full of hate.
posted 1-Oct-2002 2:36pm  
gosh...there are so many beautiful woman...I can't answer this off the top of my head.
(reply to spidertea) posted 1-Oct-2002 2:54pm  
Racism isn't automatically ignorance. I've never met a person from the Middle East to date who isn't arrogant, biased because of their religion, thinks they're better than you, etc. I never met anyone other than a white person before I was at least 18. My dislikes for certain races, or types of people is a learned thing. As I stated, my parents tried to instill a hatred of blacks in me that I never accepted.

As for the women, it's been a matter of bad luck I suppose. I do see and talk to females in the grocery store, etc. who I think are "normal" and wish I had married them instead of who I've got.
posted 1-Oct-2002 3:21pm  
Nina Hagen.
posted 1-Oct-2002 6:38pm  
My Mother
(reply to bandit1cat) posted 1-Oct-2002 8:15pm  
Racism is something you can unlearn too. You are not a slave to your upbringing.
posted 1-Oct-2002 9:03pm  
Jennifer Aniston
posted 1-Oct-2002 11:43pm  
obviously, me
(reply to spidertea) posted 2-Oct-2002 1:17pm  
I agree. So far my experiences with Middle Eastern people have the scale heavily weighted towards disliking them. Maybe that will change in the future, maybe not.
posted 2-Oct-2002 2:01pm  
Rose McGowan
posted 2-Oct-2002 5:09pm  
I don't know. Vendela Kirsebom isn't that ugly:

posted 3-Oct-2002 4:58am  
My mother first because she gave me life. Next myself...not to be conceited, but if you can't appreciate your own beauty, how can you truly appreciate anyone else?
(reply to Maarten) posted 3-Oct-2002 5:52pm  
In that picture she is! She looks like the bride of Frankenstein!
(reply to joachim) posted 3-Oct-2002 8:00pm  
In that case I'm Frankenstein!
(reply to Maarten) posted 3-Oct-2002 8:27pm  
smiley:::smile - but seriously, I've seen pictures of you that look better than this one! But I've seen her looking very beautiful elsewhere. Just don't like this pic for some reason.
(reply to joachim) posted 3-Oct-2002 8:49pm  
Ha! smiley:::smile
Okay, I was at work and trying to find a way through the firewall. I know she is prettier than this pic, but still she is kinda cute!
(reply to Maarten) posted 4-Oct-2002 12:00am  
She doesn't look very feminine.Maybe is the photo.
The eyes are quite good anyway.
(reply to dora) posted 4-Oct-2002 2:19am  
Is this one better?

(reply to Maarten) posted 4-Oct-2002 4:46am  
She aint as nice as Kournikova smiley:::wink
(reply to Maarten) posted 4-Oct-2002 10:14am  
Well,not my type,but not ugly.
Still she is very sexy,but doesn't look very sweet.I like women with the sweet look.
(reply to Wicksy) posted 4-Oct-2002 10:56am  
or Britney!
posted 4-Oct-2002 3:32pm  
Fairuza Balk,I like her but I won't say she is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.Her mouth is too big and she has a lot of other flaws,but she is my kind of woman.
Here she is:

When we do a twin survey for men?

posted 4-Oct-2002 3:36pm
Here really she is beautiful!
Being that I'm egocentric looks like I consider beautiful what is like me with a LOT of improvement.
And turquoise eyes. smiley:::wink
(reply to dora) posted 4-Oct-2002 6:54pm  
I hope this doesn't get taken the wrong way, since you seem to have placed yourself on the Fairuza scale, but I think she's ugly, but in a very attractive way. For me beauty and attractiveness aren't exactly the same thing.
(reply to joachim) posted 4-Oct-2002 9:57pm  
I mean me with a LOT of improvement.Sure she isn't a classic beauty,but I like her.
For me either,I don't care for beauty.Beauty is cold,attractivness isn't.
(reply to joachim) posted 4-Oct-2002 9:58pm  
She's better than me.Maybe I'm more beautiful,because my mouth isn't so big...but less attractive surely,because I don't have those eyes...
(reply to joachim) posted 6-Oct-2002 3:44am  
'black azure' doen't seem right to me either. but then I don't think of beauty as cold.
posted 7-Oct-2002 7:37pm  
(reply to Wicksy) posted 8-Oct-2002 7:47am  
Excuse me?
(reply to bond_girl) posted 8-Oct-2002 1:55pm  

Bondgirl is best

Then Anna smiley:::wink
posted 16-Oct-2002 1:30am  
me! Just kidding!!! A girl I went to high school with. I saw her at the mall the other day. She still looks the same.
posted 6-Nov-2002 12:37pm  
Thats a great question it seems as if i see a new one each day
posted 15-Nov-2011 2:07am  
The most BEAUTIFUL woman I've ever seen is Ailyn, Lead vocalist of Sirenia.

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