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single31-Dec-2013healthhablopamos Bronze Star Survey Creator by votes30357.1%


Did you barf in 2013?

In the year just ended, did you do the act known variously as barfing, puking, hurling, booting, doing the liquid laugh, rainbow retching, technicolor yawning, spewing, losing one's lunch, tossing one's tacos, throwing up or just plain vomiting?

13Yes, I threw up in 2013
12No, I didn't throw up in 2013
0I threw up about a year ago but am not sure whether it was 2013 or not

posted 31-Dec-2013 8:03am  
Not yet...
posted 31-Dec-2013 9:56am  
No, it has still been about 12 years. Honestly, I answer these surveys way more often than I vomit.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 31-Dec-2013 10:33am  
No, not as far as I can remember.
posted 31-Dec-2013 11:36am  
Yes I barfed and I puked in 2013 I had one of those moments I was so sickwry smile
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 31-Dec-2013 11:41am  
I did not.
posted 31-Dec-2013 12:15pm  
Yes...because of dehydration
posted 31-Dec-2013 1:51pm  
posted 31-Dec-2013 4:49pm  
No. Must be over 10 years now since I've done that.
posted 31-Dec-2013 9:50pm  
I was on travel orders to NM, and I couldn't eat for 2 days - awful
hablopamos Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 1-Jan-2014 2:36am  
I haven't puked since Ford was president.
posted 1-Jan-2014 8:38am  
No, didn't even come close. Been nauseated for months, but nothing ko-changed out of my vessel.
LindaH Silver Star Survey Creator
posted 1-Jan-2014 7:24pm  
Yes, just once in January. I remembered mentioning it in the 2012 barf survey. The only reason I even remembered was because I thought to mention it.
posted 4-Jan-2014 4:55am  
I had gastro twice in 2013. Nasty.
they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 4-Aug-2015 3:01pm  
Yikes I missed this one and now I'm really thinking hard.

There is a very strong possibility that I did not barf in 2013.

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