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single27-Aug-2015ethics/moralitygambler Silver Star Survey Creator by votes31159.7%


You are at a bar and.............

see a person getting completely drunk (this by their behaviour and the quantity of liquor being consumed) they grab their car keys and proceed to enter a car with the intention of driving (you see this through the window of the bar), what if anything would you do?

Inspired by a Jeff Rossen piece on NBC Today

"Bar" in this context could be any public place where alcohol is served

7Tell the bartender
4Call the police
2Try to stop the person from driving/leaving with their keys
1Depends (explain)

RainingFeathers Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 27-Aug-2015 8:54am  
I'd tell the bartender (or a security person, whoever I saw first)

I wouldn't approach the person - I could put myself in danger.
I also wouldn't call the police unless the bar staff shrugged it off (but they generally wouldn't, as most bar owners/managers take drunk driving quite seriously - they don't want the liability)
posted 27-Aug-2015 11:12am  
It would depend where I was, but I would be concerned, and I might mention it to the barman.
posted 27-Aug-2015 12:13pm  
If there was some easy way for me to intervene, I might even directly talk to the drunk person. Telling the bartender seems easy. The bartender probably already knows what's going on, though. There's a good chance I'd do nothing and then feel bad about it. But yeah, confronting a drunk person that wants to leave seems like it could be trouble... or not, it might depend on other factors. If I was near these people, the chance that I'd do something would go up. I'm less likely to shout or run across the room to intervene. Luckily, this almost never happens to me.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 27-Aug-2015 2:02pm  
I don't know. I guess I might try to get someone I was with to help get them not to drive. I don't know if I'd have the nerve to do it myself.
posted 27-Aug-2015 3:35pm  
I do not go to bars at all
posted 27-Aug-2015 8:30pm  
Call the police, tell the bartender. Perhaps someone in the bar that is not drunk, could take the person home. I'm assuming this is a man.

I think bars, saloons, whatever you want to call them, are dens of iniquity. Nothing good comes from, or out of them.
posted 28-Aug-2015 5:33pm  
Call 911.
posted 28-Aug-2015 6:51pm  
Do my best to get the bartenders attention and let them know. Beyond that, I would more than likely do nothing even though I should do something.
LindaH Silver Star Survey Creator
posted 28-Aug-2015 7:32pm  
Probably tell the bartender. Maybe call the cops. That is if there is enough to go on, like the explanation suggests.
gambler Silver Star Survey Creator
posted 29-Aug-2015 5:36pm  
If it were a woman or someone i feel confident i could physically restrain, i would try and stop them -
posted 1-Sep-2015 11:39am  
This is an unlikely scenario, in that: I tend not to monitor the behaviour of my fellow bar patrons, I very rarely drink in establishments that have windows and when I do I tend to sit as far away from them as possible.

However, under the circumstances described, as much as it pains me, I would feel compelled to make a 911 call. I want to stress that they would have to be completely intoxicated. I wouldn't do this merely because I saw someone have a drink or two.
posted 3-Sep-2015 11:04pm  
Not sure...if they were definitely way over the limit intoxicated then I would try to stop them anyway I could. Better to stop them than they potentially ruin someone's life and there own...not to mention there own families. I would call the a cab and enlist the help of the bartender to back me up. If that didn't work I would call the cops so he could go dry out. Maybe I wouldn't be the most popular guy with after that (if he even remembers), but hey i might have saved his life And the lives of others too...definitely worth making a stand for...

Also, in the less extreme scenario he may have gotten pulled over by the police, and end up with a revoked license, impounded car, criminal record, and 5-15K in legal fees. Not to mention the stress and embarrassment. Your job (and maybe even wife/husband) might ditch after something like that. Honestly, that drunk person should kissing mi culo after the ordeal I just saved him or her.
posted 10-Mar-2016 2:04pm  
Call 911
posted 11-Mar-2016 7:25am  
Buy 'em another beer, get their phone, install Uber, and get a car coming.
ElvisFan67 Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 8-Apr-2016 12:14am  
Pray for him.
posted 28-Apr-2016 2:17am  
Depends on the situation. Do they seem dangerous (large, muscular man, aggressive, armed)? Then I would tell the bartender and if necessary escalate and call the police. If they seemed at all approachable, I would take their keys away and offer to call a cab.
posted 22-May-2016 9:53pm  
Do nothing...ain't my problem...

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