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Average Number of Sex Partners

Research on the average number of sex partners at different ages based on the number of people that participate. What do you think is the average number of sex partners you should have at age 24?


posted 14-May-2007 5:04pm  
posted 14-May-2007 6:50pm  
In a relationship only one or two maybe three, if you mean F.B then as may as you want.
posted 14-May-2007 7:45pm  
You "should have" 30+ at a time at 24 but most people have none or at most one.

Or do you mean cumulatively from birth to age 24?
posted 14-May-2007 8:23pm  
I'm not even 24 yet and I'm still a virgin. There isn't any option for me to choose.
posted 14-May-2007 8:32pm  
Should have? Probably 1 but I think that depends on a persons moral believes so I can't answer that for anyone but myself. I personally think by the time I was 24 I had enough partners to put me in the category of a slut.
posted 14-May-2007 8:38pm  
At least 75. Of each sex.
(reply to ultamate) posted 14-May-2007 8:47pm  
"Horizontally generous"
posted 14-May-2007 9:04pm  
There shouldn't be a set number of sex partners before any age. Sexual activity is very individual. Some people have multiple partners up to that age, some wait until they are married or in a committed relationship.
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 14-May-2007 9:11pm  
Is this all at once or one at a time?
posted 14-May-2007 9:14pm  
I didint know there was a suppose to be a set number for various age groups.
posted 14-May-2007 9:41pm  
I've had over 55 myself
posted 14-May-2007 9:48pm  
the amount that you should have and the amount you probably have are two different things.
posted 14-May-2007 9:54pm  
Oh 4 to 5 I would enjoy soo I would be climbing the walls
posted 14-May-2007 10:29pm  
I don't think anyone should have a certain number of sexual partners. An adult can sleep with whoever they want, whether it's 1 person or 100 people. It's not my business.
(reply to Amanda) posted 15-May-2007 12:29am  
> I don't think anyone should have a certain number of sexual partners.
> An adult can sleep with whoever they want, whether it's 1 person or
> 100 people. It's not my business.

good point even if it's, say, 34 lololol!
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 15-May-2007 8:12am  
what do i "think" the average "should" be??? that's a loaded question and not one for research!!!! i think, in a perfect world, you should have as many as you want but we all know of the risks of that behavior!!! so my question is, do you want to know how many we had or do you really want my above answer?
this is terribly worded and not a good survey!
posted 15-May-2007 8:15am  
I have no idea about the number of sex partners that a person "SHOULD HAVE" by age 24.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 15-May-2007 8:56am  
I assume you mean how many active partners in some relatively short time period, rather than how many cumulative partners one has had. I personally think one at a time works just fine, but I don't much care what other people do, as long as they're being safe.
posted 15-May-2007 10:32am  
I'm almost there, I've like had 10 or 11 I think. Just not at once. laughing out loud
posted 15-May-2007 10:58am  
'You should have...' ???
Anywhere from 0 to 1,562 I'd say.
(reply to romkey) posted 15-May-2007 10:59am  
laughing out loud laughing out loud laughing out loud
posted 15-May-2007 5:37pm  
I can't imagine this survey...I will say zero, that is if you're not married.
posted 15-May-2007 11:33pm  
How about 100?
posted 15-May-2007 11:39pm  
If you are asking about averages, I have no idea. by age 24, I'm guessing the average amount of partners would be maybe 4-5. There's some very promiscuous young adults, but then there are some very chaste ones. They balance each other out.
posted 16-May-2007 2:48am  
Somewhere between zero and one. One half? smiley:::grin
(reply to falkensmaze) posted 16-May-2007 2:55am  
> I'm not even 24 yet and I'm still a virgin. There
> isn't any option for me to choose.

The question asks how many you think you should have by 24, not how many you did have. If I answered the question your way, I would have picked a much higher number. smiley:::raspberry
posted 16-May-2007 8:04am  
I'm a one-man woman.
posted 16-May-2007 8:26am  
ok..I'm very conservative here. I still believe in waiting till you get married and that there's only two good reasons for divorce. And even with those reasons you should exhaust all resources of trying to save your marriage first. With that 24....0-1
posted 16-May-2007 3:16pm  
Nation-wide? 4-5; world-wide? 1-3; me? 1. I lost my virginity at age 24 (but now it's 8)
posted 16-May-2007 8:56pm  
I have no clue as to how to answer this?.......... 10 *shrugs*
(reply to Zang) posted 17-May-2007 12:49am  
Sorry, I guess I didn't understand the question.
posted 17-May-2007 1:37am  
dont know
(reply to falkensmaze) posted 17-May-2007 2:07am  
It was a bit excessively wordy...
(reply to Zang) posted 17-May-2007 2:56am  
Yeah, but I should have taken time to read it thoroughly.
posted 17-May-2007 8:59am  
I didn't think that the number of partners one has had is an enforceable measure of conformity.
posted 17-May-2007 1:51pm  
As many as you want, but no one should be saying that you must have X amount of partners by 24 or you're not average.
posted 18-May-2007 2:24pm  
30+ plus plus plus plus plus plus plus plus plus plus
(reply to krazykatlady) posted 25-May-2007 2:34pm  
You're awesome. Tin foil is the greatest. I already love you!
(reply to Amanda) posted 25-May-2007 2:43pm  
Thank you so much. I'd like to say that I liked how you replied to Frostbrand in forum. What's his problem anyway? He acts like a bratty 9 year old calling all the grownups nasty names when he doesn't get his way. If you'd like the website where I found the tinfoil cat avatar, I'd be glad to share it with you.
(reply to krazykatlady) posted 25-May-2007 3:10pm  
Thanks. I'm not sure what his problem is. Maybe he needs to get laid more often.

Sure. What's the site? There's an ongoing joke with some of us around here about tin foil and ray guns.
(reply to Amanda) posted 25-May-2007 3:22pm  
I noticed that with your former avatar. With regards to Frostbrand, I wouldn't be surprised if I get a nasty comment from him since I left a snarky remark on his new survey. Anyway, here's the website.
(reply to krazykatlady) posted 25-May-2007 3:23pm  
The hell with Frosty. I've been nice and took his crap for way too long. I'm done with it.

Welcome to SC, by the way. Most of us are easy to get along with. And thanks for the link.
(reply to Amanda) posted 25-May-2007 3:25pm  
You're welcome. Frostbrand is the only one I've come across who is consistently childish and rude. Everyone else seems nice.
posted 28-May-2007 2:51am  
What do I think you should have? 1-3. What is more likely the case? Probably 4-5.
(reply to krazykatlady) posted 28-May-2007 2:55am  
What Amanda said... smiley:::wink Welcome to SC!
Are the beings in the avatar yours, or is it just a random avatar?
(reply to cabinfever) posted 28-May-2007 3:28am  
Thank you. The avatar came from a website I came across called Avatar Farm. I gave Amanda the link, in fact I think it's on this page.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 6-Jun-2007 7:55pm  
*Should* have? *Should*???

You should have as many partners as you feel comfortable having, and not think you have to keep up with some invented tally in order to be considered normal.
posted 5-Nov-2007 10:33am  

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