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What is your average length of conversation with people during the average day? (Not including email, IRC, phone, long distance telepathy, etc.)

1Zero to one minute
19one minute to ten minutes
12ten minutes to half-hour
8half-hour to hour
5two hours or more
1four hours or more
2Eight hours or more

posted 27-Feb-1998 5:38pm  
I assume you mean at any given time and not the total for the entire day?
posted 27-Feb-1998 6:15pm  
I don't understand the question. What is the average time per day I spend talking to people, period? The average time I spend talking to each person? The average time I spend on each conversation? I didn't respond since obviously each of these answers would be quite different. The survey was an interesting idea but should be worded differently.
posted 28-Feb-1998 11:20am  
Is that supposed to mean the length of my average conversation or the total amount of conversation during the average day? I'll take it to mean the second...
posted 28-Feb-1998 12:39pm  
Man, this doesn't include long distance telepathy??!!
posted 28-Feb-1998 3:56pm  
This was mine and maybe it wasn't clear enough. What is the average length of your conversations during an average day. Do you have a lot of short sound bites or do you have long, in depth conversations as part of your day to day life. I've noticed that as a computer geek, my conversations with my coworkers tend to be tightly compressed, jargon laden, and with a high flavor of "Garbage in, Garbage out" where fuzzily phrased questions are ignored. I wondered what the experiences of other folks were like.
posted 1-Mar-1998 11:56pm  
OK, having read John's comment, I'm clearer on the concept now. I have real short conversations with the face-to-face people in my day, because I work with one person and while we sometimes chat while we work, it's more one-two minute conversations every ten minutes or so. Most of my interaction with people happens over the phone, where I tend to have much longer conversations.
posted 2-Mar-1998 6:34am  
No more than half-hour usually. Some times, if I don't have nothing very urgent to do, I can expend hours talking with a friend...
posted 2-Mar-1998 11:19am  
I talk to many people for many people and don't have time for long conversations
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 2-Mar-1998 4:58pm  
It varies greatly, but generally not very long - sometimes very short. I believe that efficient conversations are polite.
posted 3-Mar-1998 1:46am  
mostly very short, out of necessity
posted 3-Mar-1998 11:20am  
I don't like to talk to people very long.
posted 4-Mar-1998 12:00pm  
Most of my conversations during the day are with the woman who sits opposite me at work. As we're both rather busy, they generally don't last that long.
posted 5-Mar-1998 10:59am  
i am in sales and there is very little chitty-chat.
posted 7-Mar-1998 11:25am  
Can't really say. Lunch conversations are long, as are those middle-of-the-night-ers with my roommate. I'd say rather long, but I don't count all the, "Hi, how are you?" "Good, and you?" "Good." that occur continuously.
posted 9-Mar-1998 6:26am  
I assumed you meant it as a total accumulation of everyone I talk to during the course of a day, so I put eight hours or more. But if you mean max. per person I would have to say about an hour or two..depends on the day and the person.
posted 11-Mar-1998 11:21am  
This is only when I am with my significant other. My happiest times, and hers, have been when we are talking; in theory, we never stop talking all day when we can be together. So maybe I should have put 8 hours. With anyone in my family, it would be 10 minutes, maximum. With some friends, we must talk for a few hours at a time at least once or twice a week.
posted 23-Mar-1998 2:27am  
31 seconds
posted 25-Mar-1998 8:08pm  
It really all depends.
posted 12-Apr-1998 12:16pm  
Your question *sounds* like it means average per individual conversation, but your choices look like total time per day for all conversations. I chose to consider it the latter. But now I see that some (most) chose the former. Eit!
posted 14-May-1998 12:32pm  
Hard to say, on average... I'm definitely a people person, but I do communicate as much if not more online and on the phone as in person...
posted 14-May-1998 4:04pm  
During the day is mostly work related. One to ten minutes...
posted 7-Jul-1998 4:51pm  
presuming that you don't mean the total of all the people I talk to, generally under ten minutes, except lunch, which is an hour..
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator This user is on the site NOW (7 minutes ago)
posted 9-Aug-2006 1:57pm  
Most of my conversations are wth patients and other members of staff. Time available on a shift requires conversations to be short.

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