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multiple15-Dec-2006survey centralbill Bronze Star Survey Creator by votes53469.0%


Which aspects of Survey Central do you use?

44I make comments.
40I reply to other people's comments.
36I create surveys.
35I qualify surveys.
30I use private replies.
29I use the forum (AKA "General")
26I use the search page.
25I've changed my vote.
24I've customized my survey selectors.
23I use the spell-checker.
23I use the Feedback forum.
23I use the Statistics page.
23I disable the swear filter.
23I've made other customizations.
21I use Advanced Stats.
17I've customized what info is shown on the survey list page.
16I use the Deleted_Surveys forum.
12I hide surveys.
12I use a special font (other than "default")
10I use chat.
8I use a different font size (other than "default")
6I bookmark surveys.
5I filter some users.

posted 15-Dec-2006 6:20pm  
I mainly reply to users who don't reply back to me, even though they reply to me first,i create surveys, and run the forum gossip center
posted 15-Dec-2006 6:21pm  
Wow, I was able to check 17 out of the 24.
posted 15-Dec-2006 6:24pm  
I HATE meta surveys. smile
posted 15-Dec-2006 6:45pm  
Create; qualify; reply to others' comments; make comments; statistics page; swear filter disabled; search sometimes. Other - have put a lot on my personal info page; another other - I check out others' personal info. Have customized colors: very bright.
posted 15-Dec-2006 8:00pm  
Everything except using a different font size. I rarely use chat.
posted 15-Dec-2006 8:11pm  
I create and qualify surveys and I use customize answer comments and private replies and so much more to do on survey central
posted 15-Dec-2006 8:46pm  
I tried setting different fonts but it had no effect that I could see (using Firefox on Linux and MacOS-X).
posted 16-Dec-2006 1:12am  
I use a number of things here..
A plethora or cornucopia if you will..
posted 16-Dec-2006 7:24am  
All the above, except I don't filter anyone/thing and I don't use chat.
posted 16-Dec-2006 7:55am  
I've created, qualified, commented, replied, privately replied, searched, used the various forums, used a special font and made customisations.
posted 16-Dec-2006 12:57pm  
One glaring omission on the list. I answer surveys!
posted 16-Dec-2006 2:21pm  
Top 5 basically
posted 16-Dec-2006 3:04pm  
I read the survey and I comment...
posted 16-Dec-2006 10:05pm  
I like my new blue bling!
I use it ALL, I want to get my money's worth.
posted 17-Dec-2006 1:28am  
I just started using a different font size. The font I use, Curlz, is too small so that means I use everything but bookmark. Actually I probably have bookmarked but forgot.
posted 17-Dec-2006 2:23am  
Most of them. I don't use the chat, although I tried it a few times briefly. I think I bookmarked something once. I don't use special fonts or font sizes and I've never filtered anyone.
(reply to Maarten) posted 17-Dec-2006 2:24am  
> I HATE meta surveys. smile

But it's bill. That puts a whole different slant on it. I wonder if he'll get rid of the bookmark feature. It looks like the least used...

posted 17-Dec-2006 12:52pm  
I've used most of these at some time or another, so it's easier for me to tell you which ones I don't use. I rarely use chat, hide surveys, or look at the stats page. I've never used a special font or filtered a user.
posted 17-Dec-2006 5:40pm  
I mainly joined, just for surveys.
posted 18-Dec-2006 5:00pm  
If there is anything else, then I am unaware of it.
posted 19-Dec-2006 5:42am  
Mainly the forums and surveys
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 20-Dec-2006 8:34am  
Everything except deleted surveys forum and filtering other users.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to mandy) posted 20-Dec-2006 8:36am  
Yes, but your comment here is proof enough!

(reply to they) posted 21-Dec-2006 3:45pm  
Don't get sassy missy! *smooch*
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to mandy) posted 21-Dec-2006 8:58pm  
posted 26-Sep-2007 2:29am  

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