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multiple30-Aug-2006personal preferencescerealkiller by votes47660.2%


When I ask someone "How's everything going?" I .....

21really do care and am open to any response I get.
13am just being polite and expect them to respond "Fine".
5I don't ever ask anyone this question.
4get upset and angry internally if the person starts telling me their problems.
0get visibly upset and look for ways to cut the other person off.

posted 31-Aug-2006 12:21pm  
I don't ask this. I ask 'How you doing?' and 'What you been up to?' I miss out words quite a bit...
posted 31-Aug-2006 12:48pm  
I never ask that.
posted 31-Aug-2006 1:02pm  
Pull my pants down and mooney
(reply to cerealkiller) posted 31-Aug-2006 1:16pm  
Yes, the 'how's it goin' can be pretty casual, especially if the person asking isn't even looking at you. If I really want to know someone's welfare, I'll be looking them in the eye when I ask, non threatening of course, to convey that I REALLY am interested in how they ARE doing.
posted 31-Aug-2006 1:35pm  
I usually only ask something like this if either they asked me first, or there's some genuine reason to be concerned about them. They have been sick, they are sensitive to noise and it's been noisy, that sort of thing.
posted 31-Aug-2006 1:46pm  
I only ask this question if I really care. It has always annoyed me when people asked it just to be polite. It always makes me want to go into some long, drawn out speech about everything going on in my life, just to make them think twice about asking anyone else. If you don't care, don't ask.
posted 31-Aug-2006 2:16pm  
Depends on the person
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 31-Aug-2006 2:51pm actually thinking "DIE DIE DIE, I HATE YOU!!!!"
posted 31-Aug-2006 2:52pm  
It is essentially a greeting. The correct response is "Fine thank you, and you?".

However, having asked, one should not be too surprised to receive an honest answer. Take it on the chin, Bucko!
(reply to Zang) posted 31-Aug-2006 2:59pm  
What is the benefit and role of rote, predictable greetings?
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 31-Aug-2006 3:03pm  
I am usually sincere and fine with whatever response I get. Sometimes I ask it as a courtesy, although even then, I'm usually fine if I get more detail than I anticipated.
posted 31-Aug-2006 3:12pm  
I wouldn't ask that way unless I cared.
posted 31-Aug-2006 3:20pm  
I don't ask this question. Not casually anyway. I might ask a good friend if he or she was having some kind of problem, but then I would really mean it. I don't do small talk well.
posted 31-Aug-2006 3:45pm  
Well, the question was really meant to cover the usual range of questions like this and not necessarily this exact quote.

Like: "How are you?", "How's it going?", "How's everything?", etc.

I thought of this yesterday when my boss asked me "How's everything going?" I knew if I actually told him the truth including personal stuff he'd think I was an ass.
posted 31-Aug-2006 4:07pm  
Most of the time I would really like to know but I always expect to get, "fine". I do get a little annoyed though when I get really long answers to the question. I usually answer with, good (things are good), ok (things could be better) or I'm alive (life sucks right now thank you). I figure if they want details they will ask for them.
(reply to Amanda) posted 31-Aug-2006 4:11pm  
So Amanda.......How are you doing? Have you went to the doctor yet?
(reply to ultamate) posted 31-Aug-2006 4:21pm  
I'm doing great. No, haven't gone to the doctor, yet. Had too much month at the end of my money. I'm shooting for this coming month.
(reply to LindaH) posted 31-Aug-2006 4:51pm  
I don't think it's really about "benefit" as such; it's simply a custom. What is the benefit of shaking hands? What is the benefit of a smile and a nod?
(reply to Amanda) posted 31-Aug-2006 4:53pm  
You don't have insurance?
(reply to Zang) posted 31-Aug-2006 4:59pm  
> What is the benefit of a smile and a nod?

The benefit is that it may actually make someone who feels alone, invisible and uncared for a little better.
(reply to Zang) posted 31-Aug-2006 5:01pm  
Oh, okay. I still don't understand the point behind most customs. I wonder where some of them came from. I think we could probably get along fine without them. Maybe they serve to keep people in the habit of 'playing along.' laughing out loud
(reply to ultamate) posted 31-Aug-2006 5:25pm  
Very crapty insurance.
posted 31-Aug-2006 5:53pm  
I only ask how someone's doing if I truly want to know. I can't stand it when people use this as a greeting, and don't let you answer. Please, say what you mean.
(reply to Amanda) posted 31-Aug-2006 8:38pm  
Crapty insurance is as bad as not having any at all. It doesn't do much good to pay out your ass for health insurance and still can't afford to go to the doctor when you need to. I just got hired from temp to permanent so my insurance will be canceled soon. I'm just prying my son and I don't need to go to the doctor between now and when my probation is over.
posted 31-Aug-2006 9:33pm  
I care enough to know that just saying that gives a person an opportunity to either say or simply join in a conversation.
(reply to cerealkiller) posted 31-Aug-2006 9:36pm  
I figured that is what you meant. So I answered that way. I usually word this question as 'What's up?' & for older people I will say 'How are you?'
posted 31-Aug-2006 9:41pm  
a liitle genuine concern, but mostly just small talk
(reply to ultamate) posted 1-Sep-2006 1:10am  
I don't pay out the ass for my health insurance. I guess that's my problem. Mine's basically only going to help me out if I have really serious health issues and need to be hospitalized or have to see a doctor a lot. I only go to the doctor when I'm about a minute from death, so I didn't see the need in spending a ton of money on something I wouldn't use.

What kind of job did you get? How long have you been there?
posted 1-Sep-2006 4:25am  
When I ask someone "How's everything going?" I really do care and am open to any response I get.
posted 1-Sep-2006 9:44am  
It depends
posted 1-Sep-2006 10:35am  
really do care and am open to any response I get.....How is everything going and how are you doing are absolutely in my opinion the most common misused phrase. If you don't want to know then don't ask it and if you ask it be prepared for the truth. I am there for people and if they ask me that same question they are also going to get an answer. I am sick of people putting on fake smiles and acting as if all is fine when underneath they may need to talk. or maybe something going on in your life is something they might know a little about. I think we need to be more transparent with each other. help each other and take more time to be there for each other. Aren't people more important then half the busy crap we do anyways?
(reply to Amanda) posted 1-Sep-2006 11:41am  
I am classified as a cleanroom attendant although I haven't worked in the cleanroom in 9 months of the year I've been there. I produce a mop that is used in cleanroom environments (you can call me the mop lady laughing out loud). The money is good considering the job I do.The benefits are great and the people are as well. Contec believes in making the customer happy but at the same time they realize that happy employees make happy customers. It's the best company I've ever work for.

Is it just me or did that sound like a commercial?
(reply to ultamate) posted 1-Sep-2006 1:21pm  
Maybe a little like a commercial, but it's great that you like your job.
(reply to Amanda) posted 1-Sep-2006 4:48pm  
laughing out loud the only thing better would be not having to work at all.
posted 1-Sep-2006 8:32pm  
It depends. When I ask that of my friends, it's because I really care; when it's someone else the answer may be less important to me.
posted 2-Sep-2006 12:08am  
...really do care and am open to any response I get.

I don't ask this question or any variation of it to people I don't care about.
posted 2-Sep-2006 12:43am  
I don't ask someone how's it goin' unless I really want to know how it's goin'. There are some people I would never say how's it goin' to because I don't give a crap how it's goin' for them and I therefore don't want to hear about it so I wouldn't ask how's it goin'. I do however enjoy saying how's it goin'? when I do care how it's goin'.
(reply to ultamate) posted 2-Sep-2006 2:37am  
There you go! So there is a benefit! yes
posted 2-Sep-2006 6:30am  
I usually want to know and am open to any response I get.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 2-Sep-2006 8:11pm  
It depends on who the person is.
posted 2-Sep-2006 9:31pm  
I'm just being polite, and expect them to answer fine....but if they answer differently - that's their prerogative...i did ask....
posted 4-Sep-2006 5:55pm  
depends on the person........... if its my wife then I really wannna know...............other times its

am just being polite and expect them to respond "Fine".
posted 10-Sep-2006 7:58am  
I usually ask that at work and I really do care about the answer to.
posted 10-Sep-2006 10:00pm  
I don't.

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