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single9-Oct-2006healthjudgescratch by votes40758.3%


Do you have arthritis?


posted 10-Oct-2006 11:07am  
Any doctor that says you have artheritis is probably wrong. It is an easy diagnosis for them so they can prescribe medication. chances are it is not. I have seen arthritis, it is not pretty. Just because your hand hurts does not mean it is easily diagnosable. Get several opinions.
posted 10-Oct-2006 11:43am  
I'm beginning to have twinges in my toe joints, and there's a strong family history of it, so probably.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 10-Oct-2006 11:43am  
Not that I know of.
posted 10-Oct-2006 11:45am  
not that I know of, but I suspect I will get it someday
posted 10-Oct-2006 12:10pm  
posted 10-Oct-2006 12:44pm  
My hands have been hurting like the dickens since the weather's started to turn.
posted 10-Oct-2006 2:32pm  
Like a 90 year old on a frosty morning.
posted 10-Oct-2006 2:37pm  
No, I don't. I'm pretty lithe for an old 'un, in fact I feel like a dance right now. The floor of my room is great for doing spins.
posted 10-Oct-2006 4:33pm  
Not really....however, have been told by the chiro I have a little in my neck (due to an accident years ago) ..but I feel no pain. I have none in the rest of my body, none in my hands, far, so good.....hopefully never. .
(reply to judgescratch) posted 10-Oct-2006 5:18pm  
From what I have read in my books....first off change your diet to a good alkalizing diet. Foods to avoid: refined foods, saturated fatty foods from meat and dairy products, wheat pastries and other high gluten foods that are also high in sugar cholesterol and fat. Nightshade family foods such as peppers, eggplant, tomatoes and potatoes, caffeine, colas, chocolate and high spiced foods. Also check out the Blood Type Diet Plan, it's not a diet per se, its guide of the foods your body can better tolerate, and foods to avoid.

Arthritis Liquid Cleansing Diet:

On rising: Take a glass of lemon juice and water OR a glass of fresh grapefruit juice

Breakfast: Take a glass of potassium broth

Mid-morning: Have apple, OR black cherry juice OR a green drink such as Sun Chlorella

Lunch: Have a cup of of miso soup with sea veggies snipped on top and a glass of fresh carrot juice

Mid-afternoon: Have another green drink, a cup of Crystal Star green tea cleanser

Dinner: Have a glass of cranberry/apple OR papaya juice OR black cherry juice

Before bed: Take a glass of celery juice OR a cup of VEGEX yeast extract broth OR a cup of miso oup.

Vitamin/ Minerals:

Am. Biologics INFLAZYME FORTE for pain and stiffness.

To relieve pain, press the highest spot of the muscle between thumb and index finger. Press in the webbing between the two fingers, closer toward the bone that attaches to the index finger. Press into the web muscle, angling the pressure toward the bone of the index finger. Press for 10 seconds at a time.

Evening Primrose

Avoid smoke or smoking

Please refer to Linda Rector-Page "Healthy Healing" book....excellent information

I wish you well!
posted 10-Oct-2006 7:34pm  
posted 10-Oct-2006 9:22pm  
Nope nope.
posted 10-Oct-2006 9:42pm  
I don't know if it is considered arthritis so I chose no, but I do have damage to my jaw joints from grinding my teeth at night. There is no more cushion, just bone on bone. It can be quite uncomfortable.
(reply to cloudhugger) posted 10-Oct-2006 9:43pm  
There are different kinds of arthritis. Not all cause deformity in the joints, if that is what you mean. Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are two different animals.
Second opinions are the best, maybe a trip to the specialist. You'll need xrays and lab work done to help diagnose. I mean I wouldn't want to go into the doc, say my hand hurt and he treat me for arthritis without a good look, because you are right, there are things that can make your hand hurt that aren't arthritis or can be a certain kind of arthritis caused by something else going on in your body.

There is this doc in Washington Mo named Dr. Gosh. When I worked in that hospital I learned that this guy was a quack all the medical professionals know but the patients go to him, particularly the elderly. Why? He big on prescribing narcotics, manufacturing addicts that keep coming back, and puts elderly patients on long term steroids- this is a no no for anyone. Sure steriods make you feel great but they also cause your bones to break down and become brittle, one mistep, one fall and there is a broken him, not to mention the osteoporosis in the back and whatnot.
posted 10-Oct-2006 11:16pm  
(reply to RGirl) posted 10-Oct-2006 11:25pm  
That is good to hear that I am not alone in this thinking. I haven't heard about xrays and lab work for diagnosis, I am glad that is available. There were two doctors in this area within the last few years that lost their practices because they were strickly prescribing medications without even looking at the patient. There will be more and more of this happening. I hear alot of patients at the chiropractor and my clients are getting fed up with the bull sh1t that doctors are failing their patients health.
There are still people that do whatever their doctors tell them to, and maybe for some that is the only thing that can help them.
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 11-Oct-2006 12:54am  
I have osteoarthritis in my right knee. It's degeneration of the joint, probably due to trauma and me walking with my right foot turned out. It's quite painful at times. The diagnosis is certain; an x-ray was all it took to confirm it.

The eventual treatment for it is a knee replacement, but I should be many years away from needing that. In the meantime, conventional treatment is about controlling pain rather than fixing the problem - conventional medical wisdom is that there is no way to fix osteoarthritis. Physical therapy and weight loss can help though.

A few doctors believe that taking glucosamine and chondroitin dietary supplements can help the damaged cartilage regenerate. Most doctors believe it can't regenerate, period. Studies seem to mostly indicate what the people who funded them want them to indicate; they don't seem to be definitive. So I'm trying glucosamine and chondroitin for a year while I also try to strength the knee and leg and lose weight. I'll followup with x-rays next summer to see what the joint looks like then.
(reply to cloudhugger) posted 11-Oct-2006 1:02am  
For problems like rheumatoid arthritis there are lab tests. It is an auto immune disease. Actually a problem with the immune system mistaking the tissue in joints for foreign material and attacking it. Osteoarthritis is more of the wear and tear kind where an xray would be helpful. Then there is gout and other things that would require more than pain meds.
(reply to romkey) posted 11-Oct-2006 1:06am  
On glucosamine and chondroitin- our German Shepherd has arthritis in her hips. She takes this NSAID called Rimadyl. There are some problems with this medication and liver issues so I didn't like having to give it to her and was looking for something else. We tried just the g & c and that didn't do her a bit of good, just got worse. When we started giving her both regularly she got a lot more mobility than ever did with just the Rimadyl so I think it does help, at least on German Shepherds anyway.
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
(reply to RGirl) posted 11-Oct-2006 1:10am  
My knee pain has been improving (as in, it's almost gone now) but it's impossible to say whether it's due to g&c or due to exercise or something else at this point. I'll wait and see what an x-ray says next summer before drawing any conclusions myself.
posted 11-Oct-2006 5:14am  
(reply to mve17) posted 11-Oct-2006 5:17am  
Really? You're only 18, right? That sucks...
(reply to LJD) posted 11-Oct-2006 8:36am  
Thanks for the time you took to help me, LJD. That was nice of you!
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 11-Oct-2006 8:54am  
no, but i think i will in the future.
(reply to judgescratch) posted 11-Oct-2006 5:30pm  
You're very welcome Judgescratch.
they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 12-Oct-2006 8:36am  
Yes, in my knees and wrists.

And I only just turned 30 Tuesday.
they Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to RGirl) posted 12-Oct-2006 8:39am  
> On glucosamine and chondroitin- our German
> Shepherd has arthritis in her hips. She takes
> this NSAID called Rimadyl. There are some
> problems with this medication and liver issues
> so I didn't like having to give it to her
> and was looking for something else. We tried
> just the g & c and that didn't do her a bit
> of good, just got worse. When we started
> giving her both regularly she got a lot more
> mobility than ever did with just the Rimadyl
> so I think it does help, at least on German
> Shepherds anyway.

Rimadyl is great.... My mom gives it to her Lab, Wilson... and he's like a puppy again. He was so bad before the meds, that sometimes he couldn't get up. She does have to have his liver functions tested regularly... but so far, he's been fine on it. He takes Rimadyl and another thing... which I thought was Glucosamine..

Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 12-Oct-2006 2:09pm  
I don't. My mother seems to be developing it in her 50s which isn't such a great sign for me though.
(reply to Maarten) posted 14-Oct-2006 8:30am  
So does the girl on your avater by the looks of things............. raspberry
posted 14-Oct-2006 9:25am  
Nope, and hope I never do.
(reply to mve17) posted 14-Oct-2006 10:36am  
laughing out loud
posted 15-Oct-2006 2:33pm  
I do have some arthritis in my wrists and I am getting to be an old woman
(reply to Maarten) posted 15-Oct-2006 4:43pm  
> laughing out loud

I have never seen your Avatar move before? Is she alive or what
(reply to bill) posted 15-Oct-2006 4:45pm  
> not that I know of, but I suspect I will get it someday

How come your Avatar does not move and go round and round?
posted 1-Nov-2006 6:48pm  
Yes, in both knees, my back and my hands. Today my right knee is burning!!
posted 26-Nov-2006 4:12pm  
Where don't I have it? I have disintegrating disk disease, too. I've seen all my X-rays and even I can see the deterioration

I had free samples of Vioxx back in 2000 and it was a true wonder drug. I had much less pain almost instantly. I only had them for a few months until I went back to work after my Mother's death. I couldn't afford to keep going to my Orthopedic Surgeon because of the co-pays.

In 2004 I had a prescription for Celebrex and it really helped, too, but had to give them up because my medical coupons decided not to cover them. Now I take nothing, just ibuprofen very occasionally.

My neck, back, wrists, and fingers are really fudgeed. I can hardly turn my neck and not at all side to side. My upper back is a mess. I could really use a chiropractor and massage therapist if I could find one who takes my coupons.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 11-Jan-2018 5:14pm  
I'm waiting to see a Rheumatologist about an inflammatory polyarthritis. There are a few things it could be, but I think psoriatic arthritis is most likely right now. I'm hoping it turns out to be something non-specific that just burns itself out and goes away, but it's looking unlikely.

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