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essay2-Sep-2001sex/relationshipsjkiehart unsorted77959.7%


Ack! What's the best way to get rid of a hickey FAST??

Hickey (Love Bite): Bruise on neck caused by sucking.

...How tacky...I'm so embarrassed...


posted 4-Sep-2001 12:04am  
Haven't had one since I was,18. I used to either put makeup on it,pull my hair over it,or wear a turtle neck sweater,till it went away.I'm glad my husband & I have out grown that.
posted 4-Sep-2001 12:34am  
Couldn't tell you, sorry.
posted 4-Sep-2001 12:47am  
I've never had one, so I don't know what advice to give you. Maybe covering it with a makeup matching your skin tone might help. I can't think of anything else, sorry!
posted 4-Sep-2001 12:49am  
posted 4-Sep-2001 6:57am  
Turtle neck shirts and sweaters.
posted 4-Sep-2001 8:02am  
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 4-Sep-2001 8:20am  
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 4-Sep-2001 8:23am  
I wouldn't know!
posted 4-Sep-2001 9:24am  
preparation H will work
posted 4-Sep-2001 9:26am  
I have also heard that freezing a spoon and placing it on it will take away some of the redness and I have heard that toothpaste left on overnite will take care of it.
posted 4-Sep-2001 9:29am  
I'm not helping you get rid of it.
No way! You deserve it.
I will tell you though, that I have had a hickey before (on my forehead of all places!) and I used makeup.
Who sucks on a persons forehead?!
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 4-Sep-2001 9:53am  
You just have to wait for it to go away.
Don't be ashamed of your hickey! It is your proud statement that you are getting some!
posted 4-Sep-2001 10:42am  
Just use some foundation.
(reply to Oscar) posted 4-Sep-2001 10:56am  
I know someone who stuck a suction cup to his forehead, and he popped it off too fast. He had a perfectly round mark there for a few days.
posted 4-Sep-2001 11:05am  
Flesh toned putty.
posted 4-Sep-2001 12:01pm  
*shrugs* You can cover it up with a highly pigmented make-up...I don't know how to get rid of them though, just hide them.
(reply to LindaH) posted 4-Sep-2001 12:40pm  
I've done that to myself on my chin. lol
Just put your thumb and index finger around your chin and squeeze. After a bit, you'll have a nice hickey there.
(Someone told me to do it without telling me the results.)
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 4-Sep-2001 1:48pm  
Hickeys are icky... I remember when we were kids hearing about how a cold spoon pressed against it would help... or brushing it out with a brush would work.. I think those were mostly childhood urban legends though... go buy some thick makeup.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to LindaH) posted 4-Sep-2001 1:49pm  
We used to get these little 'poppers' from gumball machines and stuck them to our foreheads without realizing the results...
posted 4-Sep-2001 1:55pm  
Soak a green tea bag in hot water for a few seconds, then press it on your neck for ten minutes or so (reduces redness and swelling). Follow with moisturizer (replenishes skin cells) and use oil-based foundation to cover it up.
Am I a slut? I sound like a total pro at this smiley:::raspberry
posted 4-Sep-2001 2:19pm  
I don't know. As you get older you will learn that hickies are more for show than for pleasure and you won't bother with them.
(reply to they) posted 4-Sep-2001 5:37pm  
Ack! The really flexible ones don't leave a mark if you peel them from the edges. But then, they don't stick very well either.
posted 4-Sep-2001 5:51pm  
I have no idea.
posted 4-Sep-2001 7:09pm  
Oh I'm an ass. So I tried brushing it with my brush. I brushed and brushed and brushed and then I brushed some more.


And I had a really important job interview today, too! I was very mindful to keep that side of my neck away from the people interviewing me.

*oh man*
(reply to jkiehart) posted 4-Sep-2001 9:27pm  
How was the interview? smiley:::smile
(reply to confetti) posted 4-Sep-2001 10:33pm  
no arguments here
posted 4-Sep-2001 11:55pm  
Get a few more and pretend it's a birthmark?
(reply to Matt) posted 5-Sep-2001 4:21am  
It went very well, thank you. I spent the entire Labor Day weekend surfing the 'net for websites advising on "how to give good interview." I wrote down the questions I knew I'd have to do some thinking about, wrote down my answers; I EVEN called former bosses asking them what my strengths were (I know my weaknesses, and when I read my bosses my copy, they agreed I was right).
I bought and studied cover to cover the latest Nick Jr. magazine. I had a list of questions written up to ask them, which came in really handy, because at one point, the editor yawned, said "I haven't had enough coffee yet, why don't you ask ME questions now." I had them all prepared, and her intitial response to a couple of them was "Wow, what a good question!"

Suffice to say, I was SO prepared for the interview; I was actually relaxed, I was calm, and all the "studying" I did really made the difference between being interviewed to making sure that I was interviewing for the right company. In no way was I desperate. I was very...
I actually had a good time.

They've given me "homework," three articles I have to write and have submitted by Friday. I'm having a wonderful time brainstorming and writing.

Thank you for asking!
Even if I don't get the job, just teaching myself how to really effectively prepare for an interview has been an award in and of itself.

smiley:::smile smiley:::smile smiley:::smile
(reply to jkiehart) posted 5-Sep-2001 9:07am  
That sounds like you had a good time doing the interview, I do hope you get the job smiley:::smile
posted 5-Sep-2001 10:57am  
Don't think there is a way to get rid of it fast...
(reply to anonymous) posted 5-Sep-2001 11:01am  
That's mean!
(reply to confetti) posted 5-Sep-2001 11:44am  
You're the one that asked.
(reply to anonymous) posted 5-Sep-2001 1:18pm  
Chicken crap!
(reply to Matt) posted 5-Sep-2001 1:46pm  
Thank you!
(reply to confetti) posted 5-Sep-2001 1:47pm  
(reply to jkiehart) posted 5-Sep-2001 3:52pm  
Congratulations! That sounds wonderful! smiley:::smile Good luck!
(reply to Jemmy) posted 5-Sep-2001 10:19pm  
Thanks! I'm working super hard on the writing tests they've given me. I'm gonna knock their socks off!
posted 7-Sep-2001 4:20am  

and smile.....
(reply to jkiehart) posted 7-Sep-2001 3:27pm  
smiley:::smile That's good. I bet you will!
posted 8-Sep-2001 2:38am  
Wear a kerchief, or some make-up or hide for a week..

Another option would be for a friend to suck a bigger part of your skin to make it look like a real bruise!
(reply to Oscar) posted 8-Sep-2001 2:42am  
Another way to get one is to take a (preferably plastic) glass, hold it to your mouth (low on your upper lip) and suck the air out. Keep it in position for more than 15 minutes and that gives a real nice, circular hickey on your chin!
posted 9-Sep-2001 2:41am  
Putting a scarf on smiley:::smile
posted 14-Sep-2001 10:08am  
polo necks
posted 16-Sep-2001 1:44pm  
Wear a turtleneck. Don't crank your head around,and for Pete's sake, stay away from that vacuum cleaner!
posted 19-Nov-2005 3:38pm  
Well I gave my girlfriend a pretty BIG one and she didnt want her mom and dad to find out so she went home from my house ran into the house took a shower and put LOTS and LOTS of toothpaste on it then put LOTS and LOTS of make-up on was gone the NEXT MORNING
(reply to mandy) posted 19-Nov-2005 3:44pm  
Keep telling yourself that.......LIKE THAT WOULD WORK!!...Mandy
(reply to Jball22) posted 13-Apr-2006 10:08pm  
*fork to the eyeball*
posted 20-Nov-2006 1:16pm  
the toothbrush idea would have worked had you not scrubbed so hard....Your supposed to scrub gently. It breaks up the blood clot under your skin and redistributes it to the area so instead of this really big mark on your skin you have a normal skin tone. I boyfriend loves to give me hickey's before i have to do something important,. what you do when you use the toothbrush idea is start from the outside edges and gently brush from the inside out and it will usher your blood to a lower surface of you skin so it doesn't show up.
posted 21-Feb-2007 5:18pm  
none of those worked for me.
i had 5 hickeys at one point
it sucked.
just try ice and heat
it worked BEST
posted 5-Apr-2007 10:55pm  
umm... yeah i just got one... one of my friends like bit my neck, and i get them easy... well the last thing i need is my dude thinking i'm playin him... so yeah... she took a REALLY hot lighter to my neck, and now its a burn! lol... painful yes... but hey... it did the trick and now he'll just think im more of a moron then what i am... lol... he always teases me anyways bout how much of a blonde i am, but its fun.
posted 25-Nov-2007 9:29am  
everybody says different things. you want to know? im married and had a lapse in judgement and ended up with deep purple ones. i had one night till i had to go home to him and i freaked. trust me this will work i would know. ice 10 mns go get hot washrag 10 minutes. roll the highlighter over it for 5 should be pink now. repeat
posted 3-Feb-2008 7:37pm  
i think that the people that are asking the question really are not asking to here some of you be smart ass and your opionion on what you think is trashy is it your life? i dont think so so if your going to leave a comment and try to help someone then you should probley not try to judge them if you dont know them so fudge off
posted 9-Mar-2008 8:22am  
hey i got one!! last night.. its massive!! note to everyone dont give or get hickies they just end up being a problem the next day!
posted 16-May-2009 12:44pm  
im 14 years old right now and i have 4 hickeys on my boobs,one on my upper chest and 2 on my neck from my boyfriend ryan of 4 months..theyre very big and im scared my moms gonna find out..she already saw the ones on my neck and she got sorta moms best friend saw the ones on my boobs and im scared hes gonna tell her.please help me..i love hickeys but i dont wanna make them show..where should i get them and how do i get rid of the ones i already have ?
posted 22-May-2009 6:43pm  
get them on arms,legs, shoulder. Jackets and jeans cover up that.
posted 5-Jun-2009 2:10am  
i am 13 and i have 2 hickies one on my nipple and one on my neck. me and my bf have only been going out for 2 days my mum saw the one on my neck and she was cool with it.OMG I SOUND LIKE A SLAG!! and i have just covered my neck works for me
posted 11-Jan-2010 6:35pm  
i have 7 on my neck right now :|
posted 13-Apr-2010 3:58pm  
put the hickey in water with ice it will take the bruesing go pretty quickley
posted 30-Mar-2011 12:38pm  
Ok so this is what you do. Put a spoon in the freezer and put the rounded side on the hickey and let it stay there for 5 minuets

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