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single12-Jun-2002hypothetical questionRayB unsorted661152.4%


If your 35 year old sister wanted to marry a 65 year old man what would be your reaction?

14Be happy for her and think she was making a good decision.
10Be happy for her but think she was making a mistake.
6Talk with her and explain that the age difference dooms her to be a young widow at best.
1Tell her she is a sicko.

posted 12-Jun-2002 11:41am  
I would be happy for her. There are plenty of handsome older men around that I would certainly marry! I don't think that it is that strange.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 12-Jun-2002 11:42am  
I'd want to get to know the guy.
posted 12-Jun-2002 12:06pm  
Sounds almost like Paul McCartney & his new wife.
posted 12-Jun-2002 12:23pm  
posted 12-Jun-2002 12:30pm  
My family is pretty close. If my sister was ready to marry someone, the whole family would know the person by the time the subject of marriage came up. If she and the guy were happy and the family didn't get any bad vibes off the guy during the various get-togethers, then I'd be all for it.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 12-Jun-2002 12:50pm  
Do I like HIM as a person?
posted 12-Jun-2002 12:58pm  
My reaction would be to mind my own business! It's her life, not yours.
posted 12-Jun-2002 1:32pm  
She can do whatever she likes.I don't have a sister BTW.
posted 12-Jun-2002 1:43pm  
She's an adult and that makes it 100% her decision.
posted 12-Jun-2002 2:57pm  
I would be happy if she was happy but I would think she was making a big mistake. Unless she was corrupt and there was something in it for her then I would say good luck!
posted 12-Jun-2002 5:30pm  
Love's love. It's your sister's decision, not yours.
posted 12-Jun-2002 6:20pm  
Hey! Whatever floats her boat. More power to her! None of my business.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 12-Jun-2002 6:45pm  
It would depend on the personalities involved. There is nothing inherently unwise in such a marriage. I'm assuming she'd realize he was likely to die first, but that's not a good reason not to get married. Young people sometimes die, too.
posted 12-Jun-2002 7:15pm  
I'd be very very happy if my sister found someone to love.

I'm 35 and I feel 65 is a fine age for a partner/husband/lover/whatever. If he/she was hot! smiley:::smile
posted 12-Jun-2002 8:03pm  
Be happy for her; she is making a good decision if that is what she really wants to do. It's up to her. I think people make too much of a thing about age differences.
posted 12-Jun-2002 8:41pm  
Surprise--I've always wanted a sister! Seriously, though, it would depend on the people involved.
posted 12-Jun-2002 9:03pm  
I'd tell her something along the lines of don't do it.
posted 12-Jun-2002 9:14pm  
I don't have a sister. But, if I did and she decided to marry someone much older, I'd have no problem with it. As long as she was happy, it wouldn't matter to me who she married.
posted 12-Jun-2002 10:29pm  
As long as he's a good guy, I wouldn't care.
posted 13-Jun-2002 1:14am  
I wouldn't care. I don't have anything to do with my sister.
posted 13-Jun-2002 5:42am  
This is a bit of a stretch. I only have a brother and he's going to be 43 in a few days. But I have friends that are about that age, so I'll just pretend it is my friend. That should work.

My dad isn't much more than 65. So I'm imagining one of my mid-thirties friends marrying one of my dad's friends...I must say, I'm not getting much of a reaction here. Unless I saw some sort of evidence that there was something unhealthy about their relationship, I'm sure that I would just wish them all the best.

I'm probably not the best person to ask if you are looking for some kind of *judgmental* response... smiley:::wink
posted 13-Jun-2002 6:23am  
Questions like this really depends on too many things, like: Is he rich?
posted 13-Jun-2002 7:44am  
First, I'd be surprised that I had a 35 year old sister. Once I got over that shock, it would depend on the guy.
posted 13-Jun-2002 1:09pm  
Id talk to her, but in the end, its her desion.
(reply to Irene007) posted 13-Jun-2002 2:45pm  
Yes, he is rich. I just feel that when a woman's husband dies, it is most likely the biggest tragedy she will ever experience. Why would someone go into a relationship and marry knowing that this tragedy is the best she can hope for. According to statistics, if a man makes it to the age of 65, most likely he will die at 77. Well, according to the odds, she will be 49. And... if he loved her why would he want to doom her to be alone at 49? It seems like he has a selfish love... only thinking of himself.
posted 13-Jun-2002 6:06pm  
I'd think she's a money grubber and that he must be rich.
(reply to RayB) posted 13-Jun-2002 6:19pm  
It's not like she wouldn't be allowed to date or go out after his death. Get a clue. She could marry a guy 3 years older than she was instead of 30 years older, and two months after the wedding he could be killed instantly in a car crash. The point of life is to not waste time thinking about the average age of natural death for men in America and start getting joy from happy love when you can spot it in yourself and others.
(reply to Jemmy) posted 13-Jun-2002 11:47pm  
How old are your parents?
(reply to RayB) posted 14-Jun-2002 7:46am  
True, true... But if she may be marrying for security and not for love - for many people, security is money.

I really wasn't serious about it when I answered because it does depend on the personalities involved. The man might not perceive himself as so much older and is young enough in his heart to not be able to think about his eventual demise. So his relationship with her is completely normal to him. If he dies at 77, then they would have had a good amount of years together and if she's only 49 and rich; she'll have everything going for her! She'll be young enough to find a new mate and/or rich enough to buy one!
(reply to Zang) posted 14-Jun-2002 3:44pm  
My mom is 42 and my dad is 46. So it would be a little weird.
(reply to Jemmy) posted 14-Jun-2002 4:13pm  
Weird?! It would probably be quite impossible! smiley:::grin
posted 15-Jun-2002 3:39am  
Possibly bring up the young widow aspect. I was close to marrying someone 20 years older.
(reply to Zang) posted 15-Jun-2002 9:24am  
Yeah, it'd be very twilight zone-y if I found out I had some long lost 35 year old sister! smiley:::smile
posted 15-Jun-2002 10:59pm  
It wouldn't bother me that much and I probably wouldn't say anything cuz it's not my life, it's her's.
posted 16-Jun-2002 7:07pm  
It depends on the man.
(reply to natsim) posted 17-Jun-2002 2:40pm  
Depends on what with the man? If he had some potion that allowed him to not age and live for the next 45 years. If somehow he could prove that wanting to marry someone that young while in his last years is not selfish? I still say if he loved her more than himself he would let her go.
(reply to RayB) posted 17-Jun-2002 6:46pm  
Read the question: If your 35 year old sister WANTED TO MARRY a 65 year old man... it's not some man forcing her to marry him.
(reply to natsim) posted 18-Jun-2002 10:10am  
But if the 65 year old truly loved her more than himself, he wouldn't marry her. He wouldn't doom her to being a widow at such a young age.

I guess you are one of many that doesn't use your brain in relationships. If it feels good, do it. It is all about that "fuzzy" feeling inside. Well, that is why we have a 50% divorce rate.
(reply to RayB) posted 18-Jun-2002 7:24pm  
Could you be any more judgemental? What the hell do you know about the quality of my relationships?
(reply to natsim) posted 19-Jun-2002 9:33am  
I don't know about the quality of your relationships and never claimed to know. My point is that people dictate their actions by their "feelings" and disregard their "brains."

I would never have married my wife if I knew I was going to leave her a young widow. That would be selfish to do.
(reply to RayB) posted 19-Jun-2002 11:45pm  
You can't trust a 35 year old woman to see that possibility and make her own choice in the matter?
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 21-Jun-2002 2:55pm  
Yes, she can make her own choice being 35 but it doesn't make it a wise choice. She is divorced (bad marriage choice) with a 11 year old.
(reply to RayB) posted 21-Jun-2002 3:01pm  
It never occurred to me they might think of having kids. If they did, that would shift it to unwise choice in my book too.
posted 24-Jun-2002 12:19am  
I would be skeptical about the idea, but the age difference alone doesn't mean that much to me. I would have to meet the man and know what he's like before I could even begin to say. Since my sister is a very practical person, I 'd probably see her reason for wanting to marry the guy despite the age difference.
(reply to RayB) posted 24-Jun-2002 12:29am  
Better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.
posted 25-Jun-2002 5:20am  
My 34 year old sister was engaged to a 56 year old man. Our dad is 56 years old too. It was weird but it he makes her happy...
posted 29-Jun-2002 10:31am  
(reply to ASexyBabesToy) posted 29-Jun-2002 1:58pm  
No pun intended, I'm sure.
(reply to NthenSome) posted 1-Jul-2002 5:13pm  
laughing out loud
posted 1-Jul-2002 11:05pm  
Hey, when you got to go... ( <--- check out the "shake" at the end - heh heh)
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to NthenSome) posted 5-Jul-2002 7:09pm  
Oh wow!!! smiley:::grin
(reply to NthenSome) posted 6-Jul-2002 3:06am  
Shame on you, corrupting young women with monkeys. That's mandy's job.
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 6-Jul-2002 12:55pm  
I was just...I...
*alas, runs out of convincing arguments*
(reply to NthenSome) posted 7-Jul-2002 12:53am  
Well then, I'm out of convincing accusations.
posted 12-Aug-2002 1:31pm  
make sure the guy had a lotta money

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