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essay22-Jan-2002quizDino unsorted481260.0%


If its 12:00 noon in your town, what time is it in these places?

1. New York (US)
2. London (UK)
3. Helsinki (Fin)
4. Los Angeles (US)
5. Ottawa (Can)
6. Sydney (Aus)
7. Adelaide (Aus)
8. Wellington (NZ)
9. Hong Kong (China)
10. Cape Town (SA)

*can you do this without looking - its a quiz.*


posted 23-Jan-2002 10:44am  
1. 06h00
2. 11h00
3. 13h00
4. 03h00
5. 04h00/05h00/06h00 (?)
6. 22h00
7. 22h00 (?)
8. 00h00+
9. 20h00 (?)

I'm not sure about Ottawa, Adelaide and Hong Kong. Pretty sure about the rest.
posted 23-Jan-2002 11:02am  
1. Same
2. Later
3. Later
4. Earlier
5. Earlier
6. Later
7. Later
8. Later
9. Later
10. Later
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 23-Jan-2002 11:02am  
1. Time to order Chinese delivery for lunch.
2. Well past time for tea.
3. That close to the arctic circle, it's always nighttime.
4. Time to drive the two blocks from work to the Starbucks on the corner for your morning latte.
5. Time for some beer, eh?
6. Summertime.
7. Time to dress up as drag queens and hop a bus to Alice Springs.
8. Time to bring the sheep in from pasture.
9. Some time tomorrow.
10. I honestly have no clue.
posted 23-Jan-2002 11:10am  
New York - 1:00PM
London - Fudge if I know
Helsinki - FIIK
LA - 10:00am
Ottawa - I'll guess 11:00, but I don't know where above US it is.
Sydney - FIIK
Adelaide - FIIK
Wellington - FIIK
Hong Kong - FIIK
Cape Town - FIIK

2/10 isn't so bad.
posted 23-Jan-2002 12:22pm  
Damn my own survey. Okay here goes.
12.00 in London.
1. NY - 07:00
2. Lon - 12:00 smiley:::smile (one right)
3. Hel - 13:00
4. LA - 05:00
5. Ott - 7:00
6. Syd - 0:00
7. Ade - 23:00
8. Wel - 1:00
9. HK - 20:00
10.CT - 14:00
(reply to Enheduanna) posted 23-Jan-2002 12:27pm  
laughing out loud good answers!
posted 23-Jan-2002 1:29pm  
From Costa Rica, in L.A. it's 10:00 and in N.Y. it's, um, later.
Too many time zones, sorry.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator This user is on the site NOW (23 seconds ago)
posted 23-Jan-2002 1:30pm  
Which part of the year? When it's BST in the UK or GMT?
posted 23-Jan-2002 2:14pm  
New York - 6am?
London - 12 noon!!!
Helsinki - 1pm?
LA - 2am?
Ottawa - 5am?
Sydney - 1am
Adelaide - 11pm?
Wellington - 11pm?
Hong Kong - midnight?
Cape Town - 5pm?

Bleck. I have no clue.
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 23-Jan-2002 2:34pm  
depends on the time of year as we have daylight savings time and not all these places do, but for today, I'm guessing...

1. New York - noon
2. London - 5PM
3. Helsinki - ... 7PM?
4. LA - 9AM
5. Ottawa - 11AM?
6. Sydney - midnight?
7. Adelaide - 1AM?
8. Wellington - midnight?
9. Hong Kong - midnight
10. Cape Town - 5PM
posted 23-Jan-2002 3:07pm  
1. 11am
2. ???
3. ???
4. 7am
5. 11am
6. ???
7. ???
8. ???
9. ???
10. ???
posted 23-Jan-2002 4:08pm  
NY - 2 AM
London - 6 AM, as I'm in GMT+6
Helsinki - 8 AM
LA - midnight
Ottawa - 1 or 2 AM
Sydney - 5 PM
Adelaide - 3 PM
Wellington - 6 PM
Hong Kong - noon
Cape Town - 8 AM
posted 23-Jan-2002 4:11pm  
I have no idea.
posted 23-Jan-2002 4:18pm  
Well.. I live in the UK so I reckon...
New York 7am
London 12noon
Helsinki 2pm
Los Angeles 4am
Ottawa 7am
Sydney 11pm
Adelaide 9pm
Wellington 12midnight
Hong Kong 7pm
Cape Town 1pm.
posted 23-Jan-2002 5:09pm  
   Heh. Some people seem to know the position of Cape Town better than the position of Adelaide.
   From what I can find, Adelaide is GMT+9 and Sydney is GMT+10... GMT+12 for Wellington, GMT+1 for Cape Town, GMT-5 for Ottawa and New York, GMT-8 for Los Angeles, GMT+2 for Helsinki and GMT+8 for Hong Kong (this is a hard one, too close to the boundary, 114.1)... But I was looking at geographical maps and longitude, actual time zones may be different for political reasons. And daylight savings.
posted 23-Jan-2002 6:24pm  
NYC-also 12 noon
California-9 a.m.
England ?? (I think 5 p.m.)
I don't know the rest
posted 23-Jan-2002 6:47pm  
I'm not even going to try.
Strider Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 24-Jan-2002 12:41am  
1. New York (US) (12:00 Noon)
2. London (UK) (5:00 PM)
3. Helsinki (Fin) (don't know)
4. Los Angeles (US) (9:00 am)
5. Ottawa (Can) (12:00 Noon)
6. Sydney (Aus)
7. Adelaide (Aus) (don't know)
8. Wellington (NZ) (don't know)
9. Hong Kong (China)(don't know)
10. Cape Town (SA)(don't know

By the way I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
posted 24-Jan-2002 1:57am  
I can only do two off the list, New York (3 p.m.) and Los Angeles (12 noon-we're in the same time zone). I could do the others, but I would have to cheat and look them up to be able to get the right answers.
(reply to confetti) posted 24-Jan-2002 1:59am  
If it's any help to you, New York is three hours ahead of L.A.
posted 24-Jan-2002 2:13am  
1. 5 AM
2. 10 AM
3. 12 AM (Surprisingly)
4. 1 or 2 AM?
5. 4 AM?
6. 8 PM?
7. 6 PM?
8. 9 PM?
9. 6 PM?
10. 12 AM

I had to guess the most of these. The only ones I knew for sure were New York, London, Helsinki and Cape Town.

Great survey!
posted 24-Jan-2002 3:50am  
smiley:::smile The only one i know here is number 8, Wellington, New Zealand, coz it's the same as here in Auckland New Zealand smiley:::smile
posted 24-Jan-2002 10:22am  
Not a scoobie.
(reply to Dino) posted 24-Jan-2002 1:39pm  
So are those the right answers, or your guess at the right answers?
posted 24-Jan-2002 10:04pm  
1) 9:00 AM
2) 10:00 PM
3) 9:00 PM
4) Noon
5) 10:00 AM
6) 10:00 PM
7) 10:00 PM
8) 8:00 PM
9) Midnight
10) 10:00 PM

I'm probably way off on some of them.
(reply to Dino) posted 24-Jan-2002 10:24pm  
So are you going to mark us? I see you didn't make Adelaide 23:30! I didn't realise how fudgeed up I was until I looked at a time zone map and realised I had been subtracting instead of adding! Silly Zang! I managed to get Los Angeles (same time zone as me) right, and fluked off Wellington and Capetown (somewhere on the other side of the planet).
(reply to icurok) posted 25-Jan-2002 4:26am  
My guess. I'm as clueless as the rest of you.
(reply to Zang) posted 25-Jan-2002 4:27am  
I guess eventually I will have to mark you all. Its a big job.
posted 26-Jan-2002 2:53am  
I'm really bad at this.I can't remember if I add or subtract.

New York 12 noon
Los Angeles 9am
Hawaii (depending tho on daylight savings time.)6 am or 7 am. Who the heck thought of doing this daylight savings time,had too much time on HIS hands.
London 6 pm
posted 14-Feb-2002 6:15pm  
hoo care mon?

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