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1What are some of your favorite books/novels/comic books?57.9%  
2Do you like to work on Crossword Puzzles?54.3%  
3How many cookbooks do you own?58.3%  
4Which of these books have you read? 2013 version55.4%  
5How would you decipher this fortune?57.5%  
6Which of these quotes about books best expresses your opinion?56.0%  
7Which of the following books have you read? 2012 edition55.9%  
8Have you read Fifty Shades of Grey?56.8%  
9What do you use to read books?55.7%  
10Do you believe fanfictions should be allowed to be published?50.0%  
11Do you have a dictionary written or published prior to 1946?56.0%  
12Which of these plays have you seen/read?61.3%  
13Which of these books have you read? 2011 version56.1%  
14Is there a recent book you've read or are reading that you'd like to recommend to the rest of us?57.1%  
15Are there any books you have read that you would like to see made into a movie?57.6%  
16Word Count: What is the longest piece of literature you've ever written?59.7%  
17Do you write on or in your books?58.3%  
18How do you feel about John Galt's pledge from Atlas Shrugged?60.0%  
19Which of these pieces of advice from Polonius's speech to Laertes do you agree with?69.4%  
20Which of these have you read?55.6%  
21Which of the following books have you read?54.4%  
22What book are you reading now?56.9%  
23What kind of poems do you like??50.0%  
24What are your favorite kinds of books?55.0%  
25Is it censorship for not to sell the guide to pedophilia?56.4%  
26Who would you say is the most important author from your country?57.4%  
27Which of the poems, which are listed by opening line, do you know the name/author of?63.0%  
28Read something that you've been meaning to.58.3%  
29Spot the genuine Shakespeare quotes56.8%  
30If you ever liked comic books, what was/is your favorite(s)?51.8%