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1What's happening to my eyes?55.3%  
2What would you do if you got lost in the woods?54.3%  
3What do you think is a bad grade/ mark in school?56.0%  
4If you could upload your consciousness/soul into a computer before your death, would you?51.7%  
5You can only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would you eat?55.6%  
6Do you know why it is called Marade?50.0%  
7If you call someone crazy, and they become terribly upset, does that mean that they are, in fact, crazy?55.8%  
8What would your impression be of a person whose home smelled of marijuana smoke?55.8%  
9How would you feel about a parent bringing their young child of the opposite gender into a public changing room?58.0%  
10How would you feel if you saw an apparently able-bodied person using a parking spot reserved for people with disabilities?59.3%  
11Choose your new fictional housekeeper.56.5%  
12Do you think that humans will be able to survive on Mars?50.0%  
13Do you feel like you are being watched?50.0%  
14What would you think if someone gave you $50,000.00?50.0%  
15If money was not a factor (if all jobs paid the same), what would be your dream job/career?54.2%  
16If you could create an exact replica of your personality and place it inside the body of another human being, would you like that person?57.4%  
17Are you the most powerful person in your neighborhood?52.1%  
18Someone is briskly pacing for a while on the outside edge of a parking lot, over and over and over...52.2%  
19How would you split $1,000,000 between you and another person?55.8%  
20If you saw talents in a 3rd grader that others didn't see, would you point it out?50.0%  
21How would you split $10 between you and another person?56.0%  
22What would you make?55.6%  
23Can you think of anything that would be okay if a few people did it, but not okay if everyone did it?57.7%  
24Would you think anything of this?50.0%  
25Would you give him anything?53.8%  
26Do you think you are able to tell the difference between someone who is rehearsing wording, and someone who is delusionally talking to themselves?54.8%  
27If you were about to become homeless where would you live?56.0%  
28Would you stop the kid?50.0%  
29If you knew someone who was not self-aware enough to realize when they looked odd or weird, would you tell them?52.3%  
30If you knew someone who was not self-aware enough to realize when they looked suspicious, would you tell them?50.0%