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1The Survey Central (Virtual) Raffle58.3%  
2What would you donate to the SC silent auction?56.8%  
3What are all of your passwords?57.7%  
4What is your social security number?47.9%  
5What is your mother's maiden name?45.8%  
6Have you heard of Jimmy Savile, a new addition to the most infamous of all British People?55.8%  
7Complicate a simple thing.52.4%  
8Does the word "monkeeeee" look like it would make a mean guitar?56.3%  
9If you could be kidnapped by kind strangers, at what age would you most like this to happen?54.2%  
10Guess what?52.0%  
11What color is your favorite number?54.2%  
12Do you think that the Denver Broncos would have won the Super Bowl if they smoked some pot?47.6%  
13Do you suffer from SHD?58.0%  
14I feel like being random. Girbing loobles, know what I mean?54.2%  
15What's the story?57.9%  
16Name a famous Ford Guy.57.4%  
17most random comment you could ever make?51.9%  
18Do you like to eat crow?51.9%  
19Name a famous Maria!51.9%  
20I didn't know that! Please elect which of these statements you believe are true:54.2%  
21Can I pick your brain apart for a whole week?50.0%  
22Will your truthful answer to this survey be "no"?57.4%  
23Have you ever danced naked in the meadow by the light of a full moon while balancing an egg on your nose and singing the French national anthem?55.8%  
24What Shall We Do With a Drunken Sailor?58.0%  
25Does this at least make you grin?51.6%  
26How long is a piece of string?55.9%  
27Don't you just hate to go poopy?38.0%  
28Which way would you most like to be murdered (assuming you have a choice and must make a choice)?57.9%  
29Did Noah have woodworms on the ark? If he did, where did he keep them?56.0%  
30At a (movie) theater which arm rest is yours?56.9%