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1You are at a bar and.............62.5%  
2There's a high-speed bus barreling toward you with no signs of slowing down. Your dog and a foreign tourist stand in its path, deer-in-the-headlights style. You can only save one. Which do you choose?53.7%  
3Would you buy shares?51.9%  
4What side are you on - girl should be treated with traditional medicine or not?50.0%  
5Do you think it is right or wrong for a company to force male employees to remove earings while allowing only females to wear them as they please?58.1%  
6Do you try to be kind to other people?54.3%  
7Can you always trust someone who is in a position of being trusted around children?52.6%  
8Could brain injuries be an excuse for your behavior?52.3%  
9Would it make you feel uncomfortable if you saw a man in drag?50.0%  
10What are women's opinions of men Crossdressing in Public?50.0%  
11Should women earn as much pay as their male co-workers?47.9%  
12Is it important to behave around other people?52.6%  
13Do you refuse to, give into, what others may be doing?45.7%  
14Do you try to stand up for other peoples rights?52.2%  
15Which of these do you consider to be virtues?57.1%  
16Should women in the Armed Forces be allowed in combat?50.0%  
17Why does it seem easier to believe a pessimist than an optimist when it comes to world issues?59.7%  
18Would you do a doll?59.1%  
19Is it morally acceptable or unacceptable for an older male to have sex with a 15 year old female?57.9%  
20Do you support or oppose the use of live animals in medical research?55.7%  
21When should you reveal a secret you said you wouldn’t?55.2%  
22Should physicians be authorized to prescribe a lethal dose of a drug for the purpose of suicide?60.9%  
23What's your opinion on stem cell research?53.7%  
24This is a question for the atheists in the crowd.47.2%  
25Have you ever seriously considered killing another human being?54.1%  
26Is it moral to capitalize on things which could be prevented?54.4%  
27Do you take responsibility?56.9%  
28Is it immoral to use legal means to avoid paying taxes?55.0%  
29Is morality a learned trait or an inherent trait in most people?56.9%  
30Teen issues48.3%