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1How much do you have to do?58.8%  
2Have you ever fallen asleep on a chair?55.0%  
3What are some things you don't like about where you're living now?60.0%  
4What are some of the things you like best about the place where you live now?60.0%  
5Do you live on a busy street?58.0%  
6Is your first impulse to attack or accept the criticism?56.5%  
7Can you think of a scenario/example where the phrase "Less is more" would be applicable?52.3%  
8Do you really care what other people may think about you?54.2%  
9Have you ever won a fist fight?53.8%  
10What good things happened to you in your thirties?56.5%  
11What is the biggest mistake you made in your life?50.0%  
12Has your life been nothing but drama?47.6%  
13What has "made your day" / lifted your spirits today (or recently)56.5%  
14Has your life been an adventure?54.2%  
15What great things have you done?61.9%  
16Have you ever swallowed a piece of food and choked on it?52.4%  
17During the course of your lifetime, how much time have you wasted?57.1%  
18What is the biggest mistake you've made at work?59.1%  
19Have you tried to understand /study all 16 personality types on the MBTI?52.5%  
20Have you ever tried to "get in character" for practice, empathy, or fun when it wasn't necessary for stage acting?52.5%  
21Have you ever tried to imagine what it might feel like to be under the influence of a drug you have never used?52.3%  
22Are there any other-people's comfort considerations that you disregard?52.2%  
23what is the strangest advice your parents ever gave you and that proved to be correct?50.0%  
24Have you ever had to 'play detective'?53.7%  
25Did you ever visit the Netherlands and if so, did you have a good time?55.8%  
26Have you ever acted zany just to amuse yourself?50.0%  
27How would you describe the overall quality of your education?55.6%  
28Do you remember your dreams after waking?59.1%  
29If you are employed and have a boss, are you happy with him/her?56.0%  
30Have you ever seen a UFO or experienced something paranormal?55.0%