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1Do you know these bands or singers?55.0%  
2Do you like to play poker?52.0%  
3Have you watched any good documentaries lately?52.2%  
4Do you watch Under the Dome?50.0%  
5What are your favorite tv shows?56.8%  
6Do you have any memories of Robin Williams?52.5%  
7Do you like to see your picture in the Newspaper or a Magazine?50.0%  
8Do you subscribe to the magazine Consumer Reports?52.1%  
9Do you like to see local bands play?52.1%  
10What was the last live theatre performance you attended?52.2%  
11What was the first record you ever owned?60.4%  
12Do you remember the movie Love Story?55.6%  
13Which of these 'most expensive' movies have you seen?60.0%  
14Do you remember the cartoon Fat Albert?50.0%  
15What was the last song you actively listened to?54.8%  
16Do you like Country Music?52.1%  
17Do you think that Dish Network and Direct TV will merge and become one company?50.0%  
18Do you read the magazine People?50.0%  
19Where do you get your news from both local and world news?52.5%  
20Do you like watching crime drama on TV?50.0%  
21Besides on the computer, name a game children play together indoors.52.2%  
22Do you like the musical group Chicago?55.6%  
23Are you going to watch the Grammy Awards January 26?52.2%  
24Do you watch movies at home that recently were shown at a Movie Theatre?50.0%  
25Do you love to watch those Superbowl Commercials on TV?52.2%  
26Name a famous Gene52.1%  
27Do you have to compete for attention with 40 year old tv reruns?55.2%  
28Name a character on The Jeffersons.52.1%  
29Are you a regular comedian?54.2%  
30Do you like to watch live bands?53.8%