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1Who is the 'black sheep' in your family?56.0%  
2Rank these qualities that children should be encouraged to learn at home.54.5%  
3For how many generations has your family lived on the land where you live?56.0%  
4What traits did you inherit from your parents?56.9%  
5Do you have someone in your family who is Atheist?51.7%  
6If you had brothers or sisters as a child did you both wear each others clothes?52.0%  
7Are your birth parents still alive?47.9%  
8Is there someone in your family with the same name that you have?52.3%  
9What will you teach your grandchildren about music?54.5%  
10After your death and passing how will you be remembered by those who knew you?54.3%  
11Would you report your best friend to Social Services?46.2%  
12Do you keep in contact with family members who have moved away from you?54.0%  
13Do you know what your teenagers are doing behind closed doors?55.8%  
14Do you like your parents?52.0%  
16How many siblings live with you?52.7%  
17Would you boycott Chick-Fil-A?54.2%  
18Would you raise your kids the same way your parents raised you?55.7%  
19Do you come from a good family?54.4%  
20How many children is too many?60.0%  
21Does your family have secrets?60.0%  
22What has become of your childhood bedroom?60.9%  
23Have you ever danced with your family?58.6%  
24Should a person be obliged to take in a sibling who is moving back to town?58.8%  
25Do your pets fare better or worse around Christmas?59.3%  
26Have you suffered of depression?51.5%  
27Are you good at playing make-believe?60.3%  
28Does some kind of rivalry exist between you and a sibling?53.0%  
29Would you mind if your spouse stayed in contact with an old flame?57.4%  
30Are you aware of any famous (or infamous) people in your family tree?57.1%