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1Do you feel that your personality is relatively consistent?54.2%  
2What faction would you choose?56.8%  
3Can you take a hint?54.2%  
4Which of these statements describes you best?55.4%  
5Are you shy around people you do not know very well?56.0%  
6Rank these factors according to how much they motivate you.56.5%  
7Do you compare yourself to other people?52.0%  
8Are you considered to be a shy person?60.3%  
9Tell us something about yourself: Your hobbies/passions, favorite music, where you live, whatever….62.0%  
10Are you an apologist?58.9%  
11Is there something that you are happy about?50.0%  
12Do you believe that you are smarter than most people you know?50.0%  
13Do you accept others just as they are?54.2%  
14Do you believe that people they change over the years?47.7%  
15Do you feel a need to change? And why?56.3%  
16Do you like men who have long hair?56.5%  
17Do you suffer from a personality disorder?50.0%  
18Do you try to guess what that other person might be thinking about?55.4%  
19Are you more concerned about what other people do rather than what you do?54.0%  
20Do you like to sing karaoke in front of people?47.7%  
21Do you always feel the need to be right all of the time47.7%  
22When you remember events or things that happened to you, how do you picture it?55.0%  
23How often do you feel guilty for failing to be happy?54.2%  
24How would you rather be coerced into doing something?52.4%  
25There are basically two kinds of human beings. Which kind are you?54.7%  
26Can you be trusted?54.7%  
27Do you really care what somebody may think about you?53.2%  
28If someone described you as sentimental, would you take that as a compliment or an insult?53.1%  
29What Myer Briggs personality type are you?56.5%  
30Can you hold two opposed ideas in your mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function?54.8%