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1What internet browser do you use most?58.0%  
2How often does your internet connection go down?54.8%  
3What's your cable & internet monthly bill?52.2%  
4Which versions of Microsoft Windows have you used (so far)?57.1%  
5What Operating System(s) do you have on computational devices in your home?57.4%  
6Should something be done about cyberbullying?54.8%  
7Have you posted on Facebook or Twitter?54.0%  
8Is your mobile phone a piece of junk?52.2%  
9Are you easy to find on the internet if someone does a web search?50.0%  
11Did you know that your TV can be watching YOU?55.8%  
12How many passwords do you have to websites?56.3%  
13What color is your keyboard?54.2%  
14Does your computer just seem very slow?50.0%  
15Do you visit these web-sites?50.0%  
16Are there any online comic strips that you read regularly?51.7%  
17Do you own, or want, a tablet computer?56.5%  
18Do you have an account on goodreads?55.2%  
19Which of these personal computational devices do you own?53.3%  
20Have you ever paid for an email account with Hotmail?54.4%  
21Have you/do you use any sort of "cloud" storage service?50.0%  
22What is the best/most useful free software that you have used?55.0%  
23What picture is your desktop background?56.1%  
24If your cat threw up on your printer, would you toss it or clean it?56.7%  
25Are you familiar with microwork?51.6%  
26Apart from the keyboard and mouse, how many and what type of peripherals do you have connected to your computer ?56.9%  
27Does anyone belong to Pinterest?51.8%  
28Do you use Library Computers?51.6%  
29Do you have/use VoIP and if so do you use it for local and long distance?53.1%  
30Which social networks do you currently use?58.6%