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1How do you pronouce the word 'coupon'?56.3%  
2Can you rank the world's top languages in the right order?63.6%  
3How often do you say "please"?53.2%  
4Do you sit in front of your computer or behind it?53.6%  
6What do you picture first when you hear the word clutch?58.1%  
7How many different languages can you speak?56.9%  
8Do you think that punctuation is important?59.6%  
9Punctuate this...52.8%  
10Would you hug a hunter?47.6%  
11Stereotypes of your Country56.0%  
12GLEN :: What do you think of first?57.6%  
13Which of these are fastest?61.3%  
14Hi There: Have you ever spoken to a stranger next to you, when you thought you were talking to a friend or relative?53.7%  
15Taking It Back: Have you ever said to someone, "I take that back"?54.0%  
16Audible Quirks: Do you think you make sounds that others might haven't told you are characteristic of you?54.2%  
17Says It All: If you were limited to speaking only three more words for the rest of your life, what would you say?56.7%  
18Without looking it up, would you know how to pronounce the Vietnamese surname "Nguyen"?60.3%  
19Do you use any of these Canadian words?58.6%  
20Which of these words and phrases beginning with the letter V describe you?63.5%  
21Is there a word that always make you trip?60.9%  
22Have you ever heard of or used the word "Skeuomorph"?53.0%  
23Finish this sentence: Don't cry ...56.0%  
24What words make you cringe?60.5%  
25Do you say "anyway" or "anyways"?56.3%  
26How does your name look in chinese?57.8%  
27Does it drive you crazy when someone says "axing" instead of "asking"?55.1%  
28Do you say "by accident" or "on accident"?57.7%  
29Have you broken...?63.2%  
30Do you put one to two spaces at the end of a sentence when you type?54.8%