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1Do you write verbs on your 'to do' list?50.0%  
2Do you like to paint rooms in your home?54.5%  
3Do you play the banjo?52.8%  
4How often do you shave your face?55.0%  
5Do you like shopping at the Farmers Market?56.5%  
6Is your favorite color black?58.3%  
7Do you take surveys on other websites?50.0%  
8If someone wanted to come over and inspect your home tomorrow, would you have it visitor ready in time?54.3%  
9How is your handwriting?60.0%  
10Can you swim?47.7%  
11How often do you bathe/shower?54.0%  
12Do you wear a bracelet?56.0%  
13Do you like to collect coins?52.2%  
14Do you like to collect business cards?54.2%  
15Do you have a secret hiding place?52.2%  
16Do you use a spreadsheet to manage your finances?57.7%  
17Do you separate your clothing by seasons?56.8%  
18Do you use any form of virtual banking?52.5%  
19What other uses do you use your cell phone for?54.8%  
20Do you like to hear mechanical clocks tick?54.3%  
21What type of soap you like best for washing your hands?54.0%  
22Which way do you hang the toliet paper in the bathroom?51.9%  
23What arm do you wear a watch on and what hand are you?55.6%  
24Do you play the trumpet?52.1%  
25How often do you wash your car?53.7%  
26Do you play the accordion?54.2%  
27What have you taken from a hotel room?58.7%  
28Do you tell lies?52.3%  
29Which film have you seen the most times?59.3%  
30How often do you check your email?56.3%