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1Do you like to eat dark chocolate?51.9%  
2Do you like to eat corn that is on a cob?52.1%  
3Where do you store your ketchup (catsup)?58.7%  
4Do you like to eat homemade pizza?52.6%  
5Do you like to eat fudge striped cookies?54.2%  
6Do you like to drink tap water?53.8%  
7Are you hungry for something?52.6%  
8Have you ever eaten a Rambutan?56.5%  
9Jackfruit, anyone?54.5%  
10What's the last thing you cooked?52.2%  
11Do you like Horseradish sauce?50.0%  
12Do you like to eat Hershey's candy bars?50.0%  
13Are you happy and satisfied with Trader Joe's?52.3%  
14Have you ever eaten at Ponderosa Steakhouse?54.0%  
15What is your favorite type of bread?57.4%  
16Have you ever had roadkill for dinner or lunch?47.7%  
17Do you like to eat at Pizza Hut?53.8%  
18Should kids be allowed in fancy Restaurants?47.6%  
19Do you go out to eat on New Years Eve?51.9%  
20Do you take that stringy stuff off your banana before eating it?53.8%  
21Do you bake cookies for Christmas?55.8%  
22Do you like to eat fresh cut French Fries?50.0%  
23What is your favorite part of Thanksgiving?54.3%  
24In what ways is the typical fast food meal bad for you?57.4%  
25Do you like to drink lemonade?51.9%  
26Do you like to drink eggnog?56.5%  
27Have you ever been to a food bank?50.0%  
28Do you like to drink apple juice?50.0%  
29Do you put the cookie down?58.3%  
30Do you like to eat tuna casserole?53.7%