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1Do you tell your pets how much you love them?55.8%  
2Would you offer to pay for part of a veterinary bill in this case?53.6%  
3How old were you when you got your first pet?53.8%  
4Which pet do you think makes the best house pet?55.4%  
5Do you have a pet skunk?53.2%  
6Have you ever wondered if your pet was sexually attracted to you?51.2%  
7What should we name the bear?53.4%  
8How do you feel when someone responds verbally to a dog like the dog understand?59.7%  
9Have you ever had a pet that refused to eat commercial pet food?56.3%  
10If You Saw a Guide Dog / Seeing Eye Dog with it's Master on the Street, How Would You React?54.8%  
11How many cats does cerealkiller have?59.5%  
12Do you love hearing a cat purr?60.0%  
13If u could get any animal in the world what would it be? Sega Dreamcast51.4%  
14Weekly kitty litter box exchange service-how much to pay is fair?51.7%  
15Do you feel weird being naked in front of your pet(s)?60.0%  
16Do you currently own a dog?54.4%  
17Do you think that it is possible that some dogs can have mental illness the same way some people do (such as Schizophrenia)?57.4%  
18Do barking dogs annoy you?59.7%  
19Do you like hearing a cat purr?58.1%  
20True story: I saw a fox approaching a cat that was asleep last night. Before the fox got to attack the cat, I shouted at it and it ran away. Was this the right thing to do?57.9%  
21Are human beings more important than all other animals?56.3%  
22Have you ever had a rat as a pet?53.8%  
23Does your pet have a particularly annoying habit or behavior?55.1%  
24Can you tell a cat's sex without lifting its tail?53.9%  
25Do you think animal experimentation is right?53.9%  
26Do you believe that cats and dogs have the ability to reason?59.7%  
27Have you noticed either a decline or increase in certain kinds of animals in the area where you live?61.1%  
28Which of these scary animals are you most afraid of?61.4%  
29Do you ever wonder if your pet(s) enjoy the music you listen to?59.7%  
30How many cats are enough?55.4%