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1I am the timekeeper-- What should I do?58.0%  
2Who do you think the Cardinals will select to be the new Pope?52.3%  
3Just who the hell is Freebird anyway?53.5%  
4What are/is your favorite Lynyrd Skynyrd Band song(s)?52.6%  
5Do you believe meditation is good for the soul?53.8%  
6If you had to donate a million US dollars to charity, which ones would they be?55.1%  
7Do you think Ralph Nader is sincere in his bid for President?53.9%  
8Who do you think John Kerry should pick as his running mate on the Democratic Party Ticket?52.5%  
9Here's a color--give me the first word that comes to mind.50.0%  
10What is the world's most urgent concern at this time?57.1%  
11Should I change my electric service for a more expensive one?54.9%  
12Do you prefer filtered or non-filtered cigarettes?57.4%