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1If you were going to audition for a talent show, what would your talent be?54.3%  
2With which of these Rick James songs are familiar?51.1%  
3What does trick-or-treat mean to you?54.2%  
4When the sun rises, I...52.1%  
5I envy you because...55.7%  
6Spouse or Child?42.5%  
7If your place of dwelling were on fire right now, what would you do?52.0%  
8What candy's dandy?56.3%  
9How would you rank these contemporary game systems?47.1%  
10Which of these raunchy shows keeps you glued to the tv?52.3%  
11What would you do if...?54.4%  
12What would be your last supper?59.4%