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1What are some of your favorite books/novels/comic books?56.5%  
2What are your favorite tv shows?56.5%  
3Do you watch Under the Dome?50.0%  
4If money was not a factor (if all jobs paid the same), what would be your dream job/career?54.2%  
5Do you remember me?52.1%  
6If you had to rank this site on a scale of 1-10 (1 being worst, 10 favorite)compared to other sites you visit on a normal basis, what would you rank it?57.8%  
7What is the longest amount of time that you have ever spent on this site?57.8%  
8How creative are you?54.2%  
9Have you ever secretly wanted to have sex with any of your close female or male friends?49.2%  
10If you had to eat either a whole glass plate or a dog, which would you choose?46.8%  
11What in your opinion is your worst physical attribute?52.0%  
12Do you believe celebrities get off too easily in criminal trials and charges?57.4%  
13What are your reasons for being or not being an organ donor?56.8%  
14Do you have a tattoo?59.5%  
15Do you check out your reflection every time you pass a window or mirror?54.2%  
16Go on, be a critic:Tell us what the last movie you saw was and give it a rating (1-10)61.3%  
17If you had the choice of having eternal life by becoming a vampire after you "died", but you had to sell your soul to the devil first, would you do it?53.6%