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1Which of these 12 are the most deadly viruses known to man?50.0%  
2Do you think it's necessary to keep us safe from the Ebola virus?50.0%  
3Would you rather be the kid that gets picked on or the kid that gets in trouble?50.0%  
4How do you generally watch movies?55.6%  
5Which way do you hang the toliet paper in the bathroom?52.3%  
6What arm do you wear a watch on and what hand are you?54.3%  
7When unsure about a situation, are you more inclined to operate based on possibilities or probablilities?47.5%  
8What is your expensive habit in this list?55.4%  
9Do you like chatting on Facebook?52.2%  
10Are you a massage therapist?50.0%  
11Do you play the trumpet?52.5%  
12Do you like to gamble?54.5%  
13Have you ever been to Croatia?52.5%  
14Do you think that President Obama U.S. is doing enough to stop the spread of Ebola?52.1%  
15What are your thoughts on the new Blackberry Phone?53.8%  
16Would you say/think this was a racist statement or remark?53.7%  
17Which is more important?57.4%  
18How busy are you?58.3%  
19If you had brothers or sisters as a child did you both wear each others clothes?52.3%  
20You are driving along and hit somebody with your motor vehicle, would you know that you hit someone ?50.0%  
21Name a famous river in Canada!52.2%  
22Do you take anything to help you with sleeping?62.0%  
23What's your opinion on e-cigarettes?57.7%  
24Do you believe there are zombies and UFO's?50.0%  
25Are your birth parents still alive?47.9%  
26Is the Ebola virus a greater threat to the U.S. than we first thought?47.6%  
27Are you concerned about your online accounts getting hacked by hackers?52.0%  
28How often do you say "please"?53.3%  
29Do you sit in front of your computer or behind it?53.7%  
30Do you think it is right or wrong for a company to force male employees to remove earings while allowing only females to wear them as they please?58.3%