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1Have you donated to an ALS charity since hearing about the "ice bucket challenge"?57.9%  
2Do you feel like you are being watched?50.0%  
3Can you recall any life experience you have had that probably no one else here has had?54.5%  
4The Survey Central (Virtual) Raffle60.0%  
5How often do you wash your car?54.5%  
6Do you play the accordion?54.5%  
7Have you ever found paper money on the ground?52.3%  
8Do you like to play poker?52.2%  
9Do you criticise yourself more than you criticise others?56.5%  
10Have you watched any good documentaries lately?52.5%  
11Could President Obama ever be arrested for abuse of power?47.6%  
12Do you know someone who has been a victim of bullying?54.8%  
13What would you think if someone gave you $50,000.00?50.0%  
14What is written on your gravestone under your name and dates?52.8%  
15Do you try to be kind to other people?54.5%  
16Is suicide a selfish act?54.5%  
17What have you taken from a hotel room?58.7%  
18What would you donate to the SC silent auction?57.1%  
19Do you watch Under the Dome?50.0%  
20What are your favorite tv shows?55.3%  
21What are some of your favorite books/novels/comic books?55.6%  
22Do you have any memories of Robin Williams?52.6%  
23Have you ever accidentally made a weird noise, and someone nearby said "what was that"?54.5%  
24If money was not a factor (if all jobs paid the same), what would be your dream job/career?54.5%  
25Do you tell lies?52.3%  
26Which film have you seen the most times?60.0%  
27Everyone has a story in life. What is yours in a nut shell?54.3%  
28Do you like to see your picture in the Newspaper or a Magazine?50.0%  
29Do you remember me?52.1%  
30Do you think I should forward the survey about the artist's logo to the artist in question?52.2%