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1How full is your refrigerator?57.9%  
2What traits did you inherit from your parents?57.1%  
3Do you like hamburgers cooked over an open fire?52.5%  
4Do you own a loveseat?55.3%  
5Can you name a famous Mary?52.4%  
6what is the strangest advice your parents ever gave you and that proved to be correct?50.0%  
7Have you ever had to 'play detective'?54.8%  
8Do you like to watch baseball?52.5%  
9Is there a TV show you watch that people ask "you watch that?" when you mention it?52.8%  
10Did Hillary Clinton break any laws by using private email accounts?50.0%  
11Name a famous Sally.54.3%  
12Do you think some TV commercials can be annoying?52.2%  
13Best "exotic" meats to try.50.0%  
14Are you going to see the Rolling Stones live in concert?55.3%  
15Bill Maher or Bill O'Reilly?55.2%  
16Do you like to collect coins?52.3%  
17Do you like to bake cookies?52.2%  
18Do you like to watch the Music Awards Shows?52.0%  
19Do you like to drink Juice?52.4%  
20Did you ever visit the Netherlands and if so, did you have a good time?55.8%  
21Do you have someone in your family who is Atheist?51.9%  
22Have you ever acted zany just to amuse yourself?50.0%  
23Do you own a pet rabbit?52.1%  
24Do you like the variety show, The Carol Burnett Show?54.2%  
25Do you like wearing hooded sweatshirts?54.5%  
26In general, at work, do you prefer to report to a man or a woman?56.3%  
27How do you take your coffee?56.8%  
28Are you excited about Panam Games 2015 held in Toronto this summer?56.8%  
29Which singers or bands or songs are you enjoying listening to at the moment?58.7%  
30Do you use Instagram, If so, to what extent?54.2%