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1What percentage of traffic laws do you obey?50.0%  
2The best home town restaurant.66.7%  
3Have you ever had a "liquid lunch?"50.0%  
4What are three things that you are selfishly thankful for?66.7%  
5Have you eaten green bean casserole?58.3%  
6Do you trust people to fix your things that you don't know how to fix?63.6%  
7If a turtle doesn't have it's shell, is it homeless or naked?59.1%  
8What kind of animal is Goofy?58.3%  
9What is the longest period of time you could go without access to the internet?62.5%  
10Do you have your childhood dream job?50.0%  
11Has technology afforded you more free time?54.5%  
12Do you text and drive?57.7%  
13When did you become a 'grown up?'54.2%  
14Are you a problem solver or a problem creator?61.5%  
15Are you famous?53.3%  
16Have you ever participated in industrial action?53.8%  
17What day during the week is the best night to stay at a motel/hotel?53.8%  
18Name a famous Jim.57.1%  
19Are you good at spelling?53.8%  
20Do you like blue cheese?61.1%  
21Are there any food blogs that you like?55.3%  
22What was in the last parcel you received in the post?61.9%  
23What was your last "not-your-best idea"?55.3%  
24Have you ever welded?56.8%  
25What is the most exciting thing you have done since you got up?54.5%  
26When was the last time you dug a hole?58.3%  
27What was the last thing you complained about?54.8%  
28Do you have any cast iron cookware?50.0%  
29Have you ever stepped on a Lego?54.5%  
30Do you eat breakfast every morning?54.3%