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1If you live in California is your home being threatened by wildfires?44.4%  
2Do you think that you think for yourself?54.2%  
3Are you concerned about the Ebola virus outbreak?53.6%  
4If you were going to attend a funeral of a SC member which member would that be?50.0%  
5Do you like to eat dark chocolate?52.3%  
6Do you own a tent?57.1%  
7Do you like to eat corn that is on a cob?52.5%  
8What's the word(s) from your youth?52.0%  
9Do you remember where you were on 9/11/2001?50.0%  
10Do you like shopping at Thrift Stores?52.1%  
11Do you own a pocket watch?52.1%  
12Do you like the color pink?58.0%  
13Do you think that humans will be able to survive on Mars?50.0%  
14Have you ever been summoned for jury duty?56.0%  
15Do you regret it when you talk about something to other people that you did not mean to tell them?54.5%  
16is there a certain time or day that you Log In to SC?52.2%  
17Are you living in poverty?53.8%  
18Do you know these bands or singers?55.4%  
19Which of these women will you vote for as the next President in 2016?50.0%  
20Would you think twice before doing something stupid and illegal?50.0%  
21Should you be concerned about any terrorists threats to your country?51.9%  
22Sometimes my mouse double clicks. Should I throw it across the room and get a new one?51.9%  
23Have you ever put google eyes on anything other than a craft project?50.0%  
24Have you donated to an ALS charity since hearing about the "ice bucket challenge"?57.4%  
25Do you feel like you are being watched?50.0%  
26Can you recall any life experience you have had that probably no one else here has had?53.7%  
27The Survey Central (Virtual) Raffle58.7%  
28How often do you wash your car?53.7%  
29Do you play the accordion?54.2%  
30Have you ever found paper money on the ground?51.9%