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1What is your favorite Cheech and Chong movie?50.0%  
2What drinks goes good with Vodka?53.1%  
3Which pet is the most fun to play with?56.7%  
4What rodent makes the best pet?53.6%  
5You are at a bar and.............60.5%  
6Do you know what is in this image?53.3%  
7Have you ever had a yard sale?52.9%  
8Should Caitlyn Jenner (formerly Bruce Jenner) be sent to a women's prison or a men's prison for manslaughter charges stemming from that auto accident in California?52.2%  
9Have you ever caught a fish?56.8%  
10Have you heard of the following musicians?57.1%  
11Looking at the map below which direction would you say the train is traveling?54.8%  
12The relationship between Daenerys and Khal Drogo in the series Game of Thrones is47.4%  
13Do you like options?54.3%  
14Do you like to eat BBQ rib sandwiches?54.3%  
15Are you good with math?54.2%  
16Do you know someone who essentially drank themselves to death?54.8%  
17Socially women have it way better than men50.0%  
18How do you eat corn on the cob?54.3%  
19Four years ago I asked, is Donald Trump a chump and so I ask again!53.7%  
20Name a famous cat.60.9%  
21Do you like shopping at the Farmers Market?56.5%  
22Is your favorite color black?58.3%  
23What's happening to my eyes?55.3%  
24Do you have any graph paper?54.5%  
25Do you have the "gift of gab"?62.5%  
26How do you treat people who do not share your religious or political beliefs?58.7%  
27Which of these things do you have in your yard?56.3%  
28Have you ever had mice come in your house?54.0%  
29Have you ever been in a parade?56.3%  
30Do you know who Ray Brower is?54.3%