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1If a traffic cone had a personality, what would it be like?62.5%  
2Do you examine the mystery splat or just wipe it off?62.5%  
3If you were a bird, would you hang out on the light post above the exit to the car wash?56.7%  
4Would you look in the box?52.8%  
5Are you a "green light anticipator" or a "yellow light accelerator"?58.8%  
6Tell me a reason parents of a teenage girl might not let her date a certain guy.57.5%  
7Do you always wash your hands before you eat?57.5%  
8Do you like to wear necklaces?57.5%  
9What do you call your boss?57.9%  
10How often do you feel able to meet the demands placed upon you in your occupation?56.3%  
11What would you willingly pay more for next time?61.1%  
12Driven Mad: Do you let "lane cheaters" in?54.5%  
13Do you like to drink orange juice?52.3%  
14Do you own any credit cards?56.5%  
15Do you like to drink cherry juice?52.2%  
16When do you change your underwear?52.3%  
17How do you pronounce the word 'bury'?58.7%  
18How do you pronouce the word 'coupon'?56.3%  
19Which type of soup tastes the best?58.7%  
20Do you like to eat fried chicken?52.2%  
21Do you like to eat barbecue chicken.50.0%  
22Do you think there's anything wrong with this?55.6%  
23Did you barf in 2015?54.2%  
24Have you ever kept an online blog?56.8%  
25What could you store in this sort of storage?54.3%  
26Have you ever had cabernet sauvignon?52.0%  
27Have you made any New Years Resolutions for 2016?52.2%  
28Do you like the snow?54.0%  
29Have you ever had a rat in your house?54.0%  
30Have you ever had a pet mouse?55.8%