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1Do you believe in privacy for its own sake?53.6%  
2Do you think that shoppers in a store should feel obligated to refrain from putting anything (of their own) into their bag or pocket, to prevent others from thinking they are stealing?52.9%  
3If someone snatched something of yours from your hands, would you consider that "assault"?52.5%  
4In your opinion what constitutes a slob to you?52.6%  
5Would you go to a church that judges others and does not accept people for who they are?50.0%  
6What would you do with the rest of the money?55.6%  
7What's the last thing you cooked?52.6%  
8Do you think that there will be more security in place at this year's Boston Marathon?50.0%  
9Would you open the window?52.5%  
10What do you know about E = mc2 ?54.2%  
11Name a Famous Joe.50.0%  
12Do you remember the cartoon Fat Albert?50.0%  
13What was the last song you actively listened to?55.0%  
14Did you buy something new not used?50.0%  
15Are you happy about something?50.0%  
16Would your ten year old self be happy with what you're doing with your life now?55.8%  
17How would you feel about a "basic income" system replacing our existing welfare system?54.3%  
18Do you like to?54.8%  
19Should women earn as much pay as their male co-workers?47.8%  
20Do you spend a lot of time around children?52.4%  
21Are you shy around people you do not know very well?56.0%  
22Has anyone ever blamed you for breaking something, just because it broke while you used it?52.4%  
23Who brought on the distress?54.8%  
24Have you ever had someone repeatedly alert you about something you didn't care about, as if you didn't hear them?52.5%  
25If you were in charge of a child that became abrasive, harsh and accusatory whenever their opinion was challenged, would you try to teach them not to be that way?50.0%  
26Is there such a thing as erroneous feelings?55.3%  
27How many walls can you build with 11 grains of sand?52.5%  
28Do you like Country Music?54.3%  
29Does your front door open from the outside or inside?50.0%  
30If you had a head sized soundproof box, would you talk in it?50.0%