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1If you live in the U.S. who are you voting for on November 8, 2016?50.0%  
2Do you like potato chips with mustard on them?55.6%  
3Did your school have a sandwich bar in the cafeteria?53.1%  
4Do you like to eat pizza made from scratch?53.1%  
5Do you think you are very other-aware?56.3%  
6Do you like to eat chili?53.1%  
7Do you know sign language?50.0%  
8Would you rather be an ugly genius or a hot moron?55.3%  
9Would you rather have the best house in a crapty neighborhood or the worst house in a fancy neighborhood?55.6%  
10Do you understand compound interest?52.5%  
11Are there any new TV shows that you are excited about?52.6%  
12Do you believe that a person who truly understands love could love anyone?55.6%  
13Name a famous serial killer.55.3%  
14Name a famous ocean.52.8%  
15Name a famous forest.55.6%  
16Name a famous book.55.6%  
17Name a famous magazine.55.3%  
18Name a famous lake.55.3%  
19Do you use paper sticky notes?63.9%  
20Do you ever get a strong urge to sing?50.0%  
21Do you want to snack when someone's nice smelling cooking is filling the room?56.7%  
22Do you enjoy seeing the progress of new construction?56.3%  
23What are some simple carpentry ideas I could try?53.1%  
24If a stranger is doing something that is inconsequential to you, does it "affect" you?52.8%  
25Have you ever fallen asleep in public?55.6%  
26What do you think this means?59.4%  
27Are you good at algebra?55.9%  
28Do you have a tidy organized desk?52.6%  
29Do you do cardio workouts?52.8%  
30Should it be legal to assemble/demonstrate in a public place, with all participants wearing masks?55.6%