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1Have you ever been on a stakeout?56.3%  
2Have you watched any old TV shows lately?50.0%  
3What colours have you dyed your hair?53.6%  
4What forms of transport can you hear from your home?56.7%  
5Name a famous lion.50.0%  
6Name a famous frog.50.0%  
7Name a famous pig.53.3%  
8Name a famous tiger.50.0%  
9Do you still write checks/cheques?55.6%  
10Do you still own a rotary phone?55.9%  
11Do you like watching the game show Jeopardy? (USA Version)50.0%  
12Name a famous Jean.53.1%  
13Do you like to put all your cards on the table?59.4%  
14Describe your worst experience with regard to customer service?53.3%  
15What would you think of this kid's reply?55.6%  
16How many cans of tuna is too many?58.3%  
17Did you vomit in 2016?50.0%  
18Who is the 'black sheep' in your family?54.3%  
19What would you think upon seeing this?54.8%  
20What would your immediate thoughts be?52.4%  
21Have your musical tastes changed in the last 10 years?55.0%  
22Have you ever had an idea, googled it, and found out it was not original?52.8%  
23How would you describe this behavior?52.4%  
24Which show with Archie Bunker (Carroll O'Conner) do you like the best?52.3%  
25Do you like watching the TV show The Golden Girls?52.6%  
26Name a famous family television show.52.5%  
27Which celebrities would you cry after if they died?54.5%  
28Do you know anyone that does "negative work"?52.4%  
29How would you be most likely to answer this question?56.5%  
30Which of these make you feel greatest? Part 158.7%