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1Can you tie something from the past to something in the future?50.0%  
2Do you think 2018 will be better or worse for you than 2017 was?50.0%  
3Android or iPhone?50.0%  
4Thriving or Surviving?61.1%  
5Still petty?50.0%  
6How are you today?61.1%  
7Do you own a deep fryer?54.2%  
8Have you ever eaten at the Golden Corral?54.5%  
9Have you ever eaten at York Steak House?59.1%  
10Do you like to eat at Wendy's?58.3%  
11Have you ever played the board game Sorry?58.3%  
12Do you like to roll dice?57.7%  
13Are there any little things that you do that provide you with a disproportionate amount of pleasure?65.6%  
14Do you go out to eat on Thanksgiving?53.3%  
15Click the things you would do to a slug if I gave you $10.53.1%  
16Have you ever barfed in someone's mouth?53.6%  
17Do you like talking about the weather?60.7%  
18Who was the last person to pay you a compliment?60.7%  
19Who looks after you at home when you are ill?60.0%  
20Do you like to collect old toys?56.7%  
21Do you like to eat hot apple pie?53.8%  
22Do you like playing the board game Scrabble?53.6%  
23Do you like going out to eat?53.6%  
24Name a famous fast food restaurant.58.8%  
25Do you like to eat T-Bone Steak?50.0%  
26Do you like homemade bread?52.9%  
27Do you like to eat New York Strip steak?53.1%  
28Do you like eating breadsticks?53.1%  
29Do you like to eat chicken nuggets?52.8%  
30Do you like to eat carrot cake?55.3%