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1Do you write verbs on your 'to do' list?62.5%  
2In your ideal world, what color is the pavement?53.1%  
3The tallest mountain in North America -- do you prefer the name Mt. McKinley or Denali?57.1%  
4Which person would be easier to be around?52.4%  
5Do you like to paint rooms in your home?52.6%  
6What stories do you like reading in books?55.3%  
7Which of these people who were found not guilty do you think were actually guilty?59.1%  
8Do you believe that there's a 50% chance or more that our way of life will end within the next 100 years?55.0%  
9If you had the opportunity, would you visit the 9/11 memorial & museum in New York?54.8%  
10Do you own a snow globe?55.0%  
11Do you wish your job was more or less challenging?57.9%  
12What would a girl do if they overnight got the power to move things with only the power of the mind36.8%  
13Do you like to put cinnamon on toast?50.0%  
14Name a character on Mister Rogers' Neighborhood besides Mr. Rogers himself.56.7%  
15Do you play the banjo?52.6%  
16Would you take $1 million or a 50% chance to get $100 million?57.5%  
17If you had the power to use your mind to go from matter to spirit just by thinking about it and become a poltergiest what would you do?47.1%  
18Would it be fun to spray water at things while riding a bike?52.3%  
19Do you remember the actor George Burns?52.2%  
20How often do you shave your face?54.8%  
21If you could make a bully pay for being mean through telekinesis what would you do?42.5%  
22If you had telekinesis would you tell anyone about it?52.3%  
23Which politician do you think should be the next Prime Minister of Canada?54.5%  
24What is your favorite Cheech and Chong movie?56.5%  
25What drinks goes good with Vodka?52.0%  
26Which pet is the most fun to play with?56.5%  
27What rodent makes the best pet?52.2%  
28You are at a bar and.............62.5%  
29Do you know what is in this image?52.4%  
30Have you ever had a yard sale?52.6%