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1Have you ever rented a vehicle?53.8%  
2Name a famous footwear store.55.9%  
3Name a famous poem.52.9%  
4Name a famous sinkhole53.1%  
5Name a famous train.50.0%  
6Name a famous squirrel55.9%  
7Name a famous pizza restaurant.52.8%  
8Name a famous boat.57.9%  
9Name a famous apartment.55.9%  
10Do you have pets?54.5%  
11Have you ever played the board game Clue?52.8%  
12Name a famous hotel.52.6%  
13Which of these aches do you get most often?55.0%  
14Have you ever been followed by a stray animal?55.9%  
15What kind of calendar do you use?55.0%  
16Do you take walks every day?50.0%  
17Do you ever do any DIY home improvement projects?55.9%  
18How do you protect yourself from the sun?55.9%  
19What are you sitting on?55.3%  
20Has a bug ever flew up your nose?55.0%  
21Have you ever known someone who would do this?55.0%  
22How often do you visit a grave site?56.5%  
23has anyone seen a lot of SHAD FLIES in the Perth, Carleton Place area lately?37.5%  
24How do you pronounce this name?56.0%  
25Do you take surveys on other websites besides on Survey Central?54.3%  
26Do you wear dentures?56.8%  
27Name a famous house.58.3%  
28Why does crime exist in our society?54.3%  
29When was the last time you asked for permission to use the restroom?52.4%  
30When you are at home and awake, where do you spend most of your time?53.8%