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1When did you learn to ride a bike?57.1%  
2When did you know you were an adult?64.3%  
3Do you think kids these days are better or worse than kids of yore?57.1%  
4What temperature do you heat your place in winter?63.2%  
5Which has the most power over you?57.9%  
6What condition is your condition in?57.9%  
7Do you know why it is called Marade?50.0%  
8Have you ever witnessed a motor vehicle accident and stopped and helped/offered help?59.5%  
9What do you think of the Sitcom "The Odd Couple" coming back on TV?54.5%  
10Do you like to collect business cards?55.0%  
11The best thing I ever ate...65.8%  
12Have you ever been offered a ride in a Police car?54.8%  
13Is technology passing you up?57.5%  
14Will you ever create another survey?52.5%  
15If you call someone crazy, and they become terribly upset, does that mean that they are, in fact, crazy?54.5%  
16You're fired! Have you ever had to say those words?56.3%  
17Someone looks you directly in the eyes and says, "I love you." You say...57.1%  
18So you're at the bank, holding the gun at the teller, you say...55.3%  
19On top of spaghetti, all covered with...55.0%  
20Do you keep your ducks in a row?59.1%  
21Are you good at your job?56.5%  
22Who gives the most vague answer to a question?56.8%  
23Do you have a secret hiding place?52.5%  
24Do you like taking selfie photos?56.8%  
25Are you a "Charlie"?54.8%  
26Have you ever smoked a pipe?56.5%  
27Do you put steak sauce on other foods besides steak?54.5%  
28What is your experience with Kickstarter?56.3%  
29Do you use a spreadsheet to manage your finances?59.1%  
30What would your impression be of a person whose home smelled of marijuana smoke?56.3%