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1Do you know who Ray Brower is?57.7%  
2How much do you have to do?58.8%  
3Name a famous Gertrude.61.8%  
4What worries you?64.3%  
5Have you ever been "on the wrong side of history"?54.5%  
6Have you ever fallen asleep on a chair?55.0%  
7Name a famous Steve57.9%  
8Do you like to dress up?63.0%  
9Name a famous Jerry.54.3%  
10Do you find life boring?56.3%  
11Which parts of an event are you best at?54.0%  
12How steady are your hands?56.5%  
13Do your politics match the politics of the place you live?58.7%  
14Do you approve of the open carry of squirt guns in public?58.3%  
15Would it be rude to ring the bell?54.0%  
16What are some things you don't like about where you're living now?60.0%  
17For how many generations has your family lived on the land where you live?56.3%  
18What are some of the things you like best about the place where you live now?60.0%  
19What is your definition of 'antisocial'?61.4%  
20Is the internet a failed utopia?56.3%  
21Which of these historical events are you familiar with?60.0%  
22How do you feel about mild scuffles that end with no harm?52.1%  
23Is it littering to dump a box of rocks on a sidewalk?51.9%  
24When you line up for something what do you call it?52.0%  
25Is this littering?58.0%  
268675309 What is this?51.9%  
27What would you do if you got lost in the woods?54.3%  
28Does reverse psychology work on you?56.8%  
29Do you live on a busy street?58.0%  
30Do you take surveys on other websites?50.0%