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31Do you keep a bird feeder filled outside to feed the wild birds?67.8%  
32Emoticons and Mark-Up Codes.67.7%  
33What song are you playing right now, or wish you were playing?67.7%  
34When was the last time you (or someone you know) created a monster.67.7%  
35Is it OK for a rental car company to track you with a GPS system and charge you money every time you speed?67.7%  
36How do you pop bubble wrap?67.7%  
37You can now eliminate one emotion or mental state from your life.67.7%  
38What is the best form of discipline for a child?67.6%  
39Which of these product names are derived from the name of their creator?67.6%  
40What wisdom shall you impart, to strike me deep inside my heart...67.6%  
41Can you write music?67.6%  
42When is the last time you can recall using the word "love" and really meant it?67.6%  
43What are your favorite kinds of surveys?67.6%  
44When is it OK to kill someone?67.5%  
45Do you ever go for walks in the rain?67.4%  
46How much math do you use on a regular basis?67.4%  
47Grab the book nearest you, turn to page 20 and line 5. What does it say?67.4%  
48Do you find that there's too much choice in your life?67.4%  
49What type of mythical creature would you like to be?67.4%  
50Which cakes would you bake?67.4%  
51Which 5 CDs do you want?67.3%  
52Do you enjoy taking part in the survey qualification process?67.3%  
53What is the worst break-up you have ever gone through?67.2%  
54What "types" of people fit your personality well?67.1%  
55When was the last time someone was angry with you?67.1%  
56Would you rather make a lot of money doing a job you hated or half as much money for a job you loved?67.1%  
57What did you have to learn "the hard way"?67.1%  
58How do you feel about this highly sociable friend/relative?67.1%  
59What do you want for Valentines day?67.1%  
60Which of these things do you use the Internet for?67.1%