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1What's your debut album?72.9%  
2What classes would you take at Hogwarts?70.8%  
3Which 80s video game do you like the best?70.6%  
4About dangling shoes..70.0%  
5Who are you in this picture?69.8%  
6What would make society better, in terms of interpersonal relations among strangers?69.7%  
7How do you think your self image compares with the way you are generally perceived by others?69.7%  
8If you taught at Hogwarts what would you likely teach?69.4%  
9Which of the following university courses would you be interested in taking? - pick as many as you like.69.4%  
10Do you tend to see difficulty in opportunities, or opportunity in difficulties?69.4%  
11Which of these pieces of advice from Polonius's speech to Laertes do you agree with?69.4%  
12What kind of customer are you?69.2%  
13Choose your poison.69.2%  
14What is something significant that has happened to you lately that was or is positive?69.1%  
15Which aspects of Survey Central do you use?69.0%  
16What would you think if a relative text-messaged you instead of calling you on your birthday?69.0%  
17In general, which of these things do you consider to be immoral?69.0%  
18Would you rather have a friend who is willing to die for you or willing to kill for you?68.9%  
19Have you ever been in a giant maze?68.9%  
20What was the first song that you loved?68.6%  
21How will you start this sentence?68.6%  
22Do still have/use items that you made in shop class?68.3%  
23What is one thing you're especially grateful for today?68.3%  
24Are you a good listener?68.3%  
25Rank these dictators according to their looks.68.2%  
26What do you do with the bug?68.2%  
27Would the world be better or worse off without mobile phones?68.1%  
28Do you donate to any charitable organizations?67.9%  
29What are some song lyrics that are in your head?67.9%  
30How would you react if you received the following note from your kid's teacher?67.9%