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Surveys - (55.1% ave rating) - 31 to 49 of 49
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31Off-time politicking: Would you like elections to be held on the weekend?54.3%  
32Name a famous invention.54.3%  
33Do you like to go boating?53.3%  
34Name a famous board game.53.3%  
35Name a famous school.53.3%  
36Name a famous painter.53.3%  
37Name a famous card game.53.1%  
38Name a famous brand of soda.53.1%  
39Do you own an American Flag?52.9%  
40Name a famous hockey player?52.8%  
41Name a famous glove.52.4%  
42Name a famous factory.52.4%  
43Do you read Newsweek Magazine?52.4%  
44Do you read the magazine Sports Illuastrated?52.3%  
45Name a type of snake.50.0%  
46Name a famous police officer.50.0%  
47Name a famous artist.50.0%  
48Should President Trump get impeached if found guilty of obstruction?50.0%  
49Name a famous William.50.0%