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31What's your favorite spread on bread / toast ?57.6%  
32Do you multi-task efficiently?57.4%  
33What is the closest living thing to you that you can see?57.3%  
34Police Officers...57.3%  
35Do you like to collect old toys?56.7%  
36Are you a morning person or a night person?56.7%  
37Rank these qualities that children should be encouraged to learn at home.56.5%  
38What would you donate to the SC silent auction?56.5%  
39Who are three people you would have lunch with? dead or alive.56.4%  
40Do you like options?56.3%  
41Make a connection between salary and celery.56.1%  
42Describe your left hand in three poetic lines.56.0%  
43Do you think the news media should be regulated for accuracy and/or exaggeration?56.0%  
44Do you have a favorite place (or places) that you have never visited?55.9%  
45Do you like to go boating?55.9%  
46Have you ever walked a dusty road on a breezy day and got grit in your hair?55.9%  
47How do you deal with people who annoy you at work?55.3%  
48When you are angry or nervous, how do you calm yourself down?55.0%  
49If you were to look and act purely authentic (true to yourself) in public, would you end up attracting attention?55.0%  
50If you could change anything in your past what would you change?54.9%  
51Have you ever contacted one of your government representatives?54.9%  
52Assuming you have one, what is your storage area like?54.6%  
53Do you know what is in room 2-3-7?54.5%  
54Have you ever eaten at the Golden Corral?54.5%  
55What would be your perfect apocalypse?54.2%  
56Do you own a deep fryer?54.2%  
57Is there anything which you presently do, that you believe is the morally correct thing to do, but which at least 90% of the people in your community do not do?54.0%  
58What kind of telephone do you have?54.0%  
59Do you like to eat hot apple pie?53.8%  
60Is your role-model still alive?53.7%