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Surveys - (54.8% ave rating) - 31 to 42 of 42
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31Do you want to believe (in UFOs) ?52.8%  
32Why do you think people get annoyed at this?52.8%  
33Are you having an identity crisis?52.5%  
34Would you like a cereal flavored like peanut butter and strawberry jelly? or grape jelly?52.3%  
35Which animal do you prefer?52.0%  
36Rank these presidential candidates.51.4%  
37Do you like to eat T-Bone Steak?50.0%  
38Do you like to eat New York Strip steak?50.0%  
39What does the phrase "living a good life" mean to you?50.0%  
40Do you think about new surveys that you can create?50.0%  
41Name a famous police officer.50.0%  
42Is it littering to dump a box of rocks on a sidewalk?50.0%