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1The best home town restaurant.63.9%  
2What is your favorite thing (or things) about winter?63.4%  
3What are some annoying things in your neighborhood or city/town you'd like to see disappear?63.2%  
4What do you like LEAST about the city, town, etc. in which you live?62.2%  
5Do you write verbs on your 'to do' list?62.0%  
6What was in the last parcel you received in the post?61.9%  
7Do you trust people to fix your things that you don't know how to fix?61.8%  
8Dear Sir or Madam, you are invited to spend three hours on a holodeck.61.6%  
9Do you like blue cheese?61.1%  
10What's the last piece of software you bought and what does it do?60.8%  
11What are three things that you are selfishly thankful for?60.7%  
12Would you like to try a paternoster lift?60.4%  
13What do dreams and deja vu mean to you?60.0%  
14How helpful do you consider psychotherapy to be?59.6%  
15What are some of the things you dream about?59.5%  
16What is the longest period of time you could go without access to the internet?59.4%  
17Have you eaten green bean casserole?59.4%  
18What word do you repeatedly have trouble spelling when you write?59.1%  
19Are you a problem solver or a problem creator?58.8%  
20Time Travel58.7%  
21What kind of window coverings do you have in your home?58.7%  
22When you meet groups of people that you haven't met before, are you normally one of the talkative ones or are you more of a listener?58.7%  
23When was the last time you dug a hole?58.3%  
24Do you have skills you excel at but don't particularly enjoy?58.1%  
25Do you believe people can take your energy away from you?58.1%  
26The tallest mountain in North America -- do you prefer the name Mt. McKinley or Denali?58.0%  
27Have you ever had a "liquid lunch?"57.9%  
28If you found out that your pet was not the same sex that you thought it was when you first got it, and it had a gender-specific name, would you change its name?57.9%  
29How can you tell if someone is lying to you?57.6%  
30Do you have a favorite western movie?57.4%