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1Don't leave home without it.66.2%  
2Do you support this church's plan to burn copies of the Koran on September 11?64.8%  
3How do you handle telephone solicitors?61.7%  
4Generally, do you prefer your own cooking or other people's cooking ?61.4%  
5Well that's really useful: Name something that exists which you feel has no real use.61.4%  
6The best thing I ever ate...61.4%  
7What are your favorite nuts?61.4%  
8Have you ever been so mad that you spit?61.3%  
9Do you like your neighbors?61.0%  
10Do you hold it against a person who has made a bad survey?61.0%  
11Which of these plays have you seen/read?60.9%  
12What's the most interesting thing about yourself?60.8%  
13What temperature do you heat your place in winter?60.4%  
14Do you like to travel?60.0%  
15Can we have cake now?60.0%  
16In what way(s) have you been victimized by road rage?60.0%  
17When you have made a survey, do you usually answer your own survey question(s) in the comments?60.0%  
18Do you think kids these days are better or worse than kids of yore?60.0%  
19Do you think that surveys should be disallowed from being created if they have already been done in the past?60.0%  
20Which singers or bands or songs are you enjoying listening to at the moment?60.0%  
21How would you feel if you saw an apparently able-bodied person using a parking spot reserved for people with disabilities?59.6%  
22When did you know you were an adult?59.6%  
23Life goes better with:59.5%  
24Do you remember your dreams after waking?59.5%  
25Are you more creative or adventurous?59.4%  
26When referring to knives, forks and spoons, what terms do you use most often?59.3%  
27Is it easier for you to forgive yourself or to forgive others?59.2%  
28Welcome to a Chinese restaurant! What do you order?59.1%  
29Hey, the power just went out. Look, the whole block is dark.59.0%  
30Has a significant historical event ever occured on your birthday?59.0%