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1To what extent do you agree with the statement "If you believe in yourself, you can achieve anything."?64.3%  
2What worries you?63.5%  
3Do you carry a weapon in public?63.5%  
4How many wristwatches do you own?62.7%  
5Do you have the "gift of gab"?62.5%  
6Do you like to dress up?62.5%  
7Have you ever abandoned an idea for a survey because you thought that not enough people would understand it?61.4%  
8Name a famous cat.60.9%  
9Have you ever had a friend forgive something of you that you would not have forgiven them for?60.3%  
10Do you think that with the invention and widespread use of cellphones, IPOD's, BlackBerry's, Internet, Email, etc. your life has become less complicated or more complicated?60.0%  
11Have you ever been involved in a criminal court case?59.6%  
12Which of these historical events are you familiar with?59.6%  
13You are at a bar and.............59.5%  
15How do you treat people who do not share your religious or political beliefs?58.7%  
16Is your favorite color black?58.3%  
17Do you like cats?58.3%  
18When there is a fly, wasp or moth in your house, what do you normally do with it?58.1%  
19Do you approve of the open carry of squirt guns in public?58.0%  
20Which pet is the most fun to play with?57.9%  
21What do you write on your piece of paper?57.7%  
22Which singers or bands or songs are you enjoying listening to at the moment?57.7%  
23What is your opinion on 9/11 conspiracy theories/theorists?57.6%  
24Do you apply deodorant after a shower or in the morning after waking up?57.4%  
25Have you heard of the following musicians?57.1%  
26Did you barf in 2013?57.1%  
27Leaving aside the quality of the music, who are your favourite lyricists?56.9%  
28Have you ever caught a fish?56.8%  
29Name a famous Steve56.5%  
30Do you like to eat bratwursts?56.5%