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1Have you ever known a hoarder?66.7%  
2What are your five favorite TV shows of all time?66.2%  
3Have you ever pretended to be less intelligent, and if so, why?65.6%  
4What do other people do that irritate you that you recognize as a weakness in yourself?65.6%  
5If you were planning to adopt an animal from an animal shelter would you adopt one that has special needs or some kind of deformity?64.4%  
6Which do you think is the best incarnation of Star Trek?64.3%  
7Make a list64.0%  
8Have you ever seen an aerial photograph of the place where you currently live?63.7%  
9Do you have a "guilty pleasure" movie that you watch on a regular basis?63.4%  
10What colour clothing suits you best?63.4%  
11If you could be given the complete film library of the work of a single actor or actress, who would you pick?63.1%  
12You have to work 40 hours this week, but can design your perfect schedule. When and on which days will you work?63.0%  
13If you dropped dead tomorrow, what do you have among your possessions that would embarrass you if someone were to find it while you were still alive?62.8%  
14What obscure thing will you ask me for?62.5%  
15Smell your fingers right now and tell me what they smell like.62.3%  
16Do you think that is is morally acceptable to spay or castrate animals to solve behavioral problems?62.2%  
17Choose a tattoo!62.1%  
18Do you have any advice for dealing with common medical complaints?62.0%  
19Which is the messiest room in your house/apartment?61.7%  
20What is the one thing that always makes you smile?61.7%  
21How would you react if you discovered one of your friends had a secret stack of pictures of you they'd drawn and painted?61.5%  
22What are you worried about these days?61.1%  
23Do you have a favourite tree?60.9%  
24What was the best thing that happened to you today?60.9%  
25Describe what a typical day is like for you.60.8%  
26If you could afford anything in the world what would you buy?60.7%  
27Tell us about your Survey Central avatar and profile picture60.7%  
28In your opinion, what are the three most important values parents should teach their children?60.6%  
29What are some things or situations that make you nervous or uncomfortable?60.5%  
30Could you get 5 family members together to play Family Feud on TV?60.5%