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1What do you collect?65.5%  
2If you were the child of very rich parents, how would that have affected your life?64.6%  
3Which soup?64.5%  
4How important are kidsí sports?63.5%  
5How do you feel today?62.1%  
6Desert Island Discs62.0%  
7What was the best thing that happened to you today?62.0%  
8How old are you & how old do you feel?61.8%  
9Which child are you?61.8%  
10Prisoner's dilemma61.8%  
11Are you a judgmental person?61.6%  
12Do you like to take pictures on your cell phone?61.5%  
13What would you let the medical student do to you?61.5%  
14What rash decision would you make?61.1%  
15What was the last reason you went to the doctor?61.1%  
16Do you take anything to help you with sleeping?61.1%  
17Would you be willing to sacrifice hobbies and interests that require "me time" in order to become a more social person?60.9%  
18Could you berate a robot?60.9%  
19Describe the scariest encounter you ever had in your life?60.4%  
20How worried are you about the threat of bioterrorism as opposed to a nuclear attack?60.3%  
21You have the opportunity to cheat on your taxes and there is no risk of getting caught. Do you do it?60.0%  
22What are your thoughts about the phrase 'Political Correctness'60.0%  
23What age would you like to die?59.6%  
24When's the last time you went clothes shopping, how much did you spend, and what did you buy?59.1%  
25Are you an apologist?58.9%  
26If someone calls you and asks for your name, do you tell them?58.8%  
27Are any of your neighbors weird?58.8%  
28You can attend a live concert by one of the following dead musicians, whom would you choose?58.8%  
29When shopping at your local bookstore, do you tend to go to the same section every time?58.6%  
30What do you think would happen if everyone on Earth turned completely telepathic?58.6%