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1Have you ever noticed you can actually see cells on your eye surface while looking at, for example, a bright light?65.6%  
2Why do you like to see old friends?64.3%  
3Do you get your pet(s) Christmas presents?63.1%  
4Have you ever made money on something you made yourself?62.2%  
5Do you use a universal remote or prefer using the individual one/s that come with the equipment?62.1%  
6What was the best thing that happened to you today?62.0%  
7Prisoner's dilemma61.8%  
8So now I have to make a Monkeeee61.1%  
9Do you take anything to help you with sleeping?61.1%  
10It is said you have to earn respect. Do you trust people you meet until you have a reason not to or do they also have to earn your trust?61.0%  
11Is there a word that always make you trip?60.9%  
12Would you be willing to sacrifice hobbies and interests that require "me time" in order to become a more social person?60.9%  
13I wish I could .... (please state)60.9%  
14Do you agree with the idea that it is easier to be evil?60.8%  
15Do you think we're too hard on newcomers to Survey Central?60.5%  
16Describe the scariest encounter you ever had in your life?60.4%  
17How worried are you about the threat of bioterrorism as opposed to a nuclear attack?60.3%  
18Last week I dreamt...60.0%  
19You have the opportunity to cheat on your taxes and there is no risk of getting caught. Do you do it?60.0%  
20What are your thoughts about the phrase 'Political Correctness'60.0%  
21Do you have a favorite silent film?60.0%  
22Would you rather live in a beautiful place and look out onto an ugly place, or live in an ugly place and look out onto an beautiful place?60.0%  
23Have you loved somebody then let them go?60.0%  
24As a driver, how do you feel about people who jog or bicycle in high traffic areas?59.7%  
25Does it concern you that fiction may be real?59.7%  
26What age would you like to die?59.6%  
27How do you feel when someone responds verbally to a dog like the dog understand?59.4%  
28Which sport do you find the most boring?59.0%  
29Is it your opinion (for the most part) that movie reviewers/critics are always wrong?58.9%  
30One marshmallow now or two later if you can resist the temptation of eating it?58.8%