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1Have you ever noticed you can actually see cells on your eye surface while looking at, for example, a bright light?66.1%  
2Do you write verbs on your 'to do' list?62.5%  
3You are at a bar and.............62.5%  
4Do you think that with the invention and widespread use of cellphones, IPOD's, BlackBerry's, Internet, Email, etc. your life has become less complicated or more complicated?60.0%  
5Have you ever been involved in a criminal court case?59.4%  
6How many cats does cerealkiller have?59.2%  
8Which of these people who were found not guilty do you think were actually guilty?59.1%  
9Do you wish your job was more or less challenging?57.9%  
10What do you write on your piece of paper?57.5%  
11Would you take $1 million or a 50% chance to get $100 million?57.5%  
12Have you heard of the following musicians?57.1%  
13You're fired! Have you ever had to say those words?57.1%  
14The tallest mountain in North America -- do you prefer the name Mt. McKinley or Denali?57.1%  
15Which of these technology companies do you have a generally negative opinion of?57.1%  
16What is your favorite Cheech and Chong movie?56.8%  
17Have you ever caught a fish?56.8%  
18Name a character on Mister Rogers' Neighborhood besides Mr. Rogers himself.56.7%  
19Which pet is the most fun to play with?56.5%  
20Who is the best movie director of our time?56.4%  
21Are you putting away enough money for your retirement?56.3%  
22If you call someone crazy, and they become terribly upset, does that mean that they are, in fact, crazy?55.8%  
23Have you ever smoked a pipe?55.8%  
24Horror Movies55.5%  
25What stories do you like reading in books?55.3%  
26Do you believe that there's a 50% chance or more that our way of life will end within the next 100 years?55.0%  
27Do you own a snow globe?55.0%  
28If you had the opportunity, would you visit the 9/11 memorial & museum in New York?54.8%  
29Looking at the map below which direction would you say the train is traveling?54.8%  
30How often do you shave your face?54.8%