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1If a traffic cone had a personality, what would it be like?63.9%  
2How would you handle these three things: a rainy day, lost luggage, and tangled Christmas tree lights?63.8%  
3What is your favorite thing (or things) about winter?63.6%  
4Is there a meal/something you have eaten that stands out as truly memorable?63.5%  
5Which genres/types of books/things do you read?62.8%  
6Are there any words that you can never spell right?62.8%  
7What are some annoying things in your neighborhood or city/town you'd like to see disappear?62.2%  
8What was in the last parcel you received in the post?62.0%  
9What would you willingly pay more for next time?61.1%  
10Do you examine the mystery splat or just wipe it off?61.1%  
11The best home town restaurant.60.4%  
12Is there/was there a commercial jingle that you could not get out of your head?59.5%  
13Why do we fight?59.4%  
14What's the biggest life lesson you have learned in the last 10 years?59.3%  
15Do you like blue cheese?59.1%  
16What are three things that you are selfishly thankful for?59.1%  
17What's your favorite sort of amusement park ride?59.0%  
18Naughty or nice...which have you been this year?58.9%  
19Which type of soup tastes the best?58.7%  
20How do you pronounce the word 'bury'?58.7%  
21Who has made an impression on you lately?58.5%  
22Are you a problem solver or a problem creator?58.3%  
23Do you trust people to fix your things that you don't know how to fix?58.3%  
24Are you a "green light anticipator" or a "yellow light accelerator"?58.3%  
25How long is your commute?58.2%  
26When you meet groups of people that you haven't met before, are you normally one of the talkative ones or are you more of a listener?58.2%  
27What word do you repeatedly have trouble spelling when you write?58.0%  
28How many times while driving do you let the blinkers flash when changing lanes?58.0%  
29What do you call your boss?57.9%  
30What foods, if any, were you forced to eat as a child even though you found them repulsive?57.6%