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1Can you rank the world's top languages in the right order?63.6%  
2What worries you?63.6%  
3Do you like to dress up?63.0%  
4What great things have you done?61.9%  
5Name a famous Gertrude.61.8%  
6What is your definition of 'antisocial'?61.4%  
7What do you make?60.6%  
8What was the first record you ever owned?60.0%  
9Which of these historical events are you familiar with?60.0%  
10What are some of the things you like best about the place where you live now?60.0%  
11What are some things you don't like about where you're living now?60.0%  
12Please let us know what to you would be a fun way to spend an evening.59.4%  
13Have you ever started to construct/build something that seemed simple but you just couldn't do it?58.8%  
14Where is the center of your consciousness?58.7%  
15Do your politics match the politics of the place you live?58.7%  
17How much of a notice do you give your employer when quitting a job?58.6%  
18When there is a fly, wasp or moth in your house, what do you normally do with it?58.3%  
19Do you approve of the open carry of squirt guns in public?58.3%  
20How much do you have to do?58.3%  
21Do you live on a busy street?58.0%  
22Is this littering?58.0%  
23Would you appreciate your significant other to be involved to some degree in your hobby?57.8%  
24Do you use a spreadsheet to manage your finances?57.7%  
25Which singers or bands or songs are you enjoying listening to at the moment?57.7%  
26What is your reason for not walking in the rain?57.6%  
27Name a famous Steve57.5%  
28Have you ever had someone come to your defense when you didn't want or need it?57.4%  
29Are you good at your job?57.4%  
30What are your feelings on loaning money to friends?57.1%