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1If you could win a subscription to any magazine available today, which would you choose?67.1%  
2What is the book you have read the most amount of times and how many times did you read it?67.0%  
3Have you ever noticed you can actually see cells on your eye surface while looking at, for example, a bright light?65.4%  
4How many neighbors would you prefer to be like you?64.6%  
5Have you been vaccinated against the H1N1 flu virus?63.6%  
6What are your favorite meals that your Mother (or guardian) prepared for you when you were young?63.5%  
7If someone were to "walk a mile in your shoes" what do you think they would come to understand?63.5%  
8What is your personailty type?63.5%  
9Do you ever think about how particular items could be improved?63.2%  
10You have to work 40 hours this week, but can design your perfect schedule. When and on which days will you work?62.5%  
11What kind of hair would you like?62.5%  
12Aisle, middle or window seat: Which do you prefer on an airplane?62.5%  
13What were your hobbies, favorite toys, favorite pastimes, etc. when you were a kid (as early as you can remember up until your teens)?62.2%  
14What is the best present you ever received for Christmas?61.9%  
15When was the last time you folded to peer pressure?61.4%  
16I wish I could .... (please state)61.3%  
17What was they highest price you have ever paid for taking a taxi?61.1%  
18Do you know an unusual expletive or saying?60.7%  
19If you died tomorrow, what do you think would have been the greatest thing you accomplished here on earth?60.6%  
20Which Assicon are you?60.5%  
21Could you cut your own arm off?60.4%  
22What was the first record you ever owned?60.4%  
23Which film have you seen the most times?60.4%  
24What was your favorite TV show as a kid?60.0%  
25Have you ever lost part or all of you swimsuit when swimming?60.0%  
26When is it, if ever, ok to break the confidentiality of a therapist-client relationship?60.0%  
27What have you taken from a hotel room?60.0%  
28If you're dependent on glasses or contacts, how well can you function without them?59.7%  
29The last television programme you watched was which genre?59.7%  
30Is depression cause or effect?59.6%