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1Have you ever noticed you can actually see cells on your eye surface while looking at, for example, a bright light?65.6%  
2Do you ever think about how particular items could be improved?64.7%  
3How many neighbors would you prefer to be like you?64.6%  
4Have you ever walked out of a cinema because you hated the film you were watching?64.1%  
5What's your phobia?63.9%  
6Where would you live?63.3%  
7What do you think the worst smell to constantly experience would be?63.2%  
8What do you consider to be the best hangover cure?62.7%  
9What region do you live in?62.7%  
10Do you have any advice for dealing with common medical complaints?62.5%  
11You have to work 40 hours this week, but can design your perfect schedule. When and on which days will you work?62.5%  
12What parts of the newspaper do you like to read?62.1%  
13If you had underground tunnels under your house, what would they be like and where would they lead?62.0%  
14Do you think you get enough in return for the taxes you pay?61.9%  
15What is the best present you ever received for Christmas?61.9%  
16Tell me a horror movie cliché61.4%  
17What driving habits are most annoying to you?61.3%  
18Describe your dream garden.61.2%  
19What was the last noise you investigated?61.1%  
20Which day in your life would you like to be Groundhog Day?61.0%  
21'Sometimes I can be...........'60.9%  
22What makes you laugh?60.9%  
23What are you worried about these days?60.7%  
24What was/is your favorite subject in school?60.7%  
25If your computer could talk to you, what would it say?60.6%  
26What have you learned through the "school of hard knocks"?60.6%  
27Do you wear makeup?60.5%  
28What are your most frightening thoughts?60.5%  
29The bar is now open. What will you have?60.5%  
30When you are by yourself doing mundane tasks, have you ever imagined one of your good friends is there with you to make the time go by better?60.5%