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Surveys - (54.3% ave rating) - 31 to 47 of 47
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31Have you ever been caught in a big rainstorm?52.6%  
32Should the state of California be split up into 6 states?52.6%  
33Do you own a Kindle Fire?52.6%  
34Do you remember those corner grocery stores?52.6%  
35Someone is briskly pacing for a while on the outside edge of a parking lot, over and over and over...52.6%  
36Does it seem like some Survey Central members are missing?52.3%  
37What would it take for people to be more at ease around 'out of the ordinary' (yet harmless) behavior?52.3%  
38Do you like to see local bands play?52.1%  
39Do people wear shoes inside your home?51.9%  
40If you saw talents in a 3rd grader that others didn't see, would you point it out?50.0%  
41Has someone ever asked you why are you dressed up?50.0%  
42Do you like to eat homemade pizza?50.0%  
43Is the U.S. doing enough to try and find out what brought down Malaysian flight 17?50.0%  
44Do you want to see peace in the Middle East?50.0%  
45What have you been doing for the last four years?50.0%  
46Do you go along with what you believe? or how you feel ?50.0%  
47Do you download apps for your mobile phone?50.0%