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Surveys - (56.1% ave rating) - 31 to 50 of 50
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31Do you like to collect business cards?55.0%  
32On top of spaghetti, all covered with...55.0%  
33Do you like Barbacue sauce?55.0%  
34What did you do to celebrate the new year in 2015?54.8%  
35Have you ever been offered a ride in a Police car?54.8%  
36Are you a "Charlie"?54.8%  
37What do you think of the Sitcom "The Odd Couple" coming back on TV?54.3%  
38If you call someone crazy, and they become terribly upset, does that mean that they are, in fact, crazy?54.3%  
39Do you put steak sauce on other foods besides steak?54.3%  
40Do you lke to eat sweet and sour pork over rice?52.6%  
41Would you rather have leather chairs in your dining room?52.6%  
42Will you ever create another survey?52.4%  
43Do you have a secret hiding place?52.4%  
44Did you barf in 2014?52.4%  
45Decaffeinated coffee or regular?52.4%  
46Have you ever seen a UFO or experienced something paranormal?50.0%  
47Do you feel that your personality is relatively consistent?50.0%  
48If you are employed and have a boss, are you happy with him/her?50.0%  
49Do you know why it is called Marade?50.0%  
50Have you seen any movies in the movie theatre lately?50.0%