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31Have you ever had someone repeatedly alert you about something you didn't care about, as if you didn't hear them?52.5%  
32How many walls can you build with 11 grains of sand?52.5%  
33Do you spend a lot of time around children?52.4%  
34Has anyone ever blamed you for breaking something, just because it broke while you used it?52.4%  
35Do you know someone who has Down Syndrome?52.4%  
36What's your cable & internet monthly bill?52.3%  
37What's the last thing you cooked?52.3%  
38If someone snatched something of yours from your hands, would you consider that "assault"?52.3%  
39Do you think that shoppers in a store should feel obligated to refrain from putting anything (of their own) into their bag or pocket, to prevent others from thinking they are stealing?52.3%  
40Do you try to understand other people and what they might be going through in their lives?52.3%  
41Who does your taxes?52.3%  
42Do you know someone who has had a near death experience?52.2%  
43When you are opening a sealed bag that is a little bit puffy with air, do you tend to peel it apart or squeeze it to pop it open?52.2%  
44Would you open the window?52.2%  
45Do you know someone who had died and they were brought back to life by doctors or paramedics?52.1%  
46Should the search for missing flight 370 continue or not?52.1%  
47Do you like the new American $100 bills?52.1%  
48Do you compare yourself to other people?52.0%  
49You are among a group of (around 15 or so) strangers who are all looking relaxed and comfortable except one.51.9%  
50Do you favor power or bliss?51.9%  
51Do you like Horseradish sauce?50.0%  
52Do you think that Dish Network and Direct TV will merge and become one company?50.0%  
53Are you in your Think Tank * wry smile * trying to think up ideas for a new survey?50.0%  
54Are you going through a sex change or do you know someone who is?50.0%  
55Are GM General Motors cars safe to drive?50.0%  
56Do you read the magazine People?50.0%  
57Do you have a home on the beach?50.0%  
58Do you think that maybe a U.F.O or the supernatural is responsible for the disappearance of Malaysian flight 370?50.0%  
59Do you remember the cartoon Fat Albert?50.0%  
60Do you think that there will be more security in place at this year's Boston Marathon?50.0%