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Surveys - (54.6% ave rating) - 31 to 43 of 43
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31What are some things you could say into a phone that could be taken wrong (WTF or LOL reaction) by strangers who overhear?52.5%  
32Are you a food addict?52.5%  
33Name a character from the Police Academy movies.52.5%  
34Have you ever swallowed a piece of food and choked on it?52.5%  
35What is the biggest mistake you made in your life?52.4%  
36would you consider adopting a 75-year old man if he gave you his pension?52.4%  
37Are you an Elvis fan?52.4%  
38Do you own a popcorn popper?52.3%  
39Are you planning on buying the Apple Watch?52.3%  
40Have you ever tried to imagine what it might feel like to be under the influence of a drug you have never used?52.3%  
41Do you live in a mobile home?50.0%  
42Can you agree with this statement?50.0%  
43What are your reason/s for buying bottled water?50.0%