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Surveys - (54.0% ave rating) - 31 to 44 of 44
New surveys and modified surveys from this month sorted by approval, only show surveys with rating > 50%
31What do you consider 'walking distance'?52.2%  
32When was the last time you memorized something?52.2%  
33Do you think I should forward the survey about the artist's logo to the artist in question?52.2%  
34At this moment do you feel too hot, too cold, or just right?52.1%  
35Do you remember me?52.1%  
36Do you like to play poker?52.1%  
37Where did you go the last time you left your house?52.0%  
38Have you ever found paper money on the ground?51.9%  
39Do you like to see your picture in the Newspaper or a Magazine?50.0%  
40Do you feel like you are being watched?50.0%  
41Which of these women will you vote for as the next President in 2016?50.0%  
42Do you watch Under the Dome?50.0%  
43What would you think if someone gave you $50,000.00?50.0%  
44Have you ever put google eyes on anything other than a craft project?50.0%