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Surveys - (53.3% ave rating) - 31 to 42 of 42
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31If you saw talents in a 3rd grader that others didn't see, would you point it out?50.0%  
32Complicate a simple thing.50.0%  
33Is the U.S. doing enough to try and find out what brought down Malaysian flight 17?50.0%  
34Do you want to see peace in the Middle East?50.0%  
35Are you good at figuring out clues?50.0%  
36Do you have holes in your underwear or pantyhose?50.0%  
37Should same-sex marriages be legal in Texas, California and Colorado?50.0%  
38Do you seek advice from friends or any family members this includes co-workers as well?50.0%  
39Have you been to any websites that you remember well and want to see again, but you can't find them now?50.0%  
40Do you think that some newer GM cars are not safe to drive?50.0%  
41Do you like to eat homemade pizza?50.0%  
42Has someone ever asked you why are you dressed up?50.0%