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1Which of the Ten Commandments are no longer relevant?57.4%  
2How do you feel about these rules for how to react to bullying?56.8%  
3Rank these factors according to how much they motivate you.56.5%  
4Is there something that you feel you are too old for?56.5%  
5Do you believe in privacy for its own sake?56.5%  
6How do you feel about taxidermy?56.3%  
7Do you smoke e-cigarettes?56.0%  
8Are you shy around people you do not know very well?56.0%  
9How do you get rid of snails?56.0%  
10Would your ten year old self be happy with what you're doing with your life now?55.8%  
11Do you have carpet in your kitchen?55.4%  
12Is there such a thing as erroneous feelings?55.3%  
13Do you like to?54.8%  
14Who brought on the distress?54.8%  
15What would you do with the rest of the money?54.8%  
16What was the last song you actively listened to?54.8%  
17Are mergers good for large companies?54.5%  
18Do you like being in charge?54.5%  
19Do you like Country Music?54.3%  
20Why do you suppose some people so protective of their peace of mind?54.3%  
21Would you give this kitten a hug?54.3%  
22How would you feel about a "basic income" system replacing our existing welfare system?54.3%  
23Is "playing hard to get" an effective strategy for romantic relationships?54.2%  
24Does this sound like "fighting words" or a threat, to you?54.0%  
25Do you try to avoid foolish arguments?53.8%  
26What do you know about E = mc2 ?53.8%  
27Do you own a tote bag?53.8%  
28Is it unreasonable to expect an extremely painfully shy, socially anxious pre-teen to say "excuse me" or "thank you" to strangers?53.7%  
29Name a famous Richard.53.6%  
30If you knew someone who was not self-aware enough to realize when they looked odd or weird, would you tell them?53.3%