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Surveys - (53.4% ave rating) - 1 to 12 of 12
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1Choose your new fictional housekeeper.56.8%  
2Are you happy just being yourself?56.3%  
3Have you ever lightly tossed something down, and someone acted like you "threw" it?55.9%  
4Do you take your own blood pressure?54.3%  
5Should you never make threats against someone online and public places?54.2%  
6How good are you in math?54.0%  
7Have you ever heard of someone being accused of kicking something, when they merely used their foot to move it?52.6%  
8Has a customer service person ever displayed an annoyed/angry attitude toward you?52.2%  
9Have you ever said "Are you okay" while laughing?52.1%  
10Do you know anyone who sticks their elbows out when drinking from a cup?52.1%  
11Do you ever hear people playing games on a portable device in public, with the sound on?50.0%  
12Do you have any New Years resolutions for 2015?50.0%