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Surveys - (54.8% ave rating) - 1 to 27 of 27
New surveys and modified surveys from this month sorted by approval, only show surveys with rating > 50%
1What are your favorite nuts?61.4%  
2Do you think that surveys should be disallowed from being created if they have already been done in the past?60.0%  
3Which singers or bands or songs are you enjoying listening to at the moment?60.0%  
4Do you have a favorite western movie?58.7%  
5In general, at work, do you prefer to report to a man or a woman?57.9%  
6What do you get if you cross a joke with a rhetorical question?57.5%  
7Are you excited about Panam Games 2015 held in Toronto this summer?57.5%  
8How do you take your coffee?57.5%  
9Did you ever visit the Netherlands and if so, did you have a good time?57.1%  
10Do you think that Drive in Theatres will come back in 2015?56.8%  
11You can only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would you eat?56.0%  
12How would you describe the overall quality of your education?56.0%  
13Do you like wearing hooded sweatshirts?55.3%  
14Do you like the variety show, The Carol Burnett Show?54.8%  
15Do you use Instagram, If so, to what extent?54.8%  
16Do you like to drink Juice?53.6%  
17Do you own a pet rabbit?52.4%  
18Recently a family has been investigated by the Children's Aid Society for allowing their young children to walk to and from a local park by themselves (without parental supervision). Shoud they have been investigated?52.3%  
19Should entertainment at an event be publicly acknowledged in the thank you speech or be included in the program?52.3%  
20Do you have someone in your family who is Atheist?52.2%  
21Would you buy shares?52.0%  
22Can most church Pastors be trusted?52.0%  
23If you could upload your consciousness/soul into a computer before your death, would you?51.8%  
24Have you ever acted zany just to amuse yourself?50.0%  
25Have you purchased anything from AliExpress?50.0%  
26How long until we see oil get back to $100/barrel?50.0%  
27Do you like to watch the Music Awards Shows?50.0%