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Surveys - (56.4% ave rating) - 1 to 26 of 26
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1What is the biggest mistake you've made at work?68.2%  
2Which would you rather goes first: your mind or your body?66.7%  
3How is your handwriting?65.4%  
4During the course of your lifetime, how much time have you wasted?63.6%  
5Can you rank the world's top languages in the right order?63.2%  
6Which of these books have you read? 2014 version60.7%  
7Name something with zero purpose.58.3%  
8Are you putting away enough money for your retirement?58.3%  
9When you have a photo of you done is it "made" or "taken"?57.5%  
10What did you have for lunch today?55.3%  
11Would you rather swim in a swimming pool or a lake?54.8%  
12Are you an Elvis fan?54.2%  
13Is the cat walking up or down the stairs?54.2%  
14How often do you bathe/shower?54.0%  
15What happens next?53.1%  
16What are some things you could say into a phone that could be taken wrong (WTF or LOL reaction) by strangers who overhear?52.9%  
17Have you ever tried to "get in character" for practice, empathy, or fun when it wasn't necessary for stage acting?52.9%  
18Are you planning on buying the Apple Watch?52.8%  
19Have you ever tried to imagine what it might feel like to be under the influence of a drug you have never used?52.6%  
20Have you tried to understand /study all 16 personality types on the MBTI?52.6%  
21Name a character from the Police Academy movies.52.6%  
22What type of ice-cream do you like?52.5%  
23Do you own a popcorn popper?52.3%  
24I'm going to Starbucks - what shall I pick up for you?52.3%  
25Are there any other-people's comfort considerations that you disregard?52.3%  
26Do you think that the U.S. will get into more wars on terrorism involving other countries?52.2%