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Star Survey Creators

Users of this site who have created a well-rated survey in the last 60 days get a Survey Creator Star. There are three levels, bronze, silver and gold. To get gold, a user needs to have made 10 or more surveys with a rating of 50% or higher in the last 60 days. If they've made between 5 and 9, they will get a silver star. If they've made between 1 and 4, they get a bronze star.

As an added bonus, Silver and Gold Star Survey Creators get advertisements turned off.

Gold Star Survey Creators (10+ recent, well-rated surveys, no ads, multi-stars award for every 10)
LindaH Gold Star Survey Creator paulyw Survey Central Subscriber Gold Star Survey Creator
Silver Star Survey Creators (5-9 recent, well-rated surveys, no ads)
Bronze Star Survey Creators (1-4 recent, well-rated survey)
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator bill Survey Central Gold Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator FordGuy Bronze Star Survey Creator JessicaWoman99 Bronze Star Survey Creator Psychopath Bronze Star Survey Creator