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bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
#1 posted May 9, 2015 at 5:00am (EST)  
Question: Is Xbox ONE worth it?

Created: 2015-05-02 15:15:27
Creator: Anonymous_007
Reason: By Admin
Type: single
Category: computers/internet
Sorted: yes
Offensive: no
Qualified: no
Active: yes
Rating: 50.0%
NumVotes: 0
NumHides: 0

Answer: Yes
Answer: No

paulyw: reasonable:
Strider: needs work: needs an option for don't care either way
jettles: needs work: needs an i don't care or other choice.
LJD: reasonable:
Lysannus: nitpick: Maybe a link to stats for an Xbox one would be helpful.
they: needs work: This needs an 'other' or 'I don't know.' option.
cerealkiller: *pick*: You need "other". As in "Never heard of it" or "Don't care" or "I don't play video games" or " WTF?"
FordGuy: reasonable:
JessicaWoman99: reasonable:


#2 posted May 10, 2015 at 3:01pm (EST)  
If you buy me one then it is worth it