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bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
#1 posted July 11, 2014 at 5:00am (EST)  
Question: Did you have heterosexual parents during the time that you were born ?

Created: 2014-07-04 15:33:01
Creator: JessicaWoman99
Reason: By Admin
Type: multiple
Category: family
Sorted: yes
Offensive: no
Qualified: no
Active: yes
Rating: 50.0%
NumVotes: 0
NumHides: 0

Answer: Yes
Answer: No
Answer: Other

LindaH: old:
jettles: old:
jettles: old: biological parents and father and mother figures are not the same thing...........
paulyw: old:
LindaH: old:
Strider: old:
jettles: old:
Lysannus: old: I don't understand this question. Why wouldn't someone have a birth parent when they are born?
Am I missing something here?
JessicaWoman99: *pick*: Now is this any better? I fixed it
Strider: reasonable:
cerealkiller: reasonable:
Irene007: nitpick: Nitpick - I've got nothing else to do so; "Did you have heterosexual parents at the time that you were born ?"

I dunno, it just sounds better to me that way but I might be off in left field...

FauxLo: *pick*: No one wants to touch this survey with a ten-foot pole. laughing out loud


#2 posted July 14, 2014 at 8:29am (EST)  
But there was a ten foot pole involved...
#3 posted July 25, 2014 at 5:51pm (EST)  
laughing out loud