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1Do you know what is in room 2-3-7?54.5%  
2Name a city that isn't famous.55.9%  
3Name a famous robot.57.1%  
4Name a famous house.58.3%  
5When was the last time you asked for permission to use the restroom?52.4%  
6How do you pronouce the word 'coupon'?55.8%  
7Have you eaten green bean casserole?55.6%  
8Do you back out of your driveway?56.0%  
9Which of these people who were found not guilty do you think were actually guilty?59.6%  
10Have you ever caught a fish?56.8%  
11Do you know who Ray Brower is?54.3%  
12Name something with zero purpose.54.5%  
13During the course of your lifetime, how much time have you wasted?57.1%  
14What is the biggest mistake you've made at work?59.1%  
15Which would you rather goes first: your mind or your body?59.5%  
16Choose your new fictional housekeeper.56.5%  
17Do you think that protesters should appear at the funeral of Fred Phelps?55.2%  
18Do you like "Do you like..." surveys?56.8%  
19If your worst enemy was stranded on a deserted island, what are three things you would give him/her?57.1%  
20Would your opinion of a company be affected in a negative way?60.7%  
21How many of your facebook friends are dead?54.8%  
22Can you be trusted?54.5%  
23Do you know what jimmies are?56.3%  
24What do you do about the penny?60.8%  
25What have you learned from Survey Central?63.6%  
26On which subjects could you testify as an expert witness?59.1%  
27Which gift would you select?61.4%  
28Are you an atheist?59.1%  
29Do you pick up the cookies?56.5%  
30How much paid time off do you get per year at your job?59.7%