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1Do you like to eat New York Strip steak?50.0%  
2Do you like eating breadsticks?53.8%  
3Do you like to eat chicken nuggets?50.0%  
4Do you like to eat carrot cake?53.8%  
5Name a type of snake.55.3%  
6Name a famous William.53.1%  
7Name a famous police officer.50.0%  
8Name a famous painter.53.3%  
9Do you own an American Flag?52.9%  
10Do you like to go boating?53.3%  
11Name a famous college/university.56.3%  
12Name a famous school.53.3%  
13Name a famous brand of soda.53.1%  
14Name a famous card game.53.1%  
15Name a famous board game.53.3%  
16Name a famous bowler.58.8%  
17Name a famous artist.50.0%  
18Name a famous cow.55.6%  
19Name a famous swimmer.52.4%  
20Name a famous golfer.52.6%  
21Name a famous baseball player.54.5%  
22Name a famous football player.55.0%  
23Name a famous bastketball player.55.3%  
24Name a famous gutiar player.55.0%  
25Do you read the magazine Sports Illuastrated?52.3%  
26Do you read Newsweek Magazine?52.4%  
27Do you subscribe to People Magazine?52.4%  
28Name a famous factory.52.4%  
29Do you like to eat Clam Chowder?54.3%  
30Name a famous Ben/Benjamin.50.0%