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1Four years ago I asked, is Donald Trump a chump and so I ask again!51.6%  
2Who are the most likely candidates for POTUS in 2016?53.8%  
3Osama Bin Laden is dead. Do we celebrate or not?57.9%  
4Is Donald Trump a chump?56.6%  
5Do you have any opinion on the recent recommendations for decreasing cancer screenings for women in the United States?57.4%  
6What do you think of this type of preparation and stress for 3 and 4 year old children?56.9%  
7Do you think the U.S. should pursue the extradition of director Roman Polanski?58.8%  
8Do you feel the 2008 Olympics(as a whole or just the opening ceremonies) in China should be boycotted due to human rights violations?59.7%  
9How long have you been a member at Survey Central?61.4%  
10Do you think that Survey Central attracts the usual number of "crazy" people to the site or a higher than usual amount of "crazy" people?58.0%  
11"U.S. troop surge" in Iraq, support or not in support?63.5%  
12What is your opinion of the U.S. Inaugural celebration and expense?52.1%  
13Do you believe the United States Forces or Coalition Forces will invade Syria?59.3%  
14If you were going to search for a significant other/lover/partner/mate at this time in your life, where would you look?60.0%  
15Do your pets sit with you while you are surfing on the computer?57.4%  
16What did you think of "The Phantom Menace"?52.8%  
17Do you feel/believe that people are meant to have a lifelong/long term love relationship?55.9%  
18What "color scheme" do you view your survey central page with?60.8%