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1Why is the Zombie and Vampire genre so popular these days?57.4%  
2Are you the type that can freely put a lobster in boiling water and not feel any guilt?60.4%  
3If you HAD to choose, Unlike dear old Ebenezer, what ghost would you LIKE to be visited by this Xmas period?63.6%  
4What pieces are you drawn to?58.1%  
5When you get the flu are you a big baby or do you take it like a "man"? ( by this I mean woman)55.9%  
6When was the last time you had a deja vous?52.3%  
7Are you still getting to know yourself?53.7%  
8How do you get rid of your 'hiccups'?53.8%  
9Do you think you perform well at job interviews?59.4%  
10Have you ever experienced the 'Old Hag' ? ( Sleep Paralysis )54.1%  
11Do you think that talking to your house plants helps them to grow?55.7%  
12What is your views on the possibility of slacking pensions for citizens, while refugees possibly get more?51.5%  
13Share a memorable moment that you had while in High School/Secondary school.52.6%  
14Who do you regard the best comedian of all?55.2%  
15What era would you travel to if you could?54.3%  
16What would you name your boat?55.2%  
17Do you frown on smoking pot?55.9%  
18Do you think some religions, sects or beliefs are becoming "trendy" ?52.6%  
19If you could pick only one of these endangered species to save right now, what one would it be?56.6%  
20What do you think of Ariel Sharon's decision to withdraw the Jewish presence in the Gaza strip?47.0%  
21You are a child of the future, it's 2020 and cloning is nothing to blink at, so if you could, would you clone yourself ( to use your "cloned" vital organs if need be) to guarantee an extraordinary long existence?56.5%  
22If or when you were single, would you ever be put off by a potential date because you feel their job isn't good enough? (Be honest!)59.0%  
23Would you consider moving if the crime rate shot up drastically in your area?53.1%  
24What type of home is more your taste?60.6%  
25What was the first piece of modern technology that you remember being brought into your home?55.2%  
26Do you think arguing is healthy for a relationship?56.5%  
27Have you or anyone you know taught English abroad?41.3%  
28What Subway sandwich do you get?53.8%  
29Do you feel slightly uncomfortable when you don't say "knock on wood" when typically one would normally say it?53.8%  
30Do you think it's possible that Nostradamus was a true seer?53.7%