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1What new piece of technology did you get for Xmas?59.1%  
2Have you laughed in 2018?59.1%  
35 star trip to the Winter Olympics or Summer Olympics, which would you choose?54.5%  
4You own a business and you have found out that your best employee is stealing, of the following options which describes best how you would handle it?58.3%  
5You are to be executed, describe your last meal?60.0%  
6Do you still write checks/cheques?54.8%  
7Describe your worst experience with regard to customer service?53.1%  
8Would you rather be an ugly genius or a hot moron?54.8%  
9Would you rather have the best house in a crapty neighborhood or the worst house in a fancy neighborhood?55.0%  
10Are there any new TV shows that you are excited about?52.6%  
11How do you pronounce this name?55.8%  
12What do you feel is the earliest age you can leave children and or child alone at home for about 2 hours?50.0%  
13How do prefer your chicken cooked?56.0%  
14Have you ever edited or added something to an existing Wikipedia entry?57.1%  
15If you had the opportunity, would you visit the 9/11 memorial & museum in New York?53.7%  
16You are at a bar and.............59.7%  
17Is your first impulse to attack or accept the criticism?56.5%  
18Can you think of a scenario/example where the phrase "Less is more" would be applicable?52.2%  
19Are you a fan of Amy Schumer?50.0%  
20What are your reason/s for buying bottled water?51.9%  
21Do you use Instagram, If so, to what extent?54.2%  
22Which singers or bands or songs are you enjoying listening to at the moment?57.7%  
23What are your favorite nuts?59.6%  
24What do you get if you cross a joke with a rhetorical question?56.3%  
25Do you have a favorite western movie?56.3%  
26If you could upload your consciousness/soul into a computer before your death, would you?53.2%  
27Would you buy shares?51.9%  
28Have you ever witnessed a motor vehicle accident and stopped and helped/offered help?57.4%  
29What was the last TV advert that made you laugh or smile?53.8%  
30How do you generally watch movies?57.4%