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Surveys by - - (54.7% ave rating) - 1 to 11 of 11
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1Which way do you prefer to vote?52.2%  
2Vote for President (approval)51.9%  
3Vote for President (ranking)52.0%  
4Vote for President (first past the post)55.0%  
5The tallest mountain in North America -- do you prefer the name Mt. McKinley or Denali?57.4%  
6GLEN :: What do you think of first?57.6%  
7Is evil a noun or an adjective?56.9%  
8On which side of your car should the gas cap be?60.0%  
9Do you think life extension technology is a good idea? Would you use it if it was available?57.6%  
10Do you think NASA's moon landings were faked?48.4%  
11Are you free?53.0%