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1Name a famous serial killer.55.0%  
2If you could be the greatest "X" in the world what would it be?56.8%  
3When do you change your underwear?52.0%  
4How do you pronounce the word 'bury'?57.7%  
5How many times while driving do you let the blinkers flash when changing lanes?58.0%  
6What word do you repeatedly have trouble spelling when you write?57.4%  
7Do you find life boring?56.0%  
88675309 What is this?51.9%  
9How often do you bathe/shower?54.0%  
10What temperature do you heat your place in winter?60.0%  
11Is technology passing you up?56.5%  
12Are you a "Charlie"?54.3%  
13Can you recall any life experience you have had that probably no one else here has had?53.6%  
14In your opinion who is the worst female singer of all time?58.3%  
15If you were about to become homeless where would you live?56.0%  
16What internet browser do you use most?58.0%  
17How often does your internet connection go down?54.5%  
18How do you lose weight when on a diet?56.8%  
19How frequently do you change your underwear?54.0%  
20Which former SC user would you like most to come back?57.8%  
21How do you get rid of snails?56.0%  
22Where do you carry your wallet?55.8%  
23What kinds of Christmas movies do you like to watch on TV?52.0%  
24Can you name any famous people you hope will not live anywhere near 100 years old?54.5%  
25How many passwords do you have to websites?56.3%  
26Make a list64.0%  
27How many dress shirts or blouses do you own?58.9%  
28Rank the factors you consider if you were to buy a new vehicle.57.9%  
29How big is your TV screen?57.7%  
30How much do you spend a year on medical bills?53.7%