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1Who is the 'black sheep' in your family?56.0%  
2Which celebrities would you cry after if they died?54.5%  
3Which of these make you feel greatest? Part 158.3%  
4If you had to make a 30 second speech to the whole world, what would you say?54.8%  
5If you get to 90 years old, what will matter most to you?52.3%  
6Steam room or sauna?54.8%  
7What is your...54.8%  
8Which of these social media sites do you think will last the longest?58.7%  
9What is your expensive habit in this list?56.5%  
10Do you criticise yourself more than you criticise others?55.8%  
11What is written on your gravestone under your name and dates?52.4%  
12Is suicide a selfish act?53.8%  
13What have you taken from a hotel room?58.7%  
14Everyone has a story in life. What is yours in a nut shell?54.2%  
15Which film have you seen the most times?59.3%  
16What age would you like to die?59.6%  
17What do you think is the single most expensive item in the world?52.3%  
18If you could create an exact replica of your personality and place it inside the body of another human being, would you like that person?57.4%  
19What is your personailty type?63.0%  
20In light of recent terror attacks, threats and general global warfare, do you feel safe in your country?55.6%  
21When you meet up with someone in a random location, are you normally the first to arrive, or the last?58.9%  
2215 years ago, I heard a DJ on the radio ask a brainteaser. The listener had to work out the answer to the statement: "They're always the same size!" Unfortunately, I never got to find out the answer. What do you think it could be?55.6%  
23Have you heard of Jimmy Savile, a new addition to the most infamous of all British People?55.8%  
24What weather do you prefer?57.8%  
25What's the worst city you have ever visited?56.1%  
26Everybody hates ...54.4%  
27Spot the mistake in the following text:54.3%  
28Aisle, middle or window seat: Which do you prefer on an airplane?62.2%  
29The last television programme you watched was which genre?59.5%  
30I wish I could .... (please state)60.9%