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1Looking at the map below which direction would you say the train is traveling?54.8%  
2When you line up for something what do you call it?51.9%  
3What do you think is a bad grade/ mark in school?56.0%  
4When you have a photo of you done is it "made" or "taken"?56.5%  
5Is there a TV show you watch that people ask "you watch that?" when you mention it?51.8%  
6Which way do you hang the toliet paper in the bathroom?51.9%  
7What arm do you wear a watch on and what hand are you?55.6%  
8Have you ever been summoned for jury duty?56.0%  
9Is it ever okay to run through a railroad (railway) crossing when the lights are flashing?52.0%  
10When you're on a escalator do you observe the rule walk left stand right?53.2%  
11How do you like your beef cooked?58.0%  
12What do you do at 11 o'clock on November the 11th?52.0%  
13If you heard about a situation like the one below, Do you think the police officer should be charged with Murder?54.5%  
14When you stay at a hotel, how often do you tip housekeeping?56.5%  
15When you remember events or things that happened to you, how do you picture it?55.0%  
16What would you think if the mayor of your city left a city meeting to coach a Football (American/ Canadian) team?50.0%  
17Which type of Smart Phone do you see more people using?51.6%  
18What do you think of my scars?48.3%  
19What do you think of the possibility of Iceland adopting the Canadian Dollar54.7%  
20If you see someone wearing shorts in cold weather (fall or Winter) what do you think of it?56.3%  
21Do you think Airlines should give a clear definition of what a carry-on bag is?58.3%  
22Does it drive you crazy when someone says "axing" instead of "asking"?55.1%  
23What do you think this song is about?55.7%  
24Do you plan to see The Trans - Siberian Orchestra this year?58.6%  
25Have you ever sent a Text Message with a dirty word in it?55.3%  
26Would you do the following..52.6%  
27What social networking sites do you use?63.0%  
28Should more countries in the world adopt this as law, like Norway did?54.7%  
29Are you planning on buying the new AC/DC album Black Ice?57.8%  
30Have you ever been through the Panama Canal?59.4%