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1Which, if any, of these musicians are you familiar with?55.9%  
2What colours have you dyed your hair?52.6%  
3Have you heard of any of these musicians?55.9%  
4Which of these things are most and least important in your life?54.0%  
5Do you know what is in this image?52.4%  
6Have you ever had a yard sale?52.6%  
7Have you heard of the following musicians?57.1%  
8Which of these things do you have in your yard?56.3%  
9What is your experience with Kickstarter?55.6%  
10The Survey Central (Virtual) Raffle58.3%  
11Have you watched any good documentaries lately?52.1%  
12What would you donate to the SC silent auction?56.5%  
13At this moment do you feel too hot, too cold, or just right?52.1%  
14Where did you go the last time you left your house?52.0%  
15How often do you check your email?56.3%  
16What do you consider 'walking distance'?52.2%  
17Which of these 'most expensive' movies have you seen?61.5%  
18What do you picture first when you hear the word clutch?58.1%  
19Are you currently expecting a package?58.3%  
20Would you accept this offer?57.6%  
21What were you doing the last time you used a hammer?58.0%  
22Rank these tasks by difficulty level.61.5%  
23You won the grand prize! Which option would you like?55.4%  
24Where would you most like to lie down right now?53.7%  
25Which chair would you choose?66.1%  
26Which small kitchen appliances do you own?59.3%  
27How many windows are open right now? (Part 1)56.3%  
28How many windows are open right now? (Part 2)56.0%  
29Which of these people do you usually tip?54.0%  
30When did you last bake a cake?50.0%