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1Dialing for Dreaming: Do you have dreams that involve your phone?55.6%  
2Eyes On the Hands: If you wake during the night, do you look to see what time it is?57.9%  
3To Be Continued: Have you ever woken from a dream that you desperately wanted to finish?55.9%  
4Elusive Ideas: Have you ever thought of a great idea for a survey, then forgot it the next time you want to create one here at SC?57.1%  
5Unconscious Awareness: Have you ever realized you were dreaming and woke yourself from it?56.3%  
6Hey - wait! I Invented That!55.6%  
7Off-time politicking: Would you like elections to be held on the weekend?54.3%  
8EEEK! What's the last thing that scared you enough to react with a scream or yell?60.0%  
9Driven Mad: Do you let "lane cheaters" in?53.7%  
10What are your thoughts on this short video?52.1%  
11What matters: Do you have any thoughts on the "Double-slit experiment"?52.4%  
12I didn't know that! Please elect which of these statements you believe are true:54.2%  
13I swear - it's true ! As a joke, have you ever told someone something that wasn't true...but then forgot to let them know you were kidding?54.5%  
14Spreading the word: Do you believe in anything labeled a "conspiracy theory"?54.0%  
15(Un)reality: These modern days, are you fiinding it difficult to filter facts from fabrication?53.8%  
16Well, it wasn't exactly like that: When someone tells a story to others and clearly exaggerates the truth, do you correct them?53.8%  
17Don't You Get It? Have you ever told a joke that received no laughter - then attempted to explain the pun?56.7%  
18Abdominal Announcement: Has your stomach ever 'become vocal' in mixed company?56.5%  
19Savored Sounds: What sounds of your home do you endure and think you might appreciate someday later (or now)?56.0%  
20Yohoo: Have you ever waved at someone, only to find they weren't who you thought they were?56.7%  
21Mistaken Identity: Have you ever said to someone, "Yes, we've met," and been corrected with, "No, we haven't"?52.0%  
22Taking It Back: Have you ever said to someone, "I take that back"?54.0%  
23Hi There: Have you ever spoken to a stranger next to you, when you thought you were talking to a friend or relative?53.7%  
24Audible Quirks: Do you think you make sounds that others might haven't told you are characteristic of you?54.2%  
25Says It All: If you were limited to speaking only three more words for the rest of your life, what would you say?56.7%  
26Holy Grade: God wants to know if He has adequately answered your prayers. How do you respond?57.6%  
27Holy Hell: God wants you to decide on a new hellish environment...56.5%  
28Holy Chosen One: God has asked you to be His "Last Disciple". Do you accept?56.5%  
29Holy Your Holiness: God is requesting a new name for Himself.54.5%  
30Holy Entrance: God has informed you that you have to right your worst wrong (that you're still capable to) in order to get to Heaven.56.9%